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Hot Wedding Ring Trends for 2010: Vintage Style

Wedding ring designers provide a wide variety of styles for your special occasion, but as with all fashion, there are several trends which become very popular and the vintage style is one of them. The difference between “antique” and “vintage” is a matter of time; antique refers to something that is more than 100 years old, where vintage is usually 50 years old. These terms in reference to jewelry are most important if you are buying jewelry crafted during a specific period and want to be sure of its value.

In terms of wedding ring style the term “vintage” is used to reflect a sense of history or tradition; beautifully etched designs such as the Celtic pattern featured on the wedding ring in the photograph, is one example that uses a well-known traditional symbol in a unique concave shaped band.

One vintage look that is truly elegant is the “filigree” pattern which is created by twisting fine threads of metal to form a delicate appearance,simply one of the most intricate settings for semi-precious or precious stones. Decorative motifs such as leaves, flowers and birds are often combined with filigree patterns for truly breathtaking wedding band designs.

The Art Deco period from 1920-1945 had a major impact on the way jewelry was crafted. Glamor, drama and vibrant colors were the trademarks of this style. Today there are many vintage wedding ring designers who are using elements from this time where the beauty of art was in the spotlight.

The Victorian period has contributed much of the romance of the jewel to vintage style. Lavish and sometimes over-sized precious and semi-precious stones, dramatic shapes, the cameo silhouette as well as the pave-style setting became the distinguishing features of Victorian jewelry. Many of the engagement and wedding bands created in vintage style today incorporate these techniques.

Bringing the elegance and refinement of vintage style using modern technology and metals has opened new vistas of choice for couples who are planning to marry and want a unique symbol to represent their commitment. With the ability to reproduce some of the most intricate patterns that represent vintage style in titanium and tungsten carbide, couples now can enjoy this beautiful jewelry without fear of damage or intensive maintenance.

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