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Planning the Passionate Wedding Reception

Quite a few couples are getting ready to walk down the aisle and exchange wedding rings for the second time in their life this year. For many the reality of their relationship is completely different than the first time they got married and as a result they are planning a different type of wedding reception. For many couples when they first marry, the wedding reception guests may include children and teenagers, so everything is family oriented.

The second time around, couples often choose to have smaller, more intimate ceremonies and receptions, where the guests are their adult family and friends. The exchange of wedding rings is more relaxed and often the ceremony is much more personalized with custom vows, poetry readings and symbolic actions such as hand-fasting or the lighting of a unity candle.

Planning a passionate wedding reception is all about romance at its height. This type of reception gives the newlyweds more freedom to truly express their personalities and have a great start to married life. So where to begin? Your partner's preferences and your own need to have common ground defining which activities you want to do and then find the way your feelings can best be shown. Dance is the top choice for many couples who take lessons to be confident during their first spin across the floor at the wedding reception as they dance the night away. Some couples go all out at their passionate wedding reception with scripted plays that tell their love story.

While traditional wedding songs are some of the most romantic, when it comes to inspiring wedding night bliss, the music written for the Tango dance is hard to match. Along with a different approach to music, having evening ceremonies by candlelight is a sure winner. Another trend is this style wedding celebration is for the bride and groom to change attire for the reception, giving them more freedom to relax and enjoy themselves completely.

Traditions especially those surrounding food, are a big part of marriage and wedding receptions give you plenty of time to enjoy any and all of them. These menus include exotic dishes like avocado and black olive salad or artichokes stuffed with wild rice. Dishes that tantalize the tastebuds is the type of menu you want to create. When it comes to desert, the wedding cakes are not the only delicacies you can treat your guest to: chocolate mousse, and strawberry shortcake are fabulous ways to indulge their appetite as they celebrate your marriage.

The decor for the reception venue can reflect an environment of romance with candle encased in colored glass funnels. A single red rose in an abundance of baby's breath and greenery makes the perfect centerpiece. Chocolate brown, red and white can create a dramatic backdrop for your reception activities.

From a groom's cake to the bride's cake, one of the favorite love food combinations works well in both cases with a deep chocolate cake and the bride's cake a strawberry dream. When it comes to favors and photographs, you can give them all a fresh twist when you put passion at the top of your agenda. Candid shots with wedding guests provide significant mementos of your special day and along with this gift, favors can also be just as inspiring with delectable chocolate candies.

Getting married is the beginning of an adventure full of the unexpected; having a passionate reception is one way to begin this new chapter in your life. However you choose to celebrate your marriage, a touch of passion can definitely add to the excitement of showing off your wedding ring.