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How to Wear an Engagement and Wedding Ring Together

Although it's not mandatory to have an engagement ring to be officially betrothed, this custom symbolizes that a promise to marry within a reasonable amount of time has been made. For many years, a diamond engagement ring has definitely been the most well-received way to make this promise, but this was not always the case. 

Before World War I, it was quite common for engagement rings to be set with other precious stones, such as rubies and today, this tradition is making a strong comeback with sapphires, emeralds, pearls and even semi-precious stones such as garnets being used instead of diamonds. 

For many brides however, the dilemma is what to do with the engagement ring during the exchange of rings during the marriage ceremony itself. The most common solution is for the engagement ring to be place on the ring finger of the right hand and when the vows are completed replaced on the left hand so that it sits above the wedding ring.  It's best to  try the ring on the right hand before the ceremony so that if it doesn't fit, the ring can be entrusted to someone for safekeeping on your wedding day. 

The words said when the ring is presented is an important part of what makes a marriage ceremony special. It is the fulfillment of the promise made with the engagement ring; tangible evidence of "two hearts becoming one." 

It is a constant reminder of the vows taken in the present that are to endure into the future. The ring in religious ceremonies is seen as the official seal of the marriage and the turning point that binds the couple together. 

If you choose to wear your engagement ring with your wedding band, there are so many different styles today that it's easy to find one that matches beautifully. You can accent the beauty of your  engagement ring with diamonds in your band. Worn on its own, a tungsten carbide ring with diamonds is a virtually indestructible way to underscore the intensity of your love.