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Product Review for INGVAR Tungsten Carbide Carbon Fiber Ring

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Rating: 5 / 5 , based on 105 reviews.  
The exchange process was very fast. I could get new one within a week. The actual carbon band color is white. It reflects light effectively. My wife uses a blue one as our pair ring. She is quite satisfied, too.
, Tokyo, Japan -

This ring is beautiful! My fiance is already wearing it. We are very pleased with the quality. A ring like this would sell for $400 at a local Jewler. Ordering was easy and his ring was at our door in 2 days. Thank you Titanium Kay! We will be ordering again soon.
, Boston, Ma -

speedy delivery
This was my 1st purchase from TK. I ordered it from my phone on a monday night and received it thursday morning. The ring was a litle to big so I had to exchange it, and it only took a week. Great service and quality ring. I love it.
, reno, nv -

Love it
We love this ring so much but can you believe we love the customer serve even more. Great company fast service and friendly staff. Thank you for your wonderful service. Looking forward to making many more purchase
, Atlanta, Ga -

Great ring
The ring is amazing!
, Texas -

Great Ring
We absoulutely love the ring. It arrived on time and is exactally what my fiance wanted!
, Eden Prairie, MN US -

The ring is beautyful and my now husband has been wearing it to work and not a scratch on it and he works hard labor.... thanks
, Aurora, CO -

Love it!
This is my fourth purchase from Titanium Kay. This ring is gorgeous and very well made, as are all of T-Kay's rings (IMO), and the customer service was excellent as always!! Thanks!
, Arizona -

Perfect replacement!
My husband lost his wedding ring while fishing a couple weeks ago. He was devastated. We've only been married a few months. We bought the ring at a mall jeweler and they no longer carried it. I searched the internet and found the same ring for one third the price at Titanium Kay! The quality is excellent and we are so happy we are thinking of buying a spare, just in case...
, Franklin, LA -

Unique and sturdy ring!
This ring arrived right on time and we were very impressed with its quality! It is just as nice, if not nicer than something found at a jeweler. The box it arrived in is also something we are going to keep around! Thanks TK!
, Colorado -

awesome rings
My husband and I chose the ingvar tungsten ring w/ white carbon fiber inlay, and the bomani tungsten w/ black carbon fiber for our wedding rings. they make an really great set while still being very unique. kind of like us...awwwwwww. seriously though, everyone compliments them and we both love them. thanks for the beautiful rings and great customer service.
, -

Beautiful Ring!
I bought this ring for my fiance. He was very picky and we couldn't find anything that he liked. We found this one two weeks before the wedding. It came in the mail in about 4 days and is so beautiful! We both love it! And the size was perfect. Not to mention the great price! The same ring in the jewelry stores was twice as much. Thank you TK for a beautiful ring.
, Fort Wayne, IN -

Convenient to purchase. Very professional. Very easy process to buy and delivery was fast. And love the ring box that it came in!
, -

Best deal ever
I shopped around quite a bit for my husbands wedding band-- Titanium Kay was by far the cheapest. I received the ring in the mail in 2 days and also had it engraved. The whole process took about one week. It was so fast and we are SO happy with how it turned out. it looks awesome!
, UT -

Excellent Service
Even after a snafu with the USPS when returning a ring for exchange and 1 month passing by until the post office found the ring, Titanium Kay took care of it no questions asked! Great ring too!
, Aspen Colorado -

As Hoped
The ring came very quickly and looked even better in person. I am sure I will be back.
, Stockton, CA, US -

Great deal, great ring
This was a replacement for a lost wedding band. Beautiful ring, I get tons of complements! And they were super friendly and helpful.
, Los Angeles, CA -

Perfect Ring
My husband loves his new ring!! It's a perfect fit. I was amazed at how quickly it arrived after I ordered it, and he is amazed at how well it holds up with all his handyman work and motorcross riding and rough-and-tumble lifestyle.
, Dallas TX -

