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Engrave Your Wedding Rings for the Present and the Future

As you are planning your wedding, no doubt you and your partner have either begun looking at wedding rings or already selected them. If you want to make your rings truly unique, few things compare to a personal engraving inside of the band. That sounds like a fine idea, but the question might be, what would your message say?

In the past, when couples wanted to have a message engraved inside their rings they had to find the right phrase that is short enough to fit inside of the band. But for many, there are no words more romantic than wedding vows. Now couples can have the best of both worlds. Thanks to laser technology, more words can be inscribed than before.

Beyond the simple engraving of your wedding date, you might want to include the date you asked or accepted the marriage proposal or another special day you want to remember, such as the first day you met your partner. Looking toward the future, this type of engraving not only serves to remind you of the special days in your relationship, but serves as an important part in connecting your family history.

In addition to your names and a simple statement such as “Together Forever” many couple will borrow the words of famous writers. Verses are from poems or lyrics from songs often used to convey special sentiments inside of wedding rings, as well as cryptic messages that are code words that only the bride and groom know what it really means.

The romance languages offer a lot of inspiration when it comes to love, such as the Latin phrase “amor vincit omnia” which translates in English to mean “love conquers all.”

Another way couples engrave their wedding bands is with religious symbols and statements that have a special significance to them.

But the message you engrave inside of your wedding ring can be as serious or whimsical as you please. If you prefer the comical approach you and your partner can have the nickname you call each other engraved or a funny saying that is unique to both of you.

Whatever message you and your partner choose, it is certain to make your wedding bands as unique as the two people who wear them.