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Hot Wedding Ring Trends for 2010: Ultra Modern

Sleek, polished and crisply defined lines with geometric patterns are just a few of the details that have made the ultra modern look a hot wedding ring design trend for 2010. Not only are these rings wonderfully crafted they are available in modern metals that are virtually indestructible.

The second generation, two-tone tungsten carbide wedding band shown in the photograph, is a prime example of the innovative design that creates the modern style many couples are looking for.

While traditional metals are still being used to craft wedding rings, even platinum which is the most expensive of these, has been challenged by the durability and outstanding beauty of titanium and tungsten carbide. As wedding ring design continues to evolve, the use of these modern metals is certain to increase as more techniques for working with their superior strength are developed.

Modern style looks to the future instead of the past, with bold lines and contemporary settings for precious and semi-precious stones. Often these styles are created with several different metals to accent design details or for contrast in color.

Both tungsten carbide and titanium have a solid history of industrial use, a clear testimonial to their strength and ability to resist damage. Rings made from either of these metals can be worn during the most rigorous activities without regret. These features have made both metals extremely attractive to men’s wedding jewelry designers and they are gaining in popularity for crafting engagement rings as well.

Another feature of modern style wedding rings is the use of other materials such as ceramic, leather and cable to provide more texture and visual interest. Extraordinary settings for engagement and wedding rings made with tungsten carbide are available with diamonds, semi-precious stones, gold or platinum inlays, laser etching and engraving for the ultimate personalization of your jewelry. Now both men and women are seeking out the designs that reflect their lifestyle and personality as well as commitment to their partner.

Not surprisingly, some of the world’s best known designers have begun to take notice of the growing demand for the contemporary look and feel of these modern metal wedding rings. And with second generation tungsten carbide there are even more advantages to choosing this type of wedding ring over one made from silver, gold or platinum.

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