Beautiful Ring
Got ring for my Hubby-to-be. He love's it and doesn't know I paid 4x less for it. He showed me the same designed ring on a different site and by luck I ran into this one on and desided to buy direct from the store. Im glad I did cause I was able to get it engraved something the other site said was impossible to do to this type of ring.
, Pearl, MS -

quality ring
I bought this wedding ring for my husband for our 10 wedding anniversary to replace the simple white gold band we could afford just out of college. It's athletic and updated style fits him perfectly. It's light weight for his surgical hands and stylish for his triathalons.
, atlanta, georgia -

Beautiful ring!!
This is a great ring, and it's a great price for such a beautiful piece. Recommend this to everyone! The delivery was quick and the company keeps you posted with emails. Great site! Great ring!
, KY -

Committment Ring
WOW, ring is beautiful, sturdy and lives up to every word used to describe it.
, Omaha, NE -

Committment Ring
WOW, ring is beautiful, sturdy and lives up to every word used to describe it.
, Omaha, NE -

My husband is kind of particular with things, but he loves this. And when we go out, he get SO MANY compliments on it. And the service is excellent! I have shopped with TKay before & I am ALWAYS very satisfied with the service.
, NC -

Perfect Ring
My husband to be is really into cars and when I saw this ring with a carbon fiber inlay...I knew it was the one. He hasn't seen it yet, because we are getting married until May 2009. BUT, I love it and will definitley tell people to checkout Titanium Kay when they are looking for rings.
, Michigan -

This ring is beautiful, and Titanium Kay went out of their way to make sure I got the right size ring when I was unsure of my partner's ring size. I was able to swap out a different size without any problems or hassle, and the rings couldn't be any better!
, Springfield, VA, USA -

Handsome Ring
The ring was fantastic. The shipping time was incredible too, I never expected to receive it that quickly.
, -

Nice ring
The wedding band that I purchased was great especially for the price. Very heavy in weight and very nice shine. Extremely satisfied with it.
, Orlando, Fl -

First extremely impressed with the it love it loveit....but the fact that I ordered the product at 7pm at night.....and received it the NEXT DAY was astounding during the holiday season! Thanks so so much! You have a new client with me now! Aaron
, Chicago -

Great Ring
My husband loves the ring, we are both very pleased with it! Thank you!
, Tucson, AZ -

Love it!
It's absolutely perfect. My fiance is looking forward to wearing it
, Sydney -

beautiful ring
I bought this ring for my husband on our one year anniversary. He had been in Iraq for quite some time and his gold band was all scratched and he somehow dented it while doing physical activity. We have yet to see a scratch on this ring. It is still so shiny I wish I would have gotten him this one first. He is a big car guy so the carbon fiber was an excellent idea. I would recommend this ring.
, US -

Awesome ring
I got this ring for my husband as a gift, he wanted a silver ring that would match his watch so I looked up wedding bands and found this one that has the same design as his watch on the inside! Awesome ring looks beautiful on and ooohh sooooo shiny!! Very pleased have recommended this site to others.
, Syracuse,NY,US -

Great ring!!
The ring is beautiful!! My husband and I LOVE it! It was the perfect choice
, -

The Sweetness!
This ring looks so awesome! It literally feels slippery when you put it on. The carbon fiber accent is sweet looking. I've worn it while working and the thing hasn't gotten a single scratch. It doesn't seem like it ever will. It is a solid piece, and will probably last a lifetime.
, C.C., Texas -

I was very pleased with my experience with TitaniumKay. After only four months of marriage I lost my wedding ring. I was able to find the exact ring on this website for half the cost and hassle. I had twenty times more problems with getting it from a well known jewelry store. Another amazing thing that really mattered to me was how quickly it arrived. I was really impressed. Thanks
, Rexburg, ID, US -

Strong & Elegant
WOW! I can't beleive it actually did arrive the next day after placing my order. My husband was completely surprised and loves it. It is a beautiful well made ring. It has a very smooth fit and the outside is smooth as well, even though it may not look so in the photo. The lighter carbon fiber adds a little dazzle to the ring almots like diamonds but in a manly way. It is definitely an eye cather and my husband has received ohhhs and ahhs everyday he wears it. this was a replacemnt wedding band for our 9 year anniversary. Thank you TK for making it the perfect surprise.
, Orlando, FL -

