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Choosing Your Wedding Attendants: How Many Should You Have?

A lot of things have changed in our society during this modern age, however many people still enjoy weddings and think of them as an extra special occasion.

Receiving a wedding invitation can start a wave of excitement but when a person is asked to be a member of the bridal party, the excitement can easily turn into exhilaration. The question for the couple to be wed is: how do you choose your wedding attendants and how many should you have?

If you and your partner both come from large families this decision can be extremely difficult if your budget is limited and you want to have the type of ceremony and reception that includes all of the nice details. Although the attendants are responsible for their own attire that they will wear to the wedding, you and your partner must pay for their flowers, what they will eat at the reception and their "thank you" gifts.

Particularly for the role of matron or maid of honor and best man who play vital roles in helping the bride and groom stay on schedule as well as stay calm on the wedding day, these choices have to be made carefully and the people that you choose must be willing to assume these roles. Quite often, the person you chose has responsibilities that prevent them from being able to participate so it's always a good idea to have a first, second and third choice as well. Keep in mind as you make your decision that you'll be spending a lot of time with them so make sure that there are no personality conflicts.

Most people begin their selection process with their closest family members and friends, when you or your partner have many siblings there is always the chance of offending one when you select another for this role. If you cannot afford to have all of your siblings involved in the bridal party, be sure that you take some time to explain the situation to them before you make your choice.

The number of bridesmaids and groomsmen should be chosen with respect to the number of guests and the formality of the wedding. If you are having a large wedding where more than 100 people have been invited then having three or more wedding attendants is reasonable. On the other hand this number of wedding attendance at a very small wedding with 50 people or less may seem a bit out of place.

The people who will be there to support you on the day you exchange wedding rings with your partner play an important role in your happiness of the day. Choosing the right bridal party attendants will help your celebration go smoothly and create wonderful memories for everyone involved.