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Product Review for BOMANI Tungsten Carbide Carbon Fiber Ring

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Rating: 4.9 / 5 , based on 365 reviews.  
Striking ring
We are very pleased with the rings we ordered from you!
, Charlottesville -

Exceeded expectations
Awesome ring, awesome service, awesome value. Will be shopping here again.
, Perth, AUS -

Beautiful piece of jewelry
I am really picky about what I will wear and the style of TitaniumKay is impeccably cool. This ring is sharp looking, and the interface between materials is perfect... No gaps or differences in levels. It is flawless.
, Boston, MA -

Great Quality Ring
The first ring I bought from Titanium Kay, and it was shipped fast, and the the quality is great! Looks very nice and I'm very happy with the ring, and will Definitley shop here again!!!
, Canada -

Beautuful Ring
The ring arrived very quickly and was everything that I hoped it would be. Thank you for such amazing service and products.
, Auburn, WA -

So Far, So Good
Haven't had the ring that long yet but I am so far pleased with the price and the quality of the ring. I purchased the same ring at Samuels Jewelers for over $300 several years ago. The quality from Titanium Kay competes with the big name stores on every level.
, Austin, TX, US -

Excellent ring
My husband loves the ring!! IT was exactly what he wanted. He has gotten many compliments on it. Titanium Kay, your product is the best and I will refer your company to all my friends.
, Daegu, South Korea -

My boyfriend picked this ring out as a gift he wanted to buy for himself. But I surprised him with it for his birthday instead and he was so excited! I was really impressed with how fast the whole transaction went through as well. I received the ring in about 4 days because it was over the Memorial Day holiday but still got it in time for his birthday. And then it was a half size too small so I had to do an exchange. But even then, the new ring arrived a week later and is now PERFECT! I actually loved his ring so much that we ended up buying the matching 6MM ring for me!! :)
, Honolulu, HI -

Thank you for a awesome ring
, Ca -

He loved it! It was a good weight. The carbon fiber looks awesome. It came so fast too!
, Tampa -

Great Quality
I was pleasantly surprised when I got my fiancee's ring in the mail, its great quality and heavy! I know he will love it!
, Sacramento, CA -

wedding ring
I enjoyed the ring and it was good
, Malta -

Best decision
At first when I looked at the add for this ring I thought to myself, "This is too good to be true. There is no way this ring is the same product as Titan titanium rings ( which is initially what my boyfriend was looking at from Kay ), considering the almost $250 price tag difference." When I got this ring in the mail, I fell in love, almost keeping it for myself! I did end up giving the ring to my boyfriend of course for our anniversary and I explained to him what kind of material it was and explained how there is a lifetime warranty and everything but yet he was still wary. He was concerned when I told him I ordered it offline let alone from a jeweler I'm not dealing with face to face. To be totally honest, I was just as wary as he was about this ring being the real thing. I was actually about to send it back when he put it on and it was a little big but he refused to give it back. He said that during the summer, his hands will fit it better since it will be warm so if he got a smaller size, he was afraid it wouldn't fit once it warmed up. One night it fell of his dresser and he was absolutely convinced that he lost it, then proceeded to call me and ask if I took it to get it sent back for a different size because he couldn't find it. He ended up finding it the next morning but as concerned as he was about losing that ring the night before, really showed me how pleased he was with it as well as how much it really meant to him that I got it for him. He did end up telling me that he thought for sure I took it to send it back to get a different size and made it a point to tell me that he would have been very disappointed if I had because by the second time he put it on to go into work, he was attached. Along with this, he also gets a lot of compliments on this ring. The style is a very desired style and it seems a lot of people really like it. The price of this piece of jewelry was way low for the style of ring it is, the material is legit, the guarantee that Titanium Kay offers with it made it that much easier to trust the company, and the one piece of myself that my boyfriend can carry with him wherever he goes looks great and is as meaningful to him as anything else in his possession. I've referred many people to this company because of how pleased we were with this purchase. Thanks TK for the wonderful service!
, Mooresville, NC -

Looks great
The ring looks just as we expected and the sizing was perfect. It's masculine, clean-looking, and the price is exceptional. We're very happy with the ring. The 8mm size is a solid size without overpowering the hand.
, Oakland, CA -

awsome ring
This ring is awsome. Had to send it back to get a larger size and it arrived in no time. Really love it, would order again from this company. Thank you.
, woolwich twp nj -

His ring
I am so impressed with the ring I purchased from your website. The quality is great, and I received it in the mail in only 4 days. I will definately buy from you again! The best part is he loved it!!
, -

This was the best jewelry experience of my life!! We fell in love with this ring at the mall, for 4 times the price we paid at Titanium Kay online. We ordered the ring, received it, sent it back for the engraving, and received it back in perfect order, within 10 days!! We will shop here again and will pass this site on to family and friends!! Thank you for making our wedding day better with your low prices, speedy service, and high quality jewelry!
, Cincinnati, OH -

Exactly as Advertised
After seeing similar rings at the local mall stores going for $295 - $399, I was kinda skeptical. I figured for $99 I'd risk it. The ring showed up in three days without a shipping charge. This was an excellent purchase! I don't see any difference between the mall rings and this one except the price. It seems like there's lots of markup at the mall.
, Medford, OR -

More beautiful than we thought
This ring is fabulous, it is beautiful and shiney. We paid 99.00 for this ring, a few days after we received it we were in a Jewelry store looking for my wedding band, we saw the exact same ring for 359.00. The Lady at the Jewelry store tried to convince us that what we got was not real, however, when she saw the ring she could not believe it, it was 100% real and and she was a little put off that we got such a great deal. I will tell all of my friends about this website!
, Jacksonville, fl -

