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Add Romance to Your Wedding with a Red Rose Ceremony

When it comes to romantic events, without a doubt weddings are at the top of the list. But a lot has changed in the way people define love and relationships; indeed the idea of marriage itself has evolved to keep pace with the 21st century.

All of this has influenced the way a marriage ceremony is performed: today it may incorporate traditions from other cultures and go beyond the standard exchange of vow and wedding rings. Now it’s far more likely that the couples will customize their ceremony to reflect their sentiments and values to make their wedding as unique as they are.

One very simple addition to the marriage ceremony that has become quite popular is the exchange of red roses after the wedding vows. A single red rose has become synonymous with the deepest heartfelt emotion, and understood as a symbol of love in almost every country of the world.

The “red rose ceremony” adds another dimension to the ceremony: the bride and groom exchange two red roses as a way to show their willingness to give and receive love and devotion from each other.

In the language flowers, the meaning of the red rose is “I love you” and in a wedding ceremony this is one of the most beautiful ways to seal the bond of matrimony. Each rose can be made unique with pink and blue ribbons so that when they are exchanged it is easy to see.

But the red rose also carries another gift; the fragrance of this flower is said to heal the heart. In marriage, many times partners experience difficult situations that require tolerance, patience and forgiveness. While the wedding rings that a couple will exchange are symbols of their commitment to each other and the world, showing that they are husband and wife. The exchange of roses is their first gift to each other as newlyweds.

Although this is a simple act, it has an emotional significance far beyond words. After the exchange is completed, you are holding the rose that symbolizes the heart of your partner. The moment that you said “I do” and exchanged wedding rings has now been made complete and your new life as partners begins in earnest.

Re-enacting the red rose ceremony on your wedding anniversary is a good way to celebrate the day that two hearts became one.