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Renew Your Vows with an Artisan Mokume-Gane Wedding Ring

Marriages may be made in heaven, but the earthly delights it brings includes beautiful wedding jewelry. If you are one of the many couples who are planning to renew your vows, you will be delighted at the wondrous choices in wedding ring bands that are available for your selection.

The event of renewing your marriage vows can be even more exciting than your wedding day and many couples go to great lengths to enjoy all of things they may not have had a chance to do when they said "I do." Maybe the two of you wanted to honeymoon in a far-away place, but circumstances didn't permit it at the time. Here's your opportunity to sweep your partner off their feet and make that fantasy come true.

When a couple renews their marriage vows the emotions are deeper and more heart-felt from the experience of the years shared together. All of the responsibilities that come with two people living a life as one sometimes leave little time for the romance that keeps a marriage exciting.

You can recapture all of the thrill of your wedding day with a little imagination and a lot of joy for being with the one you love.

Rather than promise your beloved the moon and the stars, why not give them an outstanding symbol of your love. Your head can be in the clouds but your feet are firmly planted on the ground by choosing a wedding ring band that shows your partner that they make your world complete.

Few wedding rings compliment the earthiness of marriage than a Mokume-Gane design wedding ring. The term Mokume-Gane translates to "wood-grain metal' and is the result of the careful combination of metals such as titanium, different varieties of gold, sterling silver and platinum.

This jewelry crafting technique is borrowed from the Era of the Samurai in 17th century Japan when the "Katana" (sword) ruled supreme. It was used in the forging of swords until the Meji era when the Katana industry began to decline.

Today this beautiful design is being applied to create absolutely stunning styles such as the Damascus steel dome concave wedding band ring in the photograph. Long after the day you renew your vows, the distinctive wood-grain design will continue to  bring you immediate recognition of style along with the security of knowing the real beauty of this ring is being able to enjoy it maintenance-free.

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