Just what we were looking for
My fiancé loves his ring. He picked the same wedding band out at a local jeweler but the price tag was a little too rich for a college girls budget. I stumbled on TK's website and was pleasantly suprized to find the same ring, for a fraction of the cost! When the ring got here I got another suprize, the quality was even better than the ring at the jewelers( which is a nation wide company). We simply couldn't be happier with our purchase.
, Georgia -

great deal
This exact ring was $299.99 at our local jewelry store. Not only did I get it for $99.99 but the size fits perfectly and it arrived in 4 days. It is awesome!
, Toledo, OH -

Now that's a Man's ring!
The ring is awesome. The comfort curve is the best I have ever tried, it just disappears on my finger. The materials are top notch. Just saying tungsten carbine with carbon fiber makes me feel good, and my male friends just love the style.
, Annapolis, MD -

Great Ring
This is a great ring. It's the first comfort ring I've owned and I love the fit. The ring looks great, and I constantly get comments on it.
, -

After much frustration, I was given this website for Tungsten rings. I picked out this one for my husband (our wedding was 6 days away from when I ordered it) I got it in 2 days! That is faster than anyone. Plus this ring is AMAZING. He loves it. Doesn't scratch at all, fits very comfortably and the design where the black is absolutely beautiful. He has already received numerous compliments! We got way more than what we paid for!
, Oklahoma -

This ring is so nice. We had a problem going to all jewlery stores in our area to find something my husband wanted for our wedding and looking at the ring he said thats the one and loves it.
, Frederick MD -

Excellent Quality!
I bought this ring(excellent price!)to replace my husband's almost 13 year old gold wedding band which is totally shot and worn out, so you can imagine our reactions when we opened the nice box it came in and saw this ring! We were both so impressed by the quality! (and how fast it arrived) He really loves the checkered design in the middle. It is a gorgeous ring-very masculine. I hope to find a nice ring to replace my wedding band as well. I will recommend your jewelry to my friends and family. Thank you for a high quality product at a great price!!!
, Vernon. Ct. -

Thank you very much! The ring arrived in a very timely manner and it is even more stunning than the pictures on the internet portray it to be. My fiance' and I just LOVE the ring and it is exactly what he wanted! Again I thank you! :-)
, Gulfport, MS, US -

Stunning Ring
This is a stunning ring. Picture on website does not do it justice. I purchased for my fiancé...he absolutely loves it!!
, Memphis, TN -

The ring was so affordable and was delivered unbelievably quick! I bought it for my husband as a 1st anniversary present and though I haven't given it to him yet, I know he'll love it!
, CT -

We love the ring.
, cypress, tx -

Perfect ring
Perfect!! Nice looking at a great price!
, Florida -

Perfect ring
Loved it and so did he... Thank you!
, Colorado -

What a great ring!
I love its durability! Already banging on it like crazy and still no scratches. Great product... Definitely recommended for those with an active lifestyle!
, Costa Mesa, CA -

Wedding Ring
We got this ring for my fiance because he didn't want a traditional wedding ring. Love it!!!
, West Virginia -

Perfect ring and fast shipping
I got the ring 3 days after purchasing it and it fit perfectly! My husband is in the army and its perfect for him to wear because its so durable and not suppost to scratch. We found the exact same ring in a jewelry store for 3X's as much money!! We are so happy we found it here and are very pleased with what we purchased.
, Northwest Washington -

Stout ring
just as advertised, bumped it a couple of times on steel. does not seem to scratch. Pleased with my purchase. Shipped in two days for free
, Utah -

Titanium Kay = great service, great selection, and great timing. We love our ring. The size was a little off but that didn't matter because we knew we could return it with no hassles and we knew it would be done rather quickly. what we didn't know was how much better the rings actually look in person! My fiance Loves it and is not afraid of getting it scratched at work. He is happy so that makes me happy, and i didn't have to break the bank. Thanks for outstanding service and products!!!
, Kansas -

Awesome Ring
This ring was exactly what my fiance wanted as his wedding band. He'll be able to wear it to work. It looks even better in person than it did on the webpage. This is exactly what we wanted, the set with the 6mm matches perfect.
, Davison, MI -

Love it
I got this ring for my Fiance for Christmas, it will be his wedding band when we get married. He loved it. It shipped fast too, I ordered it on Wednesday afternoon and it arrived Friday. It did scratch, but I called customer service and they didn't ask any questions they just said send it back. A week later I had my new ring. Would buy again from Titanium Kay!!!!
, CA -

Fabulous ring!!
My husband LOVED his ring I gave him for Xmas. Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong size & width. So, I've recently mailed with request to exchange with packing slip. He can't wait to get it!! Thanks for your Excellent products & service!!
, LA -

Beautiful ring, and fantastic value! I put TitaniumKay in my "Favorites" list as I will be shopping here again soon.
, Columbus, OH -

Exceptional beauty and quality
The ring arrived quickly and we love the style and quality! I wil order from Kay's again, no doubts!
, North Carolina -

Better than expected!
My fiance and I got these bands for our wedding. He was very leary about buying them online, but eveything worked out for the best. They fit perfectly and we will be sending them in to be engraved. Thanks!
, Pittsburgh, PA -

This ring is wonderful! I shouldn't use the word beautiful to describe this masculine ring, but it truly is a beautiful piece. This ring is certainly an eye-catcher. The carbon fiber draws people in for a closer look. My husband receives compliments on it constantly. This ring is also a great value! You will not be disappointed in this ring or with Titanium Kay... a Great company, with lightning speed shipping. Thank You!
, San Diego, CA -