Great Ring
The ring is still shinny and scratch free after 6 months!
, Wellington, New Zealand -

I cannot say enough!
I cannot thank Titanium Kay enough for the wonderful ring for my fiance! it fits him wonderfully and he says it is very comfortable. When i brought it to show everyone at work they all loved it...a fantastic unique and very classy ring indeed. thanks again Titanium Kay for making our decision easy and also affordable. i feel like we got a wonderful value and speedy shipping on top of it!
, Napa Valley, CA -

Tungsten CB, C-Fiber
Awesome ring, awesome price. So happy with it we bought 2. One for now & one for when i'm old and fat knuckled. :-) Very unique, plenty of compliments received.
, CT -

Amazing ring!
The color of the ring may be a little darker than the image depicts, but hardly noticable. However, it does "bling" more than what is shown (the facets along the edges are crisply cut). We are MORE than satisfied with our purchase, especially considering the price and quality we've seen at the malls. We highly recommend this ring!
, Chula Vista, CA -

Fiance loves it!
Our wedding is later this month, but my fiance has already tried it on. He loves it! He can't wait to start wearing it. Thanks so much for your great customer service! :D
, Florida -

Down to the Wire
A few days before my wedding I decided that I wanted to have my husbands wedding band engraved... so I reordered the same ring I had purchased a few months prior and requested that it be engraved and shipped overnight. The next day when I got the ring it was not engraved so I called the company and was told that all rings must be tried on before engraving...since I new already that the ring fit and needed it right away the CS person suggested that I buy a third ring and request that the engraving be done before shipping and have it overnighted again. The next day the ring came and was engraved exactly how I wanted it and just in time for our wedding. It was perfect and my husband loved that it was engraved. Although there was some misunderstandings on the engraving, Titanium Kay was very easy to work with a helped me find a solution for the engraving. They were so helpful and understanding that when I sent the rings back that were not engraved I received a full refund including the overnight shipping of $29.00. I plan to do business with them again and they are truly a good company to work with. Thanks Mike for all your help. Mrs.Z
, Sgt. Bluff, IA -

Carbon Fiber Ring
Every question I had was answered thoroughly and very quickly! Once I ordered it, the ring was shipped immediatley! Very great service and great price. I would order from this company again!!
, Omaha, NE -

fantastic ring
We purchased this ring as my fiance's wedding band. He loves it so much and can hardly wait until our wedding day to wear it. It's better than we imagined it to be.
, morgantown,PA -

Absolutely Amazing
I am so impressed with this ring. My husband is so into carbon fiber and what better to put on his fingers! You would not believe how much this ring sparkles and shines like diamonds themselves!
, Cincinnati, Ohio -

Excellent Quality
The ring is even better than I expected!
, Oregon -

Stylish Design at a Great Price.
This ring is even better than I had expected, especially considering the low price. It is extremely well-made and looks great.
, Baltimore, MD -

Great Service
I am very happy with your company and the ring I ordered. I had to send it back twice for the sizing and both times I got the replacement ring back very quickly. My husband loved his birthday gift :) I will use your company again in the future. The ring is beautiful and we are very pleased customers.
, Florida -

The ring looks even better in person. Great feel. Interesting box. Fast shipping.
, La Mirada, CA -

Dude! This ring is flippin sweet!!
The pictures on the site do not do the ring justice at all. Not one little bit. From the point of view that the ring is presented at one cannot truly appreciate the faceting and how it and the carbon fiber contributes to the beauty of the ring. To truly see how fantastic this ring is, one simply has to order it and try it (I did so about three times to get the sizing right and to try on different rings from the site; the shipping is super quick and top notch.) All in all, it is a tremendously beautiful ring for those that are looking for a bold, masculine band and the company stands behind the products they sell. I for one, cannot wait to wear this for the rest of my life! =)
, Fort Worth, TX -

This ring is beautiful. It's a little wider and slightly heavier than expected, but not so much that it's a flaw. It fits my husband wonderfully, and hasn't been marked or scratched in any way. Still as shiny as the day I received it.
, Ames, IA, USA -

