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The Difference in Men's and Women's Wedding Rings

One of the major advantages of purchasing a wedding ring set is that it eliminates the last minute, frantic search to find rings that match. The fact that you decide to wear a coordinated set of bands doesn't mean that the rings will be identical in the way they are designed. There are physical differences between men and women that affect the way jewelry for the bride and groom is created.

Typically the width of a man's finger is larger than that of a woman's, therefore the diameter of men's ring are designed thicker. In addition, a man's band will not feature fragile settings that could be easily damaged during strenuous work or sport activities.

With all of the differences between the design of a ring for a man and a woman, the similarities between them in matching sets is clear to see. Traditionally, a man's ring is bolder in its design; the stones may be larger and the decorative elements more distinctive. For a woman's ring, the accent is on the setting and intricate detail.

In the past, the engagement ring was the center of attention for detail and design: the wedding band was unadorned. As times changed, they began to take on more detail including jeweled settings. This trend toward embellishment has now begun to influence the styles of men's jewelry. As a result, couples have an outstanding selection of unique matching rings to peruse.

With the advent of tungsten carbide and titanium in jewelry craft, a couple can have the luster of platinum without paying the hefty price tag that comes with it. Titanium and tungsten carbideĀ are often paired with other metals for a multi-tone design. In addition there is a wide variety of accents such as filigree or milgrain edge to choose from and many are set with gemstones and diamonds.

With this multitude of options in tungsten carbide and titanium rings, let your imagination soar. A matching ring set is the perfect way to express both your commitment and your individuality.