By far the best rings out there.I know...I have purchased this ring twice. My original wedding ring actually lies just off the shore of the Caymen Islands where I was snorkeling and decided to remove my fins and the ring went with it. Immediately I purchased a new ring once I was a shore because I was not going to be on my honey moon with no ring. The replacement is a titanium ring that kind of looks like the Bomani Tungsten. I bargain the jeweler to 225.00 and the ring is not even as nice as the this one. I am recommend this web site to all!
, Oviedo, FL -

Perfect Ring
Excellent ring and customer service. The service was amazing, I received the ring in 1.5 days, had my husband try it on, sent it back on a Monday for engraving, and got it back the Friday of that SAME week! I gave it to my husband for our 10 year anniversary...he loves it!
, Fair Oaks, CA -

Awesome Experience
Easy to use site, awesome product, and reasonable prices. Titanium Kay is best place to buy.
, Indianapolis, IN -

The ring exceeded my expectations. It came in nice presentation box. Delivery was fast. Great product and service! Thanks!
, NJ -

Great ring
The ring looks exactly like it did in the pictures. Very nice ring. We had seen the same exact ring in the jewelry store for over 400.00. Great price for a great product.
, PA -

Great Ring
It was exactly what we were wanting and he is very excited to wear it once we get married in a few weeks.
, Austin, TX -

Great Buy
Was very happy with this purchase. The price was great and the actual ring was even better than I imagined. It is also very comfortable to wear.
, Los Angeles, CA -

My husband and I have been married fro 12 years. When we were married he got a gold band and it was fine. Then we met a friend who was recently married and had a tungsten carbide ring, well it was awesome! So for our anniversary I decided to get him one. Well, if you look around they can be very expensive at other on line sites. This ring I found on one site for $399.99 and at Titanium Kay it was $99.99. The service was amazing too, I had messed up his ring size and was able to email them and they straightened out my error , no problem! Best ring, best service, best price we will be coming back for all our jewlery needs! Thank You Titanium Kay!
, Georgia -

Great Product
This ring is sleek and trendy. Doesn't ever scratch and is perfect for men who work with their hands a lot. Shipping was extremely fast as well. Thanks!
, Germany -

it was better than i had expected it to be, absolutely gorgeous my boyfriend loves it
, elma, ny -

Great Ring
I saw the identical ring selling for $250 at a Devon's in the mall.
, California -

Exactly what I was after, perfectly crafted, quality ring. Great price, fast shipping. No hassles or delays whatsoever! Cheers!
, NSW, Australia -

Beautiful ring
Ring was exactly what we wanted!
, Prairie du Sac -

Worth it
I bought this ring for my husband, I was looking for a nice ring that wouldnt break and so far I havent seen anything wrong with this ring. I love it, and so does he!
, Los Angeles, CA -

We had seen this ring in the store but refused to buy at such ridiculous retail mark up prices. We needed the ring in a hurry (bought it 5 days before wedding) and it was here the next day. We paid more for shipping, but still saved a ton of money rather than buying retail. He loves the ring, fits perfect and true to size! Will defintely buy from them again, my husband is a welder and Tungsten is the only jewelry he will wear. Thanks Titanium Kay for the best experience possible!
, Tampa, FL -

The ring was perfect! My finace loves it! It was easy to order and got here sooner than I thought!
, washington dc -

Very Pleased
This is the perfect ring to suit my personality. Great quality and I recieved it extremely fast. I will definitely shop here again.
, Clearwater, FL -

I ordered the ring and it showed up at my door quickly and was EXACTLY as shown in the pictures. I couldn't be happier with the service and quality of product Titanium Kay provides! Thank you!
, Carlsbad, CA -

When shopping for my fiance's ring, I knew exactly what he wanted, but no clue where to find it. His mother told about Titanium Kay because she stumbled across it herself. I was a little wary because the prices were so amazing, but after reading rave review after rave review, I decided to give it a chance. I'm so glad I did. My fiance LOVES his ring, this site had exactly what we were looking for. And, to top it all off, the ring arrived a whopping 4 days after I ordered it. Now THAT'S fast delivery! I will be recommending this site to every person I know that is shopping for men's jewelry!
, Washington -

I loved this ring
I got this for my boyfriend as a promise ring. He loved it and so did I. it's better than the picture and is super cool and nice. It's a heavy ring and seems really nice. He has a carbon fiber hood on his car so it was perfect for him. very personal
, Shepherdsville, KY -

Classic and modern
This ring is perfect. The description I was given by a friend was it is classic and modern. My fiancee put it on and loved it! It is just perfect!
, Nashville, TN -

Wedding Ring
My fiance LOVES his wedding ring. We will be getting married in a few weeks and he can't wait to wear it! This is saying a lot, coming from a man who never wears jewelry. Thanks!
, Milwaukee, WI -

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Incredibly quick shipping~ Will most definetely be doing business with you again.
, Nebraska -

Beautiful ring!!!!
I was very impressed with how quickly the ring got to us and with just how beautiful the ring was. Everyone was commenting on his ring as well as mine. Titanium Kay did a great job I would highly recommend this ring to anyone and this company.
, Nebraska -

What can I say. Ring amazing. Better than the picture really. Nice weight , superb detail. Order done on a sunday afternoon , ring delivered just over a week later. No problems , really informative feedback throughout. Highly recommended for anybody out there looking through the droves of websites on offer. Save yourself the bother and use these people they're great
, Sussex , United Kingdom -

We love it
The ring came within 3 days, fit well, and looks sharp. My husband loves it because it matches the carbon fiber on the hood of his car. :)
, AZ -

