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How Will You Present the Wedding Rings?

The ultimate wedding planning guide covers every detail of how your special event can unfold; it's up to you and your partner to decide how much of this advice you will apply. However, one of the most dramatic elements of a marriage ceremony is the presentation of the wedding rings. If you and your partner are planning a formal ceremony that includes a flower girl and ring bearer, you need to give some thought to what you want the ring bearer to do and how you will respond.

Thinking of the presentation of wedding rings brings to mind images of kings and queens about to exchange marriage vows. And when you want to add a touch of ancient tradition to your ceremony, this is one perfect way to accomplish that goal.

How the presentation is carried out depends on the age of the ring bearer. If he is under 8 years of age, it may be difficult for him to remember complicated instructions. Remember that he may be as nervous as you are with all of the wedding guests watching him. In this case it's advisable to use a ring bearer pillow that allows the rings to be tied to it. That way even if he tilts the pillow, your rings won't go tumbling to the floor. Overlooking this small detail has turned many a ceremony into a circus as wedding guests scrambled to retrieve the rings.

For the ring bearer that is over 8 years old, you can give them instructions with more confidence, but you should still keep it as simple as possible. If you want to use a more elaborate presentation method than the traditional pillow, you have several options. The ring box is probably the most popular and can be as ornately designed as you desire. A new way to present the rings is seen in ceramic plates that designed with ribbon ties or a beveled surface to either elevate the rings or let them rest inside a circular area.

Adding music to a marriage ceremony can be useful in helping cue your bridal party and is a great way to coordinate the activities of the flower girl and ring bearer. Giving your rings the spotlight before you say your vows is a great way to engage your wedding guests who are all curious to have a look. Plus the ring bearer's walk up the aisle gives you and your partner a few extra seconds to compose yourselves to say your vows.

However make sure that your instructions to the ring bearer include what he has to do after the rings are presented. He should know exactly where he is to stand or sit and where the pillow, ring box or plate should be kept when his role in the ceremony is completed. When it's time to leave for the reception, have the best man take what was used to present the rings from the ring bearer for safekeeping.