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Fun Musical Activities for Your Wedding Reception

During a wedding, music is used to mark the highlights of the ceremony; the entrance of the bride, the exchange of wedding rings and the pronouncement of the seal of marriage.

Without a doubt, music is the perfect accompaniment to underscore the emotion of love that reigns supreme at a wedding celebration. From the marriage ceremony to the wedding reception, music is enjoyed by all as much as the decor, food and drink. While music can be somber or lively, a wedding that celebrates love and romance without music would be incomplete.

Unlike the marriage ceremony where only the bridal party are the active participants, at the wedding feast family and invited guests have an opportunity to express their joy for the couple. Typically wedding dances are the main focus for music, but there are many people who shy away from the dance floor for lack of knowledge. How can you use music to engage and entertain wedding guests who don't like to dance?

Fortunately this is not a new problem and there are plenty of activities beyond dancing where music plays a supporting role. Be sure to select the activities with an eye to your guest list as well as your wedding style. Here are just a few of the popular ideas that show music is not just for dancing, certain to add that memorable element of fun to your wedding.

Just because a person doesn't like to dance, you may be surprised at their keen ear for music. Give your wedding reception guests an opportunity to show off their musical knowledge with a laughter-filled game of "Name That Tune."

If you are planning a wedding reception where everyone knows the bride and groom very well, the songs can be some of their favorites. Or it can be a mixture of songs from different eras. With your guests divided into 2 teams, play a soundbite of the song and let the teams set a time limit to accurately give the title. Whichever team chooses the shortest amount of time goes first. If they fail to correctly guess the name of the song, the other team must name it. To make sure your guests recall the fun, give a CD with all of the songs as a wedding favor to take home.

Wedding guests love to see the bride and groom perform traditional reception activities. But rather than just do them on their own, many couples invite their wedding guests to "call them out" by performing first. This could be anything from a dance to singing a song to get the newlyweds out on the dance floor or to share a kiss.

For just a bit of competition, some couples have their guests play musical chairs to give away the table centerpiece. Guests at each table play musical chairs until the person left standing is the one who takes home the centerpiece.

Wedding celebrations were meant to be happy, joyful and memorable. Musical activities at your wedding reception is a great way to keep your guests entertained after you have made the rounds to greet them and show off your wedding bands.