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Product Review for TAO Tungsten Carbide Black & White Diamond Wedding Band Ring

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Rating: 5 / 5 , based on 24 reviews.  
Great Ring
My husband loves his wedding band. It has some good weight to it and the bandwidth is great for his bigger hands. The only thing he's pointed out is that the photo gave the illusion that it was just one connected groove. Instead, the grooves are actually 2 separate lines that just dead-end at the back of the ring. After he got over that revelation, it quickly grew on him.
The Clevelands, Dallas, TX - 3/19/2012

Great ring fast
We love this ring. Easily as beautiful as it was described. It is heavy, manly and was shipped to us very quickly. A great experience.
Mrs John Allen, Mesa AZ - 12/27/2011

It is an incredibly elegantly designed man ring. Comfortable and sleek. Also rigid & durable. The perfect ring for a mans man who uses his hands for work.
Alan Rigdon, Orlando, FL, US - 11/13/2011

Great Choice of ring
As mentioned previously - photo does not do this wonderful piece of jewelery justice. My partner was thrilled with the ring. We searched long and hard for something that would maintain its good looks. The two diamonds set the ring off beautifully while remaining masculine. It is a wide ring but this is what we were looking for. We were a bit unsure of the size as sizing differs here in Australia. Titanium Kay quickly answered questions and we chose the correct size. The ring arrived in 4 business days. We read the previous reviews on this ring and we were sold. A brilliant buy. Thank you so much
Maryann, Wollongong Australia - 10/12/2011

beautiful ring
The detail in the ring is nicer in person ...the picture does not make a s nice as it is....thank you for the prompt service....
andrea aponte, philadelphia - 9/21/2011

Gorgeous ring!!
This was a replacement ring after my husband lost his wedding band in the ocean. I was skeptical buying online... rest assured, it actually looks better in person! -and it is very true to size! This ring turned out to be an upgrade! Extremely satisfied. Gorgeous ring!!
Denise, Tobyhanna, PA - 8/23/2011

Amazing Ring
I have to say that I love my ring. I got this ring for my upcoming wedding. With the ring's very unique design it shows the duality of our relationship/background I wanted to represent. The diamonds are small, but with the offset of the gold, they stand out. The ring has a good weight to it. Also, the inside edges are rounded for a very comfortable and smooth fit. I would recommend Titanium Kay to all my friends who are looking. EXCELLENT
Kyle, Los Angeles - 6/14/2011

It amazing and masculine look, its realy worthed of what you paid. My only down thing is if could change to size 9 instead size 10. Overall. it is a outstanding ring and great quality, I'll buy more for my wife and recommend to my friends.
Ed Mach Nillo, Murrieta, CA - 5/29/2011

Handsome, durable ring
I've been wearing this ring everyday for 1 month now (it is my wedding band). I am a US Navy sailor (a communications electrician) and as such, I do a lot with my hands. The ring still looks as good today as the day I bought it. The problem with gold, silver or platinum rings is the softness of the metal which makes it prone to scratching and dulling. Tungsten Carbide is one of the hardest substances on the earth (registering a 9.0 on the Mohs hardness scale, softer only than diamond) which makes it extremly resistent to scratching and dulling (only substances harder than tungsten carbide can scratch it). However, it is brittle so take care not to drop the ring as it can crack (tungsten carbide is technically a ceramic and is used industrially on cutting tools). The diamonds are not the most brillant diamonds on the shelf but this is a men's ring and these are small diamonds. However, they do add an understated elegance to the ring and the black and white combination blends very nicely with the dark grey color of the tungsten. The gold surrounding each diamond is a nice little touch and is espicially handsome around the black diamond. The ring is pretty wide so guys with small hands might want to stay away as it'll might make your hand look even smaller. All in all it is a very nice ring and the themes employed in it's design were the selling point for my wife and I (black and white diamonds signifying the yin and yang, the give and take, the + and the - of marriage; the hardness of the materials symbolizing the strength of our love, etc. etc.). The ring arrived 1 day early and came in a very modern ring box. This is a very unique and handsome ring for the price. It's construction means that it will look new for many years with little to no maintenance no matter what your hands get into (tungsten even resists acids!). I intentionally waited this long to give my review in order to give the ring a good run so I could become familliar with it. Negatives? Aside from it's width (again, smaller hands might want to look elsewhere) and the average diamond quality (for the $$ though, you can't complain) I cannot think of any.
Jake, Seattle, WA - 5/23/2011

TAO Tungsten Carbide...
Such a ncie piece of Jewelry! I was excited to get the ring, and when it arrived it was more than I hopped for! It is beautiful yet masculine. Perfect!
Shawndae, Cheyenne, WY, US - 4/26/2011

Wonderful ring
A+ I Love it!!!!!!! It is a beautiful ring my husband love it too!!!!!!!!! I bought it and 3 days later it was delivered.
R.Hernandez, Virginia, US - 4/9/2011

In person this ring is so much better. The photo is amazing but no where compares to it in person. My fiance loves it and I can't wait for him to wear it everyday! The engraving was done beautifully and very quickly!! Thanks for making the ring perfect!!!
Heather , Beaufort, SC - 3/27/2011

Breath Taking
I was happy to see the the picture when i recieved the ring it was a million times better my future husband is excited that he will get to wear it everyday
Jessica S, Tucson,AZ - 3/11/2011

I bought this ring as an engagement ring for my (now) fiancee. I chose it over other rings on this site because it included diamonds in a unique design, and I wanted to give him a "diamond ring" typical of a normal engagement ring. My fiancee absolutely loves this ring, and he shows it off to everyone!
Steph, Nebraska, USA - 11/6/2010

Wonderful ring
When i first recieved the wedding band for my fiance it was too small. but the return and exchange procedure was so easy. T Kay answered their emails very promptly and were very helpful. the ring was sent back to america and i recieved the new one in no longer than a week. My fiance and I are really happy with the ring and he just loves it. And the price was just amazing. i will definately be back.
Kerry, Wonthaggi, Aust - 5/25/2010

Perfect ring
This is the perfect ring for myself. The fit is perfect and the look is stunning. Couldnt ask for any better quality or service.
JRBest, Mauston WI - 5/17/2010

tao tungsten wedding band
The price was right. the ring is great looking, and the return was excellent. I was able to track and pin-point when it would arrive. All in all I give your company an excellent rating. I will recommend your business to friends.
russell bell, buffalo, - 3/8/2010

Beautiful Ring
I love husband to be loves it. Its a great rings. Looks better in person. Very pleased.
Lindsey , OK - 2/10/2010