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How Grooms Can Thoroughly Enjoy Getting Married

Talking to my brother in Aberdeen last week was interesting as he recounted what he called: "one of the best weddings he ever attended." The wedding of one of his co-workers had everyone excited and my brother was one of the groomsmen. With the groom being heavily involved in the planning, he was impressed by the way the couple not only worked out problems together; like when their caterer canceled a week before the wedding. By the way the ceremony and reception were held, the impact of both of their personalities could be seen. What else made this wedding so special?

A lot of times when a couple starts planning the wedding, the process literally takes over their lives. It seems that every second of the day, is spent making decisions about the wedding details. The giddy excitement of falling head-over-heels in love with someone and then deciding to get married can easily turn into ugly tension unless couple take weekly time-outs to just be who they are; a couple in love. These time-outs are 'no wedding planning talk' zones; these give you the chance to focus on why you doing all this stuff in the first place. Although you would think that this is the normal way couples handle this time, you would be surprised how many forget to pay attention to their relationship.

About a month after the groom chose his best man and groomsmen, the best man took the groom and the groomsmen out, to hang out and just be 'guys.' This was really a great thing to do, because not everyone knew each other. And about a month later, the groomsmen had dinner with the bridesmaids to become better acquainted.

Weddings are all about love and sharing; people usually are on their best behavior, courtesy, respect and tradition rules the day. So a lot of planning success relies on the people involved and their emotional well-being. Grooms that listen to their partners and are heard by them will be a lot happier when they get ready to slip the wedding ring on their partner's finger.

Couples have to deal with a lot of details while planning their wedding, in a way this is their first test as prospective life partners. How the wedding planning process is handled can make or break the enjoyment that everyone experiences. Rather than pile everything on the bride, this groom stepped up and took on tasks involving thing he enjoyed like arranging the musical entertainment for the ceremony and reception, hiring the carriage company and photographer.

Perhaps it’s cultural thing, but rather than moaning a loss of freedom, the bachelor party was focused on the good luck the groom had been blessed with: to find true love and build a future with his partner. And this was easy for most of the single groomsmen to do. With toasts to a long and love-filled marriage, the groom was sent off in grand style.