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Plan the Perfect Wedding with a Little Help from Your (Social Media) Friends

The decision-making process of organizing a wedding can be complicated and nerve-wracking even for the simplest affair. If the couple is lucky enough to have a large circle of family and friends this can make things a lot easier (in most cases).But what if the bride or the groom need more help than is available?

Internet dating changed the way relationships begin and social media helps take a love affair to the next level of happiness. Today more couples are using the power of social software to organize their weddings and make a lot of people happy...what's better than helping two people honor their love connection?

There are several practical reasons too. The people who have known you all your life may be too emotional to be rational. On the other hand, your social media circle likes your style but can remain a bit more objective and hence, encourage you with suggestions, tips, resources and ideas. On the other hand, it's also easier for the couple to be receptive to constructive criticism.

Perhaps the underlying excitement of the wedding is the fact this is completely YOUR day. A day of dreams and seeing these dreams come to life before your eyes. This is one reason why the wedding planning business is booming. Using social media to assist in the process not only provides you with a wealth of information, it expands your circle connections in a meaningful way.

Being asked to help a bride choose the dresses for her maids, or the flowers for her wedding bouquet is a lovely diversion from filing annual reports or creating a PowerPoint sales presentation. The social networking power of the Internet makes it possible for people all over the world to contribute their experience to save you time and money. Within an minute your social circle can vote for "the best" idea on whatever you need to choose.

Of course the list of things you allow your social media circle to vote for is totally up to you and your partner. Wedding rings are probably the most personally significant items for a couple to choose, but even in this case there are so many beautiful designs that you might be unable to decide. You never know until you ask, and social media is a great way to share the love with the world and help future brides as well.