Breath Taking
When I received the ring I couldn't contain myself. I was planning on giving it to my Fiance Charlie on our 6 year Anniversary, instead I surprised him with the ring the same day that I received it. When we had selected it on the website we said "It looks gorgeous" but when I received that ring my reaction was, "A gasp of air", there were no words that could describe what I felt when I saw the band that will go around my Husbands finger within the coming months. WE LOVE THE RING!!!!
, Miami, FL -

Awesome and fast!
I found this ring but in the wrong color at local jewelry stores for 4 times as much. I really love this ring in this color and get alot of compliments for it.
, Sonoma, CA -

Perfect Wedding Ring
The ring was exactly what my boyfriend wanted for his wedding ring. It fit perfect, looked beautiful and it is unique from everyone elses. We love it!
, Iowa -

Manly ring
Got this as an engagement ring. Lots of compliments from loads of people. Compliments on the carbon fiber inlay, the tungsten, the beveled edges, ... Truly a Man's ring. Only little discrepancy I notice is the carbon fiber inlay shows an overlap line, if you can get rid of this, it'd be perfect!!!
, San Diego, CA -

I wanted to find something extraordinary that would stand out from the crowd and this carbide ring did it!. Once he tried it on we were both very satisfied. The delivery of customer service from start to end with Titanium Kay is impressive! Although great photography and lighting does make the ring seem "brighter" it's still a beautiful piece of jewelry and I am a happy customer! I will be recommending them and most likely shopping here again!
, Orange County, CA -

Beautiful ring
My husband and I both absolutely love this ring. We are very pleased with the workmanship and engraving. He has gotten numerous compliments for it too. We would definitely buy from you again. :)
, Lexington Park, MD -

great ring, great service!
i recently purcheased this ring for my fiance' as his wedding ring.he liked it becase it was somethign you don't really see alot of people wearing. the picture does not do it justice, it's beautiful ring! even the box it comes in is nicely designed! unfortunately i ordered the wrong size, but all i had to do was return it, ask for the right size,and it was back in no time at all!!! i highly rcommend TK! they pay attention to detail, and the customer service is great!my fiance' loves his ring and can't wait to wear it!
, santa clara, ca -

Wonderful Experience, Highly Recommended
This ring is even better in person. Plus, the customer service is absolutely wonderful. I ordered the ring to check the size and to see if my fiance liked it in person. When it fit perfectly and we both loved it, I decided to send it back for engraving. I called with a question about this process and had all of my questions answered by a very kind representative. When I sent the ring back for engraving, I received a phone call confirming their receipt of the ring along with my engraving request. I got the ring back quickly and the engraving is PERFECT! This whole process was quick and easy and the prices were the lowest I've seen. I would highly recommend Titanium Kay for all of your jewelry (and engraving) needs!
, Chicago, IL -

Beautiful ring
We ordered my husband's wedding ring from Titanium Kay and we must say that the product is beautiful! He absolutly loves his wedding ring! We received the ring in a timely matter and had NO issues or problems! We will recommend this store to everyone we know!
, San Antonio, Texas -

We ordered two rings and had both engraved, we are extremely happy with the customer service that we received, the timeliness of the shipping as well as the amazing quality of the rings and engravings, we are very happy that we ordered from your company.
, Baltimore, MD -

Stunning Ring
I got this ring based on other reviews and absolutely love it. I bought it as my wedding band and it fits perfect. It is a bit on the heavy side but is definitely a good buy! A little darker than the picture shows but definitely stunning in person. Got tons of great compliments.
, -

better than the pic!
my fiancee' picked this as his wedding ring from the pic online. he said he wanted something you don't really see out there much. when we got the ring, we couldn't believe it! the picture online doesn't do this ring any justice! it's gorgeous! he wants to wear it already, but our wedding is still months away! so, i had to hide it ^_^. great ring, quick delivery,a 10 all around!!!!!!
, santa clara, ca -