Beautiful Ring
The ring arrived really quick, but was way too big. I returned it for a smaller size and had no problems at all. I would definitely buy from this company again. Just a helpful hint-if you have your finger sized at a jewlery store, buy a size smaller than what they tell you.
, Twin Cities, MN, US -

Great Ring
I purchased the ring on Thursday & received it on monday 2 day S&H. My husband is very pleased and so am I. I will for sure purchase a matching bracelet in the near future and maybe even something for myself.. Kuddos to Titanium Kay!
, Miami, FL -

awesome ring
I purchased this band at a well known jewelry store in Roseville Ca. I had to order it because my fiance needed a size 14. Two weeks later they called to tell me it was not available in that size. I got on the internet that night and found your company and the exact same ring in a size 14. I ordered the ring on Thursday evening, asked for overnight shipping, wich was about $35 and it arrived the next day by 4pm. The ring is beautiful and even with the added cost of overnight shipping I saved over $150. This particular ring was so important for me to purchase because my fiance was an Indy car mechanic and Carbon Fiber is what they make Indy cars out of. Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding the most memeorable of occasions. Sue Kimbriel
, colfax ca us -

Great buy!!!
this ring is a great buy for the looks both masculine and upscale...
, Texas, US -

I ordered this ring for my fiance, and originally ordered a size 10. When I got the ring, I had him try it on, and he decided he would like a size 10.5. It was so easy to return the ring and get the next size up! Once I received the 10.5, he tried it on and it was perfect. I sent it back again to be engraved, and I received the finished product about a week and a half after I sent it in. Overall, the entire process only took about a month, even with engraving and changing the size. I would definitely buy from them again, and my fiance loves his ring!
, -

More then i expected
I honestly thought that this ring wasnt going to be as good as the one i saw in a "retail" store, it was the SAME EXACT ring for 200 hundred less! I am so happy with this purchase! I highly recommend it. I will also say i had my doubts, as i always do when i order online.
, western ny -

We really loved the ring. We ordered it in the size that we were told to get from the jeweler but it was a .5 size too big. We exchanged it and I was very impressed to have the new ring in less than 5 days! Very good customer service. Great product.
, MA -

Great ring!
I bought this ring for my fiance to have as his wedding ring and we both love it! The ring arrived in the mail fast. When I brought it home the ring fit a tad too tight so I had to exchange it for a larger size. I was pleasantly surprised how easy and fast I received the new size. I would not hesitate to purchase other things from Titanium Kay!
, Phoenix, AZ -

Very Nice Ring
My fiance and I were very pleased with the ring we received from Titanium Kay. We had found a ring similiar to this in the stores, but it had a diamond chip in it and he did not want the diamond. All of the jewelers we spoke with said it could not be ordered without the diamond. I was very excited when I found the exact ring with just the carbon fiber design. When our order arrived we had to exchanged the size but within a week we had our new ring. I also sent it back to be engraved and they did a beautiful job. It is exactly what he wanted, and I could not be happier with the service.
, Ann Arbor, MI -

Love this ring!
This ring is so masculine, substantial yet (I'm told) very comfortable. He loves it! I have seent he same ring for $465 in retail jewelry stores - what a deal TK is!! Thank you, thank you!
, Oregon -

Awesome ring
I absolutely love this ring for my husband. He needed a few band after hurting his ring finger. We chose this one since it'll last forever as it's so reasonably priced. Originally ordered the wrong size but received, shipped back, and got new ring all within a week and 1/2. Would do business with again!
, Tampa, FL -

NIce quality
I decided to buy online after Zales sneaked me a "lifetime protection" for essentially the same tungsten carbide ring. I was annoyed, so I returned the ring to Zales and bought it here instead. What a good choice that was! The ring from Titianium Kay was nicer, 1/3 of the cost and perfectly sized. I would buy again!
, TX -

No Buyer's Remorse
I am always very hesitant to buy jewelry online, especially a wedding band. But was a little less paranoid after reading the FAQ and their return policy. Hubby wanted tungsten and it is so expensive at any/all jewelry store so I was very happy to have found this website. This ring is even nicer in person... what the picture can't show is that the black part of this ring is "hologram-ish" (if that makes any sense). Fits perfectly! They say the average ship time is 4-7 business days, I think I received it by the 3rd day.
, Denver, CO -

Couldn't be happier
I was amazed that this ring is the same quality as the ones I tried on in my local jewelry stores, and I got it at a fraction of their cost. I love the price, quality, design, and comfort of this ring. Will definitely shop here in the future.
, Osan Ab ROK -

Perfect ring
This ring is great! The carbon fiber looks almost 3D. Both my finance and I love it, especially for the great price!
, Denver, CO -

Couldn't Be More Happy
I am thrilled with this ring and with Titanium Kay. My fiancee can't keep her eyes off of it. The price was unreal, the ring is fantastic, and the shipping was lightning fast. What more can you ask? Thanks, TK!
, Seattle -

Loved the ring
Wonderful ring, my fiance had been taking me to see this ring to every jewelry store he could find it was just to pricey, so i started searching online and found the Titanium Kay website. I was somewhat skeptical about buying the ring online but this ring turned out to be wonderful it's more than what i expected.My fiance loves this ring and is already wearing it and cant get him to take it off.
, Los Angeles, CA, US -

this ring
I absolutely loved this ring. It also got really good reviews from my future husband. The price was perfect! Everything about this ring was perfect! I would recommend it to someone else!
, nebraska, us -

