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Highlight Your Marriage Ceremony with a Wedding Ring Presentation

The traditions that are woven throughout the marriage ceremony all lead up to the presentation of the wedding rings to be exchanged when the couple recites their vows. While there is a lot of attention on the big picture of the wedding, connecting them to this moment creates a marriage ceremony that is unforgettable.

Today the commercial aspect of organizing a wedding is the one most often discussed and brought into focus. However in the past it was the underlying purpose of the marriage which was the central theme: the union of two hearts that become links in the circle of life moving forward. It is from this perspective that wedding rings were crafted as works of art, carrying jewels and designs that bore special significance to the wearers.

History is replete with examples of the symbolism of the ring and its power to unite two people and in turn two families or even two countries. Part of this power comes from the fact that wedding rings echo the shape of eternal aspects within our existence using metals that correspond to the moon (silver) and the sun (gold).

During a formal marriage ceremony all of these factors were supported in the presentation of the wedding rings; enthroned in jeweled boxes or resting on magnificently decorated pillows. Sometimes wedding rings were even borne aloft on the shoulders of several bearers within a crystal display as the “crown” of the hand.

Choosing an elaborate way to present your wedding rings and giving them their own special moment underscores their significance and allows your wedding guests to view them before they are placed on your hand. They can be appreciated as the works of art that they are and this adds to the special emotions associated with the gift of love.

Giving special attention to creating different stages of your marriage ceremony as dramatic moments that precede the exchange of rings can heighten the wedding excitement. Here in this moment you and your partner will participate in a life changing event in the presence of family and friends. The presentation of the rings in this manner allows you and your partner a moment to prepare for reciting your vows and the kiss that seals your bond as husband and wife. Designing the wedding ring presentation of your marriage ceremony is a wonderful way to allow everyone to savor the moment when your union was created.