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How to Write an Entertaining Groom's Speech

There are so many details that the groom has to remember that quite often they do not take the time to plan what they are going to say when it's time for them to make their speech. However this is one of the traditional highlights of a marriage celebration and deserves to be given some careful thought to planning it well.

Where to begin? Take a trip down memory lane and recall the significant events that lead up to your decision to get married. Collect all of the photographs, notes and other items that are related to you and your partner. Then organize everything into a timeline from the day you met to your wedding day. Now think about what funny things have happened to the two of you. Write down the significant dates and events and a description of each. Now you have the basis of your groom’s speech. It’s not necessary to tell your guests every detail, but they like to know how you met and why you decided to get married.

In general your guests will be expecting you to share your feelings about being a newlywed, and thoughts about your commitment to your new partner. Of course you will express your thanks to your parents, family members and friends.

But they also want to hear something interesting and entertaining, because this is a celebration. But most people shy away from public speaking, because it's not easy to hold everyone’s interest and attention.

That's not to say it cannot be done; even if you have never made a speech before, you can do it with charm and style by adding humor to the all the things you are expected to say. Making people laugh, smile and feel good is what humor does in any situation -- as long as it's appropriately done. If you keep a balance between humor and fact you will lighten the mood and be able to stay calm.

What's the appropriate use of humor? It depends on your audience; when it's a family affair, you have to steer clear of anything that is not suitable for children to hear. Be respectful to your partner and their parents; be inclusive of them in your gratitude for the successful outcome of the day you exchanged wedding rings.

Your speech should come from the heart sincerely, be true to your character and appreciative of your partner. Keep in mind that your speech is not the only one that will be made, so a speech of 2 to 3 minutes is sufficient. While a little bit of humor sprinkled throughout the groom's speech can be a good thing, be careful not to go overboard with 30 jokes.

The most important thing to remember is that this is a speech about the happiness of getting married, so you want to keep it light, entertaining and respectful so that everyone will have a great time at your wedding reception.