Good Buy
I was very happy with the service I recieved. The ring was delivered very fast. I returned it for a smaller size and I recieved a new one with no hassels and also very fast. I paid a small fee under $2.00 to return it and because I recieved a smaller size my account was credited $5.00. The ring itself is very nice looking and appears to be a solid piece for a great price. It is thick but lightweight just like described. I would recommend Titanium Kay to anyone.
, Wisconsin -

Great Ring Great Fit Fast Shiping!
, Dallas,TX -

beautiful ring
This ring really is beautiful. The only downside is that the carbon fiber scratches a little more easily than I would have thought. After reading the reviews on this site I was a little concerned that they were "too good to be true" and it may end badly, but I am so impressed with the service I got. The sizing was perfect and it arrived 3 days after ordering. Definitely would order from here again!
, St Paul, MN -

Love It!!
Not only do I love the ring, my husband loves it too! Not to mention the fabulous customer service we rec'd!!!
, Clarence Ctr, NY, US -

After 15yrs of marriage,I smashed my wedding ring beyond repair. I saw tungsten for the 1st time in a well known local jewelry store (where our daughter is a jewelry consultant),but the pricing was fairly high (even with discount),also not many selections available. She suggested we look on line for a reputable dealer with a good selection and knows what they are talking about. We found you and the rest is history. Love the ring and its durability as well as a conversation piece. Thankyou,Irv
, Lancaster,Pa -

Great ring
I am very satisfied with this looks great,comfortable too.
, Dallas,Tx -

I ordered this ring and got it in 3 days. The internet picture was an accurate representation which was nice. Excellent look and really comfortable. I freaking love this ring and so does my fiance. This was one of the easiest and smoothest transactions I have ever had on line. I absolutely will recommend Titanium Kay to anyone I know.
, Arvada, CO -

The ring is awesome and came very fast, even with the engraving service! It is good quality!
, Maryland -

Pictures do not do it justice. The ring is heavy and bold and makes an intense statement. My wife and I chose these as wedding bands to go against tradition!
, Brunswick -

Fabulous ring
I love this ring! It is classier than I expected. My finance is also very excited, he loves the way it feels and that it looks like a "man's ring". The first ring I ordered was the wrong color. I had no porblems in exchanging the ring. It was easy. I have told everyone about you!
, Los Angeles CA -

Wow! What A Ring!
Geeze. I don't even know where to start. The ring is amazing. Just like it showed online or maybe even better if you can imagine. We have priced this ring every where as this is the one my soon to be husband wanted for his wedding ring. It's heavy duty but still light weight and very trendy. Most places wanted $250 or more for the ring. One place even had this for $329 and of course no one offers engraving. The transaction was fast and easy. Thanks Titanium Kay for such a wonderful ring! I definately will recommend you to everyone I know and I will think of you for future purchases also.
, Gresham, OR -

My husband loves the ring's style and luster! We are concerned about the sizing as I ordered the ring size that matched his other rings, but it seems snug. We may have to return it for a larger size, but it is a beautiful ring and he is so happy to wear it every day!
, Florida -

This ring is beautiful!! My husband-to-be just loves it!
, Phoenix,AZ -

200% Savings
My daughter bought me a carbon fiber bracelet for my birthday, thought it would be nice to have matching ring. Two jewelry stores carried it at $300 but didnt have it im my size, 11.5. Since tungsten carbide rings can't be sized I couldn't buy just then...of course both jewelry stores were more than willing to special order the ring for me! Enter the internet and Titanium Kay, they had the same ring at $99 with free shipping! No brainer!! Love the ring!!
, Kansas City -

Great Ring!
This ring is way better than I expected. I would not trade it for anything because it is exactly what I wanted and more!!! I saved money and got exactly what I wanted. Nothing is better than that!
, Pineville, Louisiana -

Excellent Ring!
I was very pleased with this ring. It looks very sleek, strong, and stylish and the polished finish looks amazing. My boyfriend builds and modifies cars so the carbon fiber inlay was the selling point and it turned out fantastic. The mailing time was also extremely prompt. I would strongly recommend this ring.
, Los Angeles, CA -

happy customer
Fast shipping, affordable price, love the ring.
, -

A Little Nervous
I ordered this ring as a purity ring for my 13 year old son. He loves it! I was a little nervous ordering online but Titanium Kay provided an excellent service. I received email notifications in regards to my order and recieved the ring very fast. It was too small. We had to exchange it for a larger size and that went very well, also. Linda
, Missouri -

More than he expected
My husband found a ring at the mall almost identical to the one here and the ring at the mall was priced at $350. I cringed because I know what the retail store mark up is. I found this ring and read all the reviews and I thougt I would try it out. My husband LOVES his ring keep showing it off and has no idea I only spent $100.
, Akron, OH -

Beautiful ring
my partner and I are very delighted with our new rings! The quality is better than the picture reveals. All of our friends and co-workers absolutely love the look and we both love the comfort fit design. We couldn't be happier with our purchase!!! Plus the service was excellent, even when we had to exchange one ring for another size. No hassles and very fast response time! We will definitely buy from Titanium Kay in the future!
, Bellevue, WA, US -

Perfect Fit
This was one of the smoothest transactions of my entire wedding planning. The ring was delivered in a timely manner, looks perfect, and my husband was beyond impressed. I will use titnum kay again and recommend it to anyone who ask. Thanks for everything.
, Raleigh NC -

My Husband has recieved so many copliments on this ring! I love it, and I am so glad that we decided on this one!!!
, NorCal, US -

