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Charming Sweets to Complement Your Wedding Cake

Just as the focal point of the marriage ceremony is the exchange of wedding rings, the guests who attend your reception will be keen to see the cake. From classically simple to fantastically elaborate, a delicious cake is the highlight of the meal.

Traditionally, one of the simple pleasures in having a meal is the dessert and when you are planning a wedding, the cake that you will serve your guests receives a lot of attention. However, this is by no means the only sweet delicacies that can be enjoyed during a marriage celebration feast.

In fact, a wedding sweets table is a standard part of Greek and Italian weddings where indulgence in delicious food is legendary. Today in American weddings, a buffet of miniature cookies, candy and even popcorn are becoming the rage with decorations such as balloons, streamers and confetti to support the festive atmosphere. Make sure that you have more than enough serving utensils and plates with sentiments from you and your partner. In some cases the wedding favors are placed on the sweets table as well.

What makes the sweets table such a success is that it ties in beautifully with the idea of love and sharing with the people who are special to you and your partner. Using a theme that features retro items from local bakeries and sweet shops is a great way to add a bit of history or hometown accent to your wedding. Another way to make it a success is by using decorative containers with pictures that illustrate the item and photographs of you and your partners throughout your relationship to give your guests a better understanding of your personalities.

If candy and cookies are not enough, you can take a cue from the British tea time and have teacakes, petit fours and other miniature pastries prepared and display them in a colorful array. Or take your guest on an international taste tour with a variety of ethnic delicacies such as Baklava from the Middle East, Besan ka Ladoo from India, Fortune Cookies from Asia.

Placing the table in a convenient position in the reception area that allows guests to mix and mingle is the ideal. Have your photographer on hand to take instant pictures of your guests enjoying their choices as mementos of the occasion will top up the fun and make it even more special to them. With messages such as “Live a Little,” “Sweet Love,” “Taste Treat” and “Bride and Groom’s Favorite” you provide your family and friends with another way to celebrate your happiness.

Arranging your table will take many different types of containers and display plates that can be rented from most wedding decoration companies. The wedding sweets table is a fabulous way to make your reception more enjoyable and ensures that your guest will be even more excited when it comes time to cut the bride and groom’s cakes.