TK Kicks *ss!
Seriously, You know how things always look better in the picture? Well this one is exactly like it! Heavy steel, carbon fiber has a nice depth to it. Just like the reviews you've aready read, I got compliments the first time I wore it out. Had to exchage for different size but TK had it back to me in 3 days with no extra charge. Very easy!
, CA -

Handsome Men's Ring
My husband loves this ring. We've been married 32 years and he could never find a ring he felt comfortable in or that look good on his hand. This one did the trick. We looked at similar rings in stores but found them much less in cost from Titanium Kay. And, the service was great. We got the ring within 2-3 days and had to exchange it, as we ordered it too small. Between sending it back and them returing it, it was a total of 4-5 days. The whole experience was with no anxiety. Great Service! Also the ring is very beautiful and this type of material, from our research, does not scratch and requires no polishing, so it will stay looking great on and on.
, Palm Springs area -

The best ring
It,s a very nices i will let my friends know about this ring it,s looks good and you could work in it and go out to town and it will look nices. Thank you
, Suisun City,CA,US -

Excellent Quality
My fiance and I purchased this ring as his engagement ring and have already turned friends onto this site and have already ordered his wedding band from Titanium Kay as well. We are continued to be impressed with their fast processing and shipping and excellent quality. Thank YOU!
, Cranston, RI, USA -

we love it!
We saw this same ring at the store for 250$ and for 450$ we bought it here much cheaper and my husbad loves it! He say it feels great and everyone say how good it looks! I will tell every guy to get this ring! Shipping was cheap and fast to!!
, Shawnee, ks -

Great Ring
Looks Great, Feels Great, thanks for a great product.
, Ottawa Canada -

I LOVE this ring!!!
This ring is gorgeous! It is sooooo much better looking than the picture gives them credit for. I got it so quickly too and when sending it for engraving, the turnaround time was very fast. The only thing I was unhappy about was that I had requested the engraving to be all lower case letters and it didnt come that way.
, Los Angeles -

, FRED., MD -

great ring
item as described, fast service and good customer service, thanks
, New Zealand -

Awesome Wedding Band
We were very nervous to order my wedding band online however once we received it the quality and shipment time was unbelievable. We are so pleased!! Thanks so much!
, London, Ontario -

Nice Ring
Received my ring and it was a little small. The exchange for a larger size was seamless and quick. In under one weeks time I have already received more compliments then I had received on my older wedding ring. Accidentally tested the "scratch" resistance during a mountain bike ride and the ring passed without a mark.
, Las Flores, CA, US -

Gorgeous Ring
The service is exceptional and very quick. The ring is even nicer than the picture shows. Would highly recommend.
, Miami -

beautiful ring
This will be my fiance's wedding band and it couldn't be more perfect! It is very comfortable as well.
, pismo beach, ca -

Beautiful ring
This ring was beautiful. Even better looking in person.
, Orlando, FL, US -

Superb Service
I can truly say confirm that Titanium Kay renders a superb service and offers excellent products. I received my ring within less than one week from placing the order, the ring itself perfect to spec first time around! And all the way from the USA to South Africa!
, Johannesburg, South Africa -

Perfect Fit
He loved it the second he saw it!! He is in construction and this tungsten ring was perfect. Thanks a bunch!!
, KC,KS -

I bought this ring for my weekend casual wedding band. everyone likes it so much, I wore it on my wedding day and everyday. I originall bought the wrong size, T-Kay exchanged the rings with no problem. I will use them again and recommend them as well.
, New York -

Love the ring! Had to resize it but wasn't a problem at all! Speedy delivery and it looks great!
, Provo, UT -

Love the ring!
I unfortunately had to exchange the ring I ordered twice, but they made it very quick and easy and my fiance and I LOVE the ring. It looks great! And fits great now!
, Fort Collins, CO -

Ingvar Tungsten Carbon
Excellent quality ring, I have had it for a week and received over an average of a compliment per day - Thanks TitaniumKay :o)
, Connecticut -

