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Spend Less Money on Wedding Favors; Have More Time for Joy

The decision to marry is one joyous moment; an engagement ring (or two for the thoroughly modern couple), bears the promise of the future to come with the exchange of wedding rings and excitement reigns.

However planning a wedding can easily become a series of seemingly endless details that need your attention. One of the details that effect the outcome of a wedding is setting a budget and then sticking with it.

For almost every wedding regardless of guest list size, wedding favors are considered a must-have. Because these tokens of appreciation are small, most people overlook the fact that it is not the price of each individual favor, but the quantity that can easily make these items consume a substantial part of the wedding budget.

Generally speaking couples who want to keep their budget under control should begin their search within the $1-$2 price range. Considering a wedding with a guest list of 200; at $2 per item, the total cost for 200 pieces would be $400.

Now imagine if your guest list was 500: the total cost at $2 per item is now $1000. As you can see the cost can really add up; the higher the per item price, the greater amount of your wedding budget you will have to allocate.

Keep in mind that the it is meant to be only one of the mementos of the occasion; there are many aspects of the wedding and reception that will provide your guests with sweet memories of your day. Take time to consider the big picture and make it as memorable as possible for you, your partner, family, friends and the guests.

From the invitations to the pictures taken at the wedding reception of your guests to those you enclose with your thank you notes: all of these things will compose the collective memory of the day you gave and received your wedding band.

The idea is to make the occasion so filled with fun that by the time your guests take their leave to journey home, the wedding favor itself will be like the cherry on top of the cake.

The traditional 5 sugar-coated almonds can be presented in countless ways. These delicacies wrapped in tulle and tied with a ribbon printed with your names and wedding date is sentimental favorite. This one is easy to make yourself and is sure to bring a smile to your guests.

Jordan almonds can be bought by the pound and tulle by the yard; all that left to purchase are the printed ribbons and a pair of fine shears to create the zig-zag edge to keep the tulle from fraying. Creating these lovely bundles is a fun pre-wedding activity that's relaxing as well. Another option that will cost a bit more is to place these bundles inside of tiny boxes for a neat presentation for the guests.

Dual purpose favors are also extremely popular. The place card holders can be found within the $1-$2 range, and of course at an even higher price. When your guest arrive at your wedding reception, place card holders make it easy for them to find their seat, and given to your guests they can also be used as small picture frames.

The easiest way to find it for less than $1 per favor is through a wholesale distributor who are often willing to offer these favors at discounted prices. It makes sense to keep your budget trim for wedding favors for more than likely your wedding rings, attire, reception food and entertainment will be costs that are more difficult to reduce.