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Cobalt Chrome Wedding Ring Jewelry Gaining Favor with Brides and Grooms

Cobalt Chrome wedding ring is gaining popularity with brides and grooms because of its stunning brilliance. More couples are opting for modern metals when they shop for their rings and other jewelry. The gleaming white luster makes it hard to believe that this metal is less expensive than sterling silver or white gold.

As precious as gold may be, for many people, cobalt chrome is being chosen more frequently than white gold and sterling silver which were more affordable than yellow gold. Over the past few decades a tradition has started where college students exchange silver rings as a sign of their friendship. And many of these individuals choose white gold for their wedding bands.

Cobalt rings are now the chic alternative to white gold and platinum as well. The beautiful finished of this metal is making it a fast-favorite with online and offline wedding magazines and websites that specialize in wedding jewelry. For the men who are grooms-to-be, its affordability let's them indulge in ring set with diamonds or other precious stones. Men's wedding jewelry has come a long way from the simple band of gold traditionally selected.

Today it's perfectly acceptable for the groom's ring to be of one design and the bride's ring in the style she prefers. However, couples need to be aware of the five main things when they begin shopping:

Selecting a ring from inventory will reduce the amount of time before you have the rings in your possession, but start shopping at least 3 months before the wedding date. If you choose to have your rings custom made you will need to start the process at least 6 months in advance of the wedding. The metal you choose for your ring is important; be sure to talk to the jeweler about fittings and adjustments. If precious stones will be used you will also need to decide on the setting.

How much you spend usually depends on your budget and using the 2x monthly salary rule is a good place to begin. Many couples who choose the modern metals such as cobalt chrome are able to purchase a more detailed design because of its affordability. After you have selected your ring, discuss how to insure your purchase with the jeweler to protect your investment.