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Enhance Your Wedding Band with Powerful Words of Love

The wedding band in its simplest form of a golden circle brings with it all the mystical references of the powerful emotion of love and life: without beginning or end. Artisans have used this as the basis for the most brilliant and breathtaking designs with precious stones and combining different metals. However far and away the most endearing addition is when you enhance your ring with powerful words of love engraved inside.

For the man who shies away from the stereotype definition of "romantic," the art of engraving give him the green light to let his emotions speak for him. The sentiments such as "You hold the key to my heart" or "Today, Tomorrow, Forever"  take on a completely new meaning when they are expressed in this way. Engraved messages inside of a wedding band is a tangible way of conveying how you feel even when you are not in your partner's presence.

As the symbol of a union between two people that is ideally made for a lifetime, in every age throughout modern history, the ring has reigned supreme. The languages may be different, but in every country the language of love is understood. When it comes to taking marriage vows, inscribing the names of the couple and their wedding date inside of the band is one of the lasting traditions that have helped men to remember their anniversary. As time has moved forward, wedding ring inscriptions have also expanded to include poetry, symbols and cryptic messages that are understood only by the couple themselves.

The question all boils down to what do you want to say? Choosing a phrase from your wedding vows such as "From this day forward, till death do us part" points to the seriousness of the commitment that has been made. On the other hand, poetic verses such as: "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways," can cause the heart to flutter.  Inspiration has also come from ballads and even patriotic songs, common expressions and new headlines as well.

Now that you know what you want to say, the next step is to decide on the ring and find an engraver who has the tools to accomplish the task. The metal composition of the ring is the first consideration; tradition engraving works well on gold, platinum and sterling silver, but for rings made from modern metals, laser engraving is used.

Couples often choose one phrase and have the two sections engraved in both rings. This underscores the union of their hearts and minds; one is not complete without the other. Engraving can also enhance the exterior of your ring, you can choose a ring with an engraved design such as the one in the photo, or choose a design that has a special significance to you and your partner.