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Unique Ring Bearer Presentations for Your Titanium Wedding Bands

Planning a formal wedding takes a great deal of patience and a lot of decision-making to coordinate all of the details of a large wedding party.

While managing the thoughts and opinions of the adults involved can frazzle the nerves,  honoring the traditional roles of children in a wedding as ring bearer or flower girl can thankfully lighten the moment.

When it's time to choose the presentation pillow for the ring bearer, you have a fabulous opportunity to focus the spotlight on your stunning titanium wedding bands.

Everyone who attends is curious to see the wedding rings and with them placed regally on a pillow being held securely by the ring bearer, the guests are afforded a glimpse.

Historically the ring bearer who was entrusted with the sacred symbols that seal a marriage was a male between the ages of six and ten.  Most often, the rings are either secured in place on the pillow with ribbon or thread and given to the young lad just before the procession begins.

Having a ring bearer as part of your wedding is an absolutely charming way to give your wedding rings the respect they deserve, and you are not limited to using a traditional pillow as the presentation showcase.  There are several unique ways that you can make this a glorious prelude to the moment you say "I do."

The theme and location of your wedding can provide the artistic inspiration for the way the ring bearer delivers your marital treasures to the altar. For beach weddings by the sea, large scallop shells can be polished to a high luster with the rings tied to the cusp with silk ribbons.

A bird's nest adorned with lush green grass, tiny flowers and bedecked with ribbon streamers is perfect for a garden wedding ceremony. To add opulence to an elegant wedding in a chapel, a ceramic plate inscribed with the names of the couple and their wedding date makes a beautiful treasure that can be displayed proudly.

Of course as in the case of wedding favors, there are thousands of ring bearer presentations available that will place the focus on the jewelry that you and your partner will wear for the rest of your lives. Selecting a unique presentation for your wedding rings can add the finishing touches that define your marriage ceremony.