Perfect Ring..Excellent Customer Service!!!
I ordered the ring and got it in like 3 days if that! As soon as I ordered it, I received a confirmation saying it was being shipped. When I got the ring I noticed I ordered the wrong size, so I sent it back for a smaller size. I could not believe that they notified me like the next day and said they were shipping my new size to us. I received it very, very quick! We love the ring and I am very pleased with your company and the product! We will be doing business with you in the future...Always!!!
, Louisiana -

It is a great ring
My ring is great I like it a lot. I liked it so much that I told my friends about it and one of them bought one too.
, Atascadero, CA, US -

Exactly what I was looking for and at a great price! Shipping was fast and the ring was exactly as pictured. My husband loves it. I will definitely use this site again.
, Woodstock, IL -

I would highly recommend this ring! My fiance and I originally ordered a 10. We loved it, but found it was too small on his finger. Returning the ring went very smoothly, and we received a 10.5 in no time! The ring is absolutely gorgeous, and my fiance can not wait to wear it!
, Kenosha, WI, US -

Love the ring
I love the ring. When i saw it i knew it was me.
, Baltimore, MD, US -

Awesome Ring
This is an awesome ring, I love this ring not only is it beautiful but you have saved me a ton of money I will recommend you to everyone I know that is in the market for jewelry, thank you very much. Cullen
, South Bend, IN -

its ok...
I ordered this ring in February for my husband and have had to send it back twice already! It says that it is not supposed to scratch or anything and well... yea right! The carbon fiber in this thing starts falling apart. Hopefully the 3rd one they are sending me does not do the same thing.
, Denver, CO -

Great Fit
Ring fit perfectly. Came to Titanium Kay because local Kay's jewelry store could not get this ring in my size. Thanks!
, Buffalo, NY US -

great ring
Bought ring two weeks ago with three day express shipping and it was right on time. Ring fits great and have gotten many compliments on it. Thanks
, Texas -

Great ring!
High level, great ring and experience. Shipping was quick...ring was great as described, a little big but super easy/fast exchange for new size. Definately recommend, thanks!
, Seattle -

Awesome Ring!
Bought this ring for my fiancé for our June wedding, and he loves it! We were so impressed with the quality of the ring, and how awesome it looked! Also, for this price need I say more you just can't beat this deal!
, Minneapolis, MN, US -

Car-Lover's Dream
I bought this ring for my husband's 30th birthday. Since his wedding ring is the only jewelry he wears, I wanted to give him an option. He originally wanted a black tungston ring for out wedding, but the sales lady scared me by saying if his ring ever got welded to anything, they'd have to cut his finger off! Since he is a mechanical engineer and the chances of that are likely, I told hin no. But after doing some research, I decided to get him one for his birthday. When I saw this one, it had my husband's name written all over it. As a car-lover, he has an obsession with carbon fiber. I ordered it and was surprised at how much better it looked in person than in the picture. At first, he didn't want to take his old ring off and just stacked the two on his ring finger. But after some convencing, he took the original off and loves his new ring...and so do I.
, Washington, DC -

My husband absolutely loves this ring! We had looked at one at a jewelry store, but it was too expensive. I found the exact same think on Titanium Kay, of which I was so excited about! The ring is beautiful and substantial--will hold up during wear and tear!
, Maryville, TN, US -

Beautiful ring!
I couldn't ask for anything better! I had found this ring at a jewelry store and was told that it couldn't be ordered any bigger than a 13. I was really upset. I found it with Titanium Kay at the the size I wanted! And to top it off it was priced a lot lower that I expected. It's a high quality ring and ordering from Titanium Kay was easy and shipping was fast. I even needed to exchange it for another size and I couldn't ask for it to work out any smoother. I definately would order from Titanium Kay again! Thank you!
, Lakeside, CA -

Good Experience
The quality of the ring is amazing and I am very happy. I had to return it a couple of times and it was a very smoothe process.
, CT -

hey seriously, im so glad with the ring, the delivery wasnt as fast as i expected, but because i live in spain, but the ring was omg, more then i expected, better than the picture, and im sure i ll shop more in this company. thanks.
, spain -

Great Value
I had purchased this exact ring at a jewelry store for $349.00 with no warranty prior to ordering it from this site. When this ring came in I compared it to the one I got from the store and I was pleasantly surprised how alike they were and how good of quality the new one is. I took the $349.00 ring back to the jewelry store and I love my new ring and I am excited you offer a warranty with your products I will be a returning customer for sure!
, -

Everything was so perfect
Everything with this company was perfect, the ring, the quality, the customer service. I really can not htink of anything remotely negative to say. I am definetly going to look here and buy again from you all.
, st. louis, mo -

Great Ring
I ordered this ring for my husband and when we receieved it, it wasn't the right size. Since I had purchased the engraving, I recieved a return mail slip, which I used to return the ring for resizing. We got the ring back but they didn't include another return slip, so I called and they sent another one out. While we were waiting, my husband wore the ring to see if it would really scratch. And as I expected from previous comments, the Tungsten did not scratch, but the carbon fiber middle scuffed a little, but not enough to tell, unless you were looking for it. Once we received the return slip, we mailed the ring back for engraving and got it back about a week later. It is beautiful. The engraving came out very nice and the ring is still looking great after a month. The customer service has been awesome, I couldn't ask for more helpful people. I would definatly order again.
, San Antonio, TX -

Awesome Ring
This ring is absolutely beautiful! My wife bought it for me as a Valentine's gift to replace a worn out 16 year old gold wedding band. I could not be happier. Outstanding quality and value! Shipping was super quick. I will recommend Titanium Kay to everyone!
, Preston, CT, US -

Amazing ring!
I was a little worried to order my wedding band online but it turned out to be a great decision. This ring is awesome! The Tungsten Carbides polish is astounding and the the three dimensional looking carbon fiber is a great complement. Super fast shipping and great price on top of it all. Thanks Titanium Kay.
, Cloverdale, CA USA -

