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In Praise of the Informal Wedding

As a celebration of love, an extravagant wedding with all the trimmings is the first image that comes to mind; the media coverage of these events gives the impression that most weddings are on this scale. But truth be told it is the informal wedding that reigns supreme in reality.

For most couples, the idea of spending $15,000 or more on a wedding is just not realistic. Not only is it a strain financially, it also is too complicated. Simplicity has its benefits and for most working women and men, taking this route to the altar allows them to fully enjoy their special day.

Being genuinely in love is the focal point of any wedding; however many couples feel pressured to transform this special moment for them into a spectacle for their wedding guests, when in reality most of their invited guests welcome an invitation to an informal wedding with a sigh of relief.

Informal marriage ceremonies do not only take place in a garden or by the sea, they are held every day in the local City Hall and in churches around the country. They can be as elegant and sentimental as a couple desires, the planning of this style wedding is less stressful and quite often more enjoyable because the focus is on the main aspects of the event; the marriage vows and the exchange of wedding rings.

Having an informal wedding is not necessarily just for economic reasons, more couples are beginning to get back to basics when it comes to love and romance. The center of attention is directed to the relationship they are creating and the guests who are attending more than elaborate decorations that will soon be forgotten.

Love is the real star of the day, and when a couple chooses to let it shine with beauty and grace, their wedding becomes all the more memorable for them and their guests. There are many ways to make your marriage ceremony elegant without spending a fortune. Being married by candlelight is probably one of the most romantic. A wedding reception in a family style restaurant is often one that provides the most relaxed atmosphere where the true sentiments of well-wishers can be easily expressed.

For the couple who wants to enjoy the day they marry to the fullest, planning an informal wedding can greatly reduce the anxiety that is a natural part of any life event. Without the addition stress of the nagging question: "How are we going to pay for all of this?" couples can begin their new life together with more confidence and happiness.