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Finding the Right Words to Say "I Do" at Your Wedding

When it comes to occasions where words are really important, it is hard to find one that qualifes more than the words that are said at your marriage ceremony.

While every culture has traditions when two people are to be married, today more couples are choosing to write their own wedding vows to make the experience truly personal and heartfelt.

For some, this might seem like an unnecessary task when there are hundreds of verses that have been written that could be used, but a marriage ceremony is much more than the process of making a union official in front of family and friends. It's also your opportunity to voice your expectations and give a personality to your life partnership.

Your wedding vows clearly state the underlying reasons for your marriage; the qualities that have endeared your partner to you to the extent that you want to live with them, care for them and support them in their growth. In essence, you are able to define what the words "I love you" really mean in terms that give them life and color.

As a marriage ceremony is an event that has several aspects, think of your partner and your guests as well. In the first part of the ceremony, the welcome to the event and the purpose of the gathering is outlined. This is also where the story of both people who are now about to become a married couple; how they met and the highlight experiences that shaped their decision to marry.

In the next section, you bring the image of your marriage into focus; the ideals and expectations as well as what all of this means to both of you. Many couples incorporate readings and music in this part of the ceremony to underscore its significance. Another activity that can take place at this point is the presentation of the rings to be blessed by the families of the bride and groom.

In the last section the couple recites the vows they make to each other as they exchange wedding rings. This can take place along with handfasting: where the hands are bound with cloth or with the lighting of a unity candle. At this point many ceremonies end when the couple shares their first kiss as wife and husband, but there are many traditions that extend the ceremony to give the couple and those in attendance a few minutes to reflect on the event that has just taken place.

Using this outline you can write your wedding vows to be a true reflection of the reasons why you are getting married. This will give everyone a better understanding of who you both are and the love you share.