Perfect Fit
My fiance and I went to probably 5 different stores and found the "perfect ring". The other stores were charging 3 TIMES the price as Titanium Kay was! We were a little worried about ordering something this important online, but we decided to give it a try! We ordered the ring and within the next week, I received it and he LOVES IT! It is great quality and a fast delivery...what more could you want!!!
, Bay Area -

Awesome Ring!
I bought this wedding band for my husband for valentine's day (b/c we couldnt afford one when we got married) He LOVES this ring! He is always showing it off and it makes me happy that i made such a great choice! Thanks!
, Augusta, GA -

Great Ring
My fiancee told me he was looking for a unique ring and when I saw this one I knew it would be a great fit. I ordered it here for way cheaper than the retail stores and I got FREE SHIPPING! When it came in the mail, I had him try it on really quick to see if it fit and he didn't want to take it off!!! He loved it and I loved it too. Thank you for all the prompt service, I will recommend this ring and website to friends. : )
, Minneapolis, MN -

love it!
had 2 exchange it 4 smaller size, can't wait 2 get it back!
, tx -

Very Impressed
When I opened the box, I knew he would love it! It's as beautiful in person as it is on the website. Very pleased!
, NC -

perfect ring
I ordered this one week before my wedding and got it with time to spare. It fits perfectly and is the envy of all the guys at work. Great ring, great service and really great price. Thanks alot!
, arizona -

Stunning Ring
I got this ring for my boyfriend for Valentines day and he absolutely loved it. He thought I even paid a lot more than I actually did because of the excellent quality. I'd highly recommend this!
, Houston, TX -

Cool Ring
I received my ring a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't be happier with the quality and the looks of the ring. It only took 5 days to deliver to Canada. I was expecting 2 weeks. I've got lots of compliments already and I am looking at yet another Tungsten ring to order from Titanium Kay in the near future. These guys are awesome! Thanks for the wonderful service.
, New Brunswick, Canada -

Great ring!
I ordered this ring for my husband and we LOVE it! It is very well made, and feels nice to wear. I had the wrong size initially and had no problems sending back the first ring in exchange for the one we now have and the service was FANTASTIC!
, Toronto, ON, CA -

love it
My fiance absolutely loves his ring. TK was very helpful with getting me the right size... FAST shipping.
, WA -

Very Nice Ring!
I bought this ring for my husband. Hes into cars and all that so the carbon fiber really fit his style. The ring is a little heavy but he doesnt seem to be bothered by it. Definately worth the money. Very nice quality. We have nothing bad really to say. Thank you!
, Denver, CO, USA -

nice ring
Overall it's an awesome ring at a great price! I had to return it for a smaller size. The return was easy and fast, thank you so much for a great service!!! Will definitely do business again!!
, Manchester,NH -

Ring was delivered before expected time! Shopped all over for this ring and found it the cheapest on this site. More then Happy with this my purchase.. Recommend this site to anyone looking for a Tungsten ring
, NJ -

Amazing ring!
My fiance can't wait to wear this ring once we get married. He loves it, just what we were looking for and very flexible when we needed to change sizes. Thanks!
, Calgary, Alberta -

wonderful ring
i bought the ring for my husband and we both absolutley loved ot. we saw the ring in a local jewelry store for more than double your price. i would recommend you to people and will return to shop.
, memphis,tn -

I received this ring as a gift and I have nothing but amazing things to say about it and the company. I had seen the same ring for over $300.00 at Zales and the one I received from Titanium Kay was MUCH nicer. Originally, my gf had ordered the wrong size and without a problem, TK exchanged the ring and helped in every way possible. I will definitely be a returning customer, as well as referring others. DEFINITELY THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE AND QUALITY PRODUCT!!
, Michigan -

Perfect gift for yourself
I love this ring, its the perfect gift for yourself or someone special. Plus Carbon Fiber is the great gift for anybody who may be into tuning cars, it may remind them of being out in the garage
, Richmond, Va, US -

, TX -

Very Happy
Exactly as promised. Everything went smooth, fast and of course the ring is beautiful. I ordered 1/2 size smaller than my finger measures as suggested, and the ring is a perfect fit. You just gotta luv these guys!
, Florence, Or -

Amazing deal!
I was absolutelty stunned at the listed price for a ring that my fiance wanted. I was planning on paying $400 but found the same ring here for $100. Doubtful and skeptic, I ordered the ring to inspect its quality and see if it was the 'real deal.' The ring arrived in perfect condition within two days! Thank you for saving me $300 Titanium Kay.
, Long Beach -

great deal
We looked at at several rings in stores, before ordering this one through Titanium King. The stores had very little selection of titanium rings, and TK far surpassed them in styles of rings. My fiance liked the carbon fiber look, so I bought this one at about half the cost of those in stores. The ring came in literally 4 days, and we are super pleased with it!
, Minneapolis, MN -

Great Ring
Great quaility, really nice Ring!!! We love it
, -

great buy
we saved $ 200 by purchasing through you. Our ring was shipped very fast and it looks great. thanks
, Texas -

outstanding ring
great detail--admired by everyone who has seen it good quality i will recommend to my friends
, middletown,pa -

Better in person...
After searching for months for the perfect ring, my fiance' and I went into a jewlery store and saw this ring. We decided to look further into the prodcut and as it turns out, this site offered the same ring for half the price. We were skeptical to buy on line at first, but after receiving the ring, we were very impressed. We highly recommend this site for any tungsten product.
, Rockville, MD -

