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Not Quite Ready to be Engaged? Give a Promise Ring to Show Your Love

A diamond engagement ring has traditionally been viewed as the symbol of a promise to marry, but what do you do when you are not ready for this level of commitment? Giving a promise ring or pre-engagement ring is the answer.

Promises are taken quite seriously by most people. But when a person makes a promise to another words alone often do not convey the true depth of the sentiment behind it and a ring because of its association with meaning of eternity, has become the most highly appreciated way to do this.

In many traditions, it has been given for different reasons, with pre-engagement heading the list. However that is not the only case; this ring can be given for platonic reasons as well and because of this, the intention must be made clear to avoid misunderstandings.

As friends throughout history have made pacts and exchanged “poesy” rings to seal them, a promise ring can symbolize your resolution to always be there for each other. This ring was usually a metal band engraved with the sentiment to be expressed to a dear friend or a lover.

They have also been referred to as “Purity Rings” and often are given by a parent to their child to represent a vow of chastity based on the concept that true love is not dependent on sexual attraction alone.

As a pre-engagement or promise of monogamy, this ring often is set with a diamond and exchanged between two people as a symbol of their commitment of sexual fidelity and future intention to marry.

Using precious and semi-precious stones in these rings are just as popular as with engagement rings. From blue topaz, garnets, aquamarine, citrine to emeralds, rubies, pearls and sapphires, the choice is completely up to you.

Wearing it is also related to the intention – if it’s a pre-engagement ring, the left hand ring finger is usually appropriate and is replaced by the engagement and wedding ring when the couple decides to marry.

However, when this ring is given for any other purpose, then most people prefer to wear it on the right hand ring finger, especially when there are no romantic intentions involved.