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A Sweet Endearment: A Wedding Gift for Your Partner

It may seem that after all the time you and your partner have spent planning your wedding day, you have covered all of the bases. However, after you have; organized your bridal party, chosen your wedding rings, selected your attire, decided on your honeymoon location, chosen the wedding theme and reception activities, sent out your invitations and thank you notes for gifts received, there is still one more thing that you can do that will make this day even more extraordinary: choose a special wedding gift for your partner.

This token of love is sometimes overlooked in the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, but when it is remembered, this gift becomes as cherished as the wedding ring, simply because it was not a required part of the celebration.

What do you give to the person that you have just pledged your heart to with a ring while your family and friends observed the ceremony? Jewelry is always a favorite as well as monogrammed accessories, whatever you choose should be as personal as possible, to let your partner know that the gift is especially and just for them.

Some couples choose their wedding gifts to each other based on a theme. For instance, to show your commitment to each other through time, you and your partner could choose matching watches which you can have engraved with your wedding date. If  you both think that your love story is just beginning, you could choose story bead bracelets with bride and groom segments that both of you can wear, adding new beads as your marriage unfolds.

Rather than have your wedding photos only in an album, why not choose a locket that can hold both of your pictures for the bride and a pocket frame case for the groom is another idea. Another charming gift for the bride if she wears her hair long, is a bejeweled hair ornament and for the groom an engraved belt plate.

This is not something that you and your partner shop for together; the most delightful part of the it is the surprise.  But to avoid disappointment or embarrassment, it's a good idea to agree to this before hand.

When do you present your partner with their wedding gift? Depending on which type of gift you have chosen, any time that you have some privacy with your partner is ideal, for example between the ceremony and the reception.

However, if the festivities sweep you away, you can save this special surprise when you and your beloved dash off for your honeymoon. This is the perfect way to add another memorable moment to your wedding night.