We exchanged the mother of pearl ring for this one and it is amazing. The carbon fiber is a lot finer than it appears in the picture giving it a great texture without looking like a checkerboard. It is very unique and "alternative" while being very classy at the same time, which is what we were hoping for. Absolutely 100% satisfied.
, Connecticut -

love it!
The ring arrived and was better than I could have expected. We both love it!
, tennessee -

Great ring
My husband loved the ring, the online service was great, and I had no problems ordering or receiving the ring. Thank you
, Rowlett, Texas -

Quality ring
The ring was beautiful but the shipping we had an issues with the ring was deliverd to the wrong address and i got a little scare cause the wedding was in 3 weeks but the customer service was good and they got it to me in time.
, Sacramento ca -

Tungsten Ring
Received my ring recently and it's every bit as perfect as shown in the photos. Can't wait to give it to my husband on our wedding day!
, Calgary, AB Canada -

Sharp Ring
My husband lost his wedding band and I was looking for a great deal since we just got married three months ago and spent a lot on his ring- I was thrilled with the ring. The only little thing I did'nt like is that you can see the seam in the middle- My husband said that he can't see it but I guess it is a woman thing- Thanks agian!
, Alpharetta GA US -

Nice ring
Original we were going to purchase another ring, but decided to upgrade and all it took was a simple phone call. Fast shipping! FYI: the center of this ring is fiber covered by plastic not the tungsten metal.
, Washington, NJ -

Beautifuly strong
This ring was a gift for my boyfriend/soul mate, this past Christmas. I originally bought him a Black Tungsten Ring and then changed my mind. I exchaned the rings with absolutely no problems and was even given a credit to my account as there was a slight difference in the prices of the two rings. The INGVAR Ring is all that it claims to be and more. It is both stunning and sturdy. My boyfriend is currently rebuilding a Pontiac GTO from the ground up and he never takes the ring off...not a scratch, and not a drop of oil residue under the Carbon Fiber either. Just an absolutley beautiful ring. Also, before buying this ring from the TITANIUM Kay website I priced it at some well known jewelers and they were asking a little more than 3x the price I paid here, the rings were identical. Thanks I will deffinitely
, North Carolina -

First, I was in awe over the pirce of the rings as I was doing my research, and called to clarify. Yes, the prices are real. Then, I decided on this one. Let me just say the pictures are pretty good, but when the ring arrived and we held it, oh my goodness!!! It is AWESOME. There are no words to describe how pure and devine it is. My husband and I are extreemly happy with our purchase. And, might I just add, this man is hard to please, but, he loves his ring. Thank you Titanium Kay Bev & Bob Coleman
, Mays Landing, NJ -

I Love This Ring!
I originally started looking for more durable rings because I kept scratching my wedding band and it started looking dull. When I found this website,I found that not only were there durable - nearly indestructable rings, but that the styling is great as well. I've received many compliments on the the way the ring looks and sparkles and not a scratch yet - I doubt there ever will be! Great service from Titanium Kay as well.
, Washington, DC -

slick looking ring!
I loved the materials and I thought it looked great in the pictures - let me say that the ring looks alot better when you see it. Top quality construction and looks. Totally pleased with the attention to detail and it has a really comfortable fit. Absolutely beautiful, yet very masculine - highly recommended! Great service from Titanium Kay as well - keep up the good work!! I will buy from them again if I need another wedding band (which I tend to lose!)
, SF, CA -

wonderful ring
i shopped all around and had my heart set on this ring for my fiance, you guys had the best price, it was shipped fast and looks great, i love it, thank you so much
, detroit -

I bought this ring for my husband and he absolutely loves it! We're so glad to have found this site. The ring was back ordered and I received a call to tell me. Titanium Kay upgraded my shipping for free so I would have the ring on time!! :)
, Iowa -

Wonderful Ring
We received our rings for our commitment ceremony with next day service and the rings couldn't have been better looking. The picture does not do it justice. They are wonderful. Thanks Titanium Kay for the prompt service and great product.
, Key West, FL, US -

I was a little worried that I would have to send it back because I haven't had that much luck with ordering things like these online but the ring is AMAZING!!! It's so much better then I ever thought it would be, Very cool. I will save this site and order more at a later date. I was very happy!
, Florida Keys -