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Create Unique Memories with Your Wedding Photography

The day a couple gets married would be incomplete without wedding photography, and today couples have many different options on how their wedding photos will look beyond the setting and the location. There are many different special effects that can make your wedding photography photographs unique and memorable.

Start by thinking about what type of special effects you would like your photographs to have. Consider the theme of your wedding; for instance if you're having a wedding based on a historic era or at a historic landmark you might want to have your photographs created with a similar technique as what was used during that time. Research the types of events and styles of weddings of the day or what event took place at the location where you exchange wedding rings. Then ask your photographer what type of technique you would use in order to capture this feeling.

If you would like to have your wedding photographs convey the feeling of the day think of the main emotions such as romance, happiness or excitement and work with your photographer to create the setting that will work best.

Another idea is to use a special color filter that gives photographs an antique look, which works very well for vintage style weddings. Although many couples choose to have the photographs taken in casual manner, for instance in a natural setting such as garden, having your photographs taken in a formal setting with a unique backdrop creates a wonderful portrait.

The best way to decide how you would like your wedding photographs to look is to think about viewing these photos in 5 to 10 years; what type of memories would you like these photographs to evoke?

It's a good idea when you choose a photographer to review their portfolio to see if they have experience taking photographs similar to what you have in mind. Once you have made your selection, give your photographer the opportunity to visit the location where your marriage ceremony and reception will take place so that they can tell you the type of lighting and if any props will be needed for taking your photographs.

The day you say your marriage vows can be captured for all time in a way that will reflect both you and your partners personalities as well as give the viewer of the photograph an idea of what it felt like to be there on your wedding day.