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The Perfect Weekend Honeymoon for Busy Newlyweds

Ideally celebrating your marriage is intended to be an exhilarating experience. However the amount of time and energy required to plan even the simplest wedding, in addition to managing a career can be overwhelming even when both partners share the tasks.

From the moment you say "I do" when you exchange wedding rings through the reception, the pressure of all of the work required to arrive at this moment begins to take its toll. Now that you've tied the knot, the festivities of the wedding feast may be enjoyable, and the attention of the guests simply wonderful but at some point, it begins to feel like: it's time to leave.

In fact, the hectic pace of career life is indeed changing the way couples handle their reception departure. Business obligations have begun to affect the amount of time couples have for their honeymoon, more often today the traditional two weeks is being pared down to 3-7 days at most.

Not to worry: the fact that you may not have as much time as you would like doesn't mean you cannot have a dream honeymoon. One example that is very well-suited for a romantic weekend is the secluded Parrot Cay. Here you have all the private time with your partner you crave, along with soothing spa treatments that are guaranteed to rejuvenate both of your spirits, minds and bodies.

Located in the northern Caribbean Sea within the Turk-Caicos archipelago of eight islands with numerous cays, one of which takes its name from two notorious pirates who wreaked havoc on the islands some centuries ago. This lush paradise escaped the aggressive development which is the trademark of many of the Caribbean islands and as a result it has become a sanctuary for those who desire a retreat from the world without sacrificing comfort.

The island boasts some of the most breath-taking, warm water sea, white sand beaches in the world. Add to this an agreeable climate and well-appointed accommodations constructed in pavilions that overlook the North Caicos Channel to complete this beautiful setting. The spa treatments at the COMO Shambhala Retreat offer you therapies that restore your sense of balance as individuals and help you tune into each other as well.

For couples who want to relax and enjoy the bliss of doing nothing or those who want to explore the natural surroundings of this beautiful location, few places can provide the total indulgence offered here. The ease of access from most locations in North America makes it an ideal honeymoon destination for couples who may be tempted to skip the reception for lack of time.