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Do You Need Security Services for Your Wedding?

Not too long ago there was a movie released entitled "The Wedding Crashers," that was written as a comedy. However for any couple planning a wedding, this movie also had a message; you need to provide security for both your ceremony and reception to avoid uninvited guests from disrupting your special occasion.

During the exciting process of organizing your special event, most couples focus on the pleasant details, which represent a significant investment of time and money.  Although a marriage ceremony and wedding reception are viewed as a celebration, this is also an event where people are known to bring money as gifts for the bride and groom and be dressed in their finest apparel and jewelry.

Unfortunately not every person in our society today works from the same principles; recent headlines have made it all too clear that some people will take advantage of this situation and cause havoc, destruction, injury to persons and loss of property.

The core issue at hand is how do you secure the locations where you will exchange wedding rings during your marriage ceremony and ensure a peaceful environment so you can enjoy the celebration festivities in a discreet manner?

Handling security at your marriage ceremony starts with discussing the issue with the person who will be performing your ceremony as well as whoever is in charge of the facility.  If the ceremony will take place in an established location such as a church, security measures may already be in place.

However if this is not the case or your ceremony will be held in the area that is easily accessible to the public, then that you may need to investigate private security services.  These services are even more important if you are having a large number of guests.

Security personnel for a wedding serve the same purpose as for any other event, however they tend to be more discreet; for instance they may take on the role of being ushers at the ceremony or servers at the reception.

Be sure to choose security services that have experience in managing weddings and receptions.  In addition, verify their credentials; be sure that they are bonded and licensed to practice in your geographical area.  You also need to provide them a list of invited guests, advise them of the dress code of the day or evening, as well as any other special information they may need to have.

Taking care of this delicate issue early in the planning process will help you and your partner relax on your special day, knowing that you and your guests are in a secured environment.