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Relaxing Pre-Wedding Festivities: The Rehearsal Dinner

When you look at the history of weddings, you will find dozens of traditions that are focused on making memories that last a lifetime. From the ancient origins of the wedding ring to the honeymoon, people have celebrated the act of getting married in a variety of ways.

For couples who are planning a large wedding, it's a good idea to have a rehearsal a week or two before the wedding day. This helps everyone to be a lot more composed because they know what to expect. Although something unexpected may happen at the last minute, it's easier to handle when everyone has the same understanding of what procedures are to be followed.

One of the most elegant ways to celebrate an upcoming marriage is the wedding rehearsal dinner which is hosted by the groom's family. This is a less formal event where all of the members of the wedding party, as well as the officiant and guests who have traveled to attend the ceremony have a chance to offer their heart-felt sentiments to the couple and toast to their future together.

Wedding rehearsal dinners can have their own theme that compliments that of the wedding or be completely different. For instance if the wedding is very formal, a completely frivolous theme such as a masquerade party will give everyone a chance to relax and have fun. This helps to defray the nervousness that is often responsible for mishaps during the ceremony when the couple exchanges their wedding rings.

This event gives everyone in attendance another excuse to dress up and look fabulous. The attire for this occasion can even be semi-formal, as long as it does not supersede what will be worn at the wedding. Many brides-to-be wear their mother's wedding gown at the rehearsal dinner and the bridal gown of their own choice on their special day. The highlight of the dinner is the presentation of the groom's cake which is usually dark and rich, completely different from the bride's cake served at the wedding reception. A wedding rehearsal dinner is the perfect way to place the spotlight on the man of the hour and create a stress-free evening for the entire wedding party.