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Dramatic Metaphors Add Style to Your Wedding Photographs

Today because of the advances in video technology, you can capture your entire wedding event to relive at any point and time, yet still photographs can rivet the viewer and transport them to the moment when framed properly. Wedding photographs which evoke metaphors such as "walking into the sunset" make a fantastic statement that can have this effect.

Wedding photography is one of the most flexible ways to tell your love story and preserve the memories for all time. When you see a couple climbing a hill hand-in-hand, the meaning of the picture becomes larger than just the people in it: it becomes a symbol of their commitment to each other.

While the "warm and fuzzy" romanticism may rule the day for some, for others the idea of excitement and fun is the focal point. A bride on a swing with the groom at her back speaks to the support and encouragement that partners need from each other to reach their full potential and fulfill their dreams. A couple riding on a bicycle built for two shows the value of cooperation.

Evening photography can be dramatic; a clear night with a star-filled sky is the perfect backdrop for newlyweds to make their wish on a star for lasting happiness. Using metaphors is a great way to write your wedding vows, your reception speech as well as being a reference point for your photographs.

Finding the metaphors that most accurately describe your emotions, commitment or devotion may only be one of the ways you can create a memorable moment that starts by discussing the available options with your photographer. There are also a variety of special effects that can be used to enhance the impact of the picture and reinforce your wedding day theme.

Super-imposing the photography of the presentation of wedding rings on a picture of a candle flame speaks to the intensity of love. Photography filters can create the atmosphere that is best suited for vintage, traditional, retro, Gothic, historical period, steampunk or fantasy weddings themes. In the ideal scenario, the location is matched to the theme for the wedding; castles work great for Gothic or fantasy weddings, where a Victorian garden supports a vintage or traditional one.

You can also capture stills from your video to create a wonderful diversity of images or combining still photos in an edited video is another option. The key to making all of this happen without a hitch is planning. It's a good idea to go with your photographer to the location of the reception and make note of anything that will influence the outcome of the photographs. For taking pictures outdoors, factor in events that can impact the situation such as rainy weather and decide on an alternative setting. Keep in mind that more than likely the bride will not be wearing hiking boots under her wedding dress and pick the locations accordingly.

And if time allows, a photo session rehearsal will help you and your partner be more relaxed taking the photographs on your wedding day. In addition if you plan to upload your photos to a website be sure that your photographer can deliver them to you in the appropriate format.

If you are planning to send photos by post, also include in the photo session planning the photograph that you want to use for the thank you notes you send to the guest that attend your marriage celebration. Whether you choose the symbolic picture of when you exchanged wedding rings during the ceremony or the moment you began your first dance at the reception, let this photograph be one that truly captures the essence of your wedding day.