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Enjoy a Venetian Style Honeymoon after Your Las Vegas Style Wedding

Getting married is an exciting experience no matter which location you choose, but there is something about Las Vegas that heightens the senses and makes a wedding in this city thrilling.  Whether you spend several months or a few weeks planning the details of your special day, one thing is certain: a wedding in Las Vegas can be whatever you desire. This is a city where the imagination rules supreme and fantasies come true. For some a wedding in this city puts Lady Luck on their side and for others it underscores that love is a gamble, but love is the main idea at the center of it all.

If you want to make sure that everything is just the way you have dreamed it would be, organizing all of the details, especially for the ceremony and reception will keep you on the go. The one thing that most couples look forward to after they wed is a blissful honeymoon full of romance and relaxation.

Couples have more than enough choices for their newlywed retreat and with romance being the main idea, few places inspire the sweetness of romance as much as Venice, Italy. But if you prefer not to travel, there is an alternative in the United States created just for you that can fulfill your heart's desire.

If you yearn to glide across a lake in a gondola, Lake Las Vegas is the perfect place to reminiscence about your wedding day and start married life. Few things are as soothing as the gently sway of a water vessel powered by human effort. Imagine drifting along with your partner as the sun reflects the beauty of your wedding band.

In fact despite the glitz that is usually associated with Las Vegas weddings, the Monte Largo Village at Lake Las Vegas is an authentic replica of an Italian seaside resort, replete with all of the amenities and old-world charm. In these surroundings it’s easy to forget the outside world and focus your attention of your partner and making the memories that you will cherish forever.

For couples who dash off to Las Vegas for an exciting marriage ceremony, this is one of the most convenient locations to honeymoon that has a full roster of activities to make your time together fun and rewarding. The combination of the fast-pace of Las Vegas and the tranquil retreat at Lake Las Vegas provides couples with a delightful contrast of emotions, the best of both worlds in one location.