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Popular Wedding Themes for 2011: Ethnic

Continuing our exploration of popular wedding themes for 2011, where creative expression is the mainstay of a steampunk wedding, an ethnic themed wedding achieves its goals through the elegance of pomp and ceremony where tradition rules the way the marriage vows are exchanged.

Ethnic weddings can be extremely elaborate with many pre-wedding festivities as par for the course. In some cultures these events span over several days before the marriage ceremony actually takes place and attention to detail is the key if you choose to replicate the ceremony in its truest form.

While many couples incorporate ethnic accents in their wedding, recreating the complete ceremony requires adherence to rules which may seem awkward in the 21st century. Yet the beauty of the ethnic theme is in its precision and performance of these details, which became the foundation for modern ceremonies.

One of the advantages of the ethnic wedding theme is that it is so elaborate it is sure to keep your invited guests enthralled because in many cases they are completely different from the typical marriage ceremony today.

From far being boring, ethnic wedding ceremonies are alive with vibrant colors and sound. In the traditional Chinese wedding tradition, there are five procedures that lead up to the actual wedding ceremony; the proposal matching of birthdays, presenting betrothal gifts, presenting wedding gifts and picking auspicious wedding date.

One of the most impressive parts of this ceremony is the arrival of the bride who is carried in a sedan chair enclosed completely in red satin. The procession is led by musicians who herald the coming of the bride.

Each culture's marriage traditions encompass many different components from the attire, to the location of the ceremony to how the ceremony is performed and the festivities that follow. Because of this, it may take longer to plan an authentic ethnic wedding than a modern one, but reliving the traditions of your ancestors in the way that they exchanged wedding rings when they tied the knot can make for a memorable and breathtaking experience.

Logistically, the ethnic wedding may involve additional permits and accommodations for the reception, so be sure to check with your local authorities if your wedding ceremony will involve a procession or special equipment such as the sedan chair.