Excellent ring
I returned this ring for a size 10 and it just got here. It is a wonderful ring.
, Madionville, TN, US -

My husband picked this out and loves it and he says it fits well and is very comfortable. it is very shiny, lots of luster and beautiful and he is very happy with it. would recommend this company to anyone
, Indiana -

Excellent Experience
My original ring was great but too small. No problems at all returning it and getting a new one. Good company.
, Washington D.C. -

awesome ring
The ring is even better in person!!!! I absolutely love this ring and for the price it is a really good deal. I strongly recommend this ring, especially if you like carbon fiber
, houston, tx -

Wonderful ring
Just wanted to say thank you for all of the trouble for getting us that ring.Now my fiance will be happy to wear this wonderful wedding ring.Thank you
, Montreal -

The pictures don't do this ring justice. It is awesome!
, Modesto, CA, US -

Awesome product, even better service!
After shopping around on the internet, several local jewelers, and mall jewelers, they all seemed to be overpriced. I decided to give Titanium Kay a try. I was up against a deadline and needed my rings (I ordered two) before New Year's Eve, I opted for Overnight delivery to make sure I received them a few days prior. Even though I ordered 30 min after deadline Titanium Kay still shipped them the same day. The rings arrived the next morning and WOW! The rings look and feel as if they would cost five times more than what I paid. The quality is great, the weight of the Tungsten is solid, it's something I'll wear for many years without having to worry about it showing wear. The sizes however do run about a half size big. When I received the rings I called customer service and advised my situation. They made the exchange seemless and got me replacement rings in time. This company went above & beyond to make me happy. I of course shared my experience with frinds and family. My co-worker was so pleased that she went online a few days later and placed an order as well. This is probably one of the best internet purchase experiences I have had!
, CA -

After buying several rings online that looked similar to this one, I finally found one of high quality! The service was outstanding and I could not be happier with my experience.
, Chicago -

Love the ring!
The ring and engraving are beautiful. The customer service from this Titanium Kay is outstanding. I was kept thoroughly informed of shipping information the entire time. My finance and I were very satisfied with everything. Thanks!
, Elgin, IL -

Incredible Ring
I purchased this ring for my husband of 18 years to repace his original. It was even better looking in person than I expected. He was THRILLED when he saw it on Christmas morning. This ring is not only beautiful, it fit perfectly and he said it was extreamly comfortable. The transaction was very smooth - I would definately order from you again. I am more than pleased.
, Shohola, PA -

Magnificent Ring
The ring arrived with perfect timing for Christmas, sized perfectly and was exactly what I wanted. It was a hit with the recipient and every one that has seen it.
, Florida -

Great Ring
My boyfriend liked it quite a bit. It is of great quality.
, -

Beautiful ring, perfect gift
A friend referred me to Titanium Kay. I was looking for the perfect Christmas gift. I had jewelry in mind, a ring specifically- because my boyfriend recently proposed to me two weeks before Thanksgiving. I found the Tungsten Carbide Carbon Fiber Ring and knew that was it!!! My fianace works in Aviation as an Turbine & Engine Engineer/Mechanic. He also builds race cars, so I knew he would appreciate Tungsten and Carbon Fiber. That's exactly what I wanted, but also wanted it engraved to make it extra special. He loves his ring and its perfect!!!!!! The service from Titanium was excellent. The ring is high quality. The processing of the order was flawless. Keeping in mind for wedding rings :)
, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA -

Bomsni tungsten
Great looking ring. Great Price. Couldn't be more happy with the purchase.

Wonderful Ring
Thank you Titanium Kay. October I got married, but, due to the cost of the wedding, I could not get my husband the ring I really wanted to get him. So I got him a $20.00 Sterling Silver ring. I decided I would go to retail store and get him the ring expensive ring for Christmas. Before I went into the store I did some research on the ring before I bought, well, I stumbled onto Titanium Kay's website and saw the exact ring for a fourth of the cost at the retail establishment, I called to make sure we were comparing apples with apples, the staff was very helpful. I purchased it and I received it within a few days. When my husband opened his present his eyes beamed as he saw his ring, he can't stop looking at it. Thank you Titanium Kay
, Indianapolis -

This ring was excellent, I actually ordered the wrong size and the had a great return time with the new size. Wonderful shine, and wonderful customer service
, Southgate, MI -

Perfect Ring
I was looking for something just a little different in a wedding band. When I came upon Kay I found the ring that was just what I was looking for. Not only did I get quick delivery from Kay, it was the most comfortable fit I've ever had for a ring.
, Grove City, Ohio -

Beautiful Ring
I was a bit uneasy at first about buying a ring that I hadn't seen in person but I am glad I did. I found this exact ring at another jeweler for like 3 times the price. I got the ring in a very timely fashion and was so pleased with it. It suits my husband to be perfectly because he is a custom fab tech for toyota. I would definitely recommend the ring.
, Phoenix, AZ -

Loved the ring!!
This turned out absolutely perfect! I couldn't have asked for better service and fast delivery. The engraving was wonderful as well, very crisp and professional! Thanks again!
, Reno, NV -

The ring is very QUALITY!! It is heavy, shiny, and just what I expected after reading all the great reviews before purchasing. I will do business with this company again.
, Waco, Tx -

tungsten ring
very nice
, battle creek -

Excellent Experience
Excellent craftsmanship and delivery was sooner than expected. Actual ring is better than the picture!
, Washington D.C. -

love this ring
The ring arrived in a fast manner. RIng is super shiny and he loves it!
, Milwaukee, WI -

Love the Ring
Way better than expected, stunning ring. Thanks.
, Princeton, NJ -

This ