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The Magnificent Black Diamond Ceramic Unisex Wedding Ring

Few choices are as momentous as when two people decide to be wed; quite naturally one of the first decisions that will need to be made is which rings do you want to give and receive as you exchange wedding vows?

You could already have an image in your mind of this one piece of jewelry that's intended to be worn every day throughout your married life or you could be wondering which design you should choose. In either case, this ring must be well-crafted in addition to being beautifully designed to truly serve its purpose.

After you and your partner discuss your preferences, you will find that there is indeed an overwhelming array of wedding band styles and designs available for your selection.

However if you desire something that is really extraordinary, turn your eye to the designers who are using alternative metals and materials to craft outstanding wedding rings such as the one shown in the photograph here. This three row black diamond ceramic unisex wedding ring is just one example of modern style choices that are very attractive options to the traditional metals such as silver and gold.

High on the list of favorites for their design flexibility and superior strength is titanium, cobalt chrome and tungsten carbide. We have modern technology to thank for making these metals available for the jewelry craft. Used previously in the aerospace and manufacturing industries, all three of these metals have earned outstanding reputations for their versatility, resistance to damage and low-mass weight.


This versatility extends to their use in combination with other materials such as carbon fiber, leather, gold, palladium, sterling silver and platinum. In addition to the hundreds of stock designs that are available, you can also choose to have your own design created to make your wedding band as personalized as you desire.

Another factor to consider is whether or not you want to have precious jewels such as diamonds or emeralds incorporated into your wedding band. The variation on the theme of the eternal circle is only limited by your imagination and perhaps the amount of time you have until your wedding day. Custom design work can take several months depending on the intricacy of detail it requires.

If you have searched diligently and cannot find a design that meets the mark, discuss your ideas with an accredited jeweler and ask them provide an estimate for both time and cost to create your original wedding bands in any of these modern metals for rings as unique as the two who will wear them.

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