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Selecting the ‘Perfect’ Wedding Present at the Bridal Registry

If you have received a wedding invitation recently, your first thought after you confirm your attendance will probably be: “What should I give them as a wedding present?” Today most couples use several bridal registries which give you a lot of choices in different price points. This can make your task a lot easier and less time-consuming.

Gifts that have a practical nature are always welcome, but even white goods such as bed linens are just a touch more luxurious, befitting the special occasion at hand. Keep in mind that most couples delight in opening and using them as soon as they return from their honeymoon. Slipping into bed made up with 100% Egyptian cotton sheets extends that “honeymoon” feeling just a little longer.

If you choose to give bed linens, be sure to choose them based on the material source, not the thread count. Although most people believe that a high thread count equals a higher quality product, this is not necessarily true.

So how do you find out which Bridal Registry the couple is using? First take a second look at the invitation to see if they have included either a website or email address for information. More couples are using website services to organize the details and the people involved in their special event. This usually includes links to the Bridal Registries that they prefer.

If you cannot find links to their bridal registry, the next thing to do is send an email to get the information directly from them. When all else fails, you have no other option except to pick up the phone and call them for the information. Even if the wedding is for close friends, it’s a good idea to ask a member of the bridal party for this information rather than the bride or groom directly.

The truth is that your friends will appreciate it if you don’t call at this point in time. They have a million and one things to do to get ready for the wedding. Now that you have been invited by your friends to witness them exchange wedding rings and pledge marriage vows, you will have to be patient and wait to see them on their special day.

Choosing your present from their registry ensures that you will purchase an item that the couple really wants, so you can rest easy that they will be happy with it. Another great feature is that many bridal registries have complete white glove service for any purchase that you make. They can provide the gift wrap, enclosure cards, shipping, special delivery and full return insurance as well.

Online bridal registries have streamlined the process of selecting, confirming and sending your gift to the couple about to be married. Whether you choose to physically visit the store the couple has chosen or shop online, you can take advantage of the full features available to give the lucky couple complete control of their wedding present.