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Personal Details for Your Wedding: Choosing Your Fragrance

The best put together events don't happen by chance; to have a fabulous wedding it's the attention to the fine details that make the difference. On the other hand, weddings that are carefully orchestrated solely on the technical level will not suffice either: this is a day of celebration and much of this comes from spontaneity.

While a lot of attention is given to the major points such as the ceremony, wedding rings, invitations, attire and reception activities, the personal details for the bride and groom are just as important.

One of the most important things that many brides overlook as they perfume their wedding with romantic flowers is how it will interact with the fragrance they choose to wear.

The power of fragrance is undeniable, but striking a balance between your personal chemistry and the bridal bouquet you carry is a delicate matter. Start the selection of your perfume in keeping with your personality, your chosen wedding flowers, the theme of your wedding and the season.

A fragrant bridal aura can begin by applying your chosen scent in layers; from soap to lotion to powder to perfume for a truly sensual experience. Just as you are enveloped in the radiant emotions of the day and the cloud of your wedding gown, the perfume you use completes the impression of your appearance.

Wedding perfume has great sentimental value, so it's a good idea to have a list of the flowers you will carry with you when you start your search.  You can find the ingredients of most perfumes available today to select a fragrance that will harmonize with your bouquet. Most importantly, be sure that you give yourself enough time before your wedding to test the perfume to be sure that it agrees with your personal chemistry.

For a truly personal fragrance you can consult a perfumer who can develop your wedding day scent that will compliment your bridal glow as much as your wedding ring. Select your wedding perfume with care for this is the fragrance that will bond the memory of the day deep in your senses and your partner's as well.

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