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The Symbol of True Love: The Eternity Ring

In terms of romantic bliss, the word “forever” is used as much as the phrase “till death do us part” that is said during a wedding ring ceremony. But beyond engagement, the excitement of the wedding celebration and the first year of being newlyweds is the reality of what is involved to live with the same person day after day. As love continues to deepen between the couple as the years increase, eternity rings are often given as a beautiful way to represent the new level of happiness and contentment.

Also called anniversary, they are symbols of love that have different meanings to different people. By design, this ring is distinctive from the wedding ring with the precious or semi-precious stones going all the way around the setting. These rings are magnificent in titanium, tungsten carbide, platinum, white or yellow gold. Although these rings have been used in wedding ceremonies, they are most often reserved for a special anniversary or to celebrate an extraordinary moment in the couple’s lives, such as surviving a life-threatening event.

Rings in general and wedding bands in particular are the most treasured symbol of life and love: the eternal, continuous, unbreakable circle. It is for this reason that many couples take extra care in having their rings made to fit; to avoid the resizing process which would call for the band to be cut. The diamond eternity band is becoming the wedding ring of choice from this perspective; it cannot be cut without destroying the stones. Each ring must be made to the exact size required.

As the birthstone for the month of April, the diamond is coveted because of its incredible strength which has become almost synonymous with the concept of eternity: the phrase “diamonds are forever” represent the ideal of the best human characteristics. Eternal friendship, unfailing devotion, fidelity, undying love, loyalty and commitment are all given as attributes of this jewel. Because of these reasons it’s easy to make the association with the future and why the diamond eternity ring is used more than any other when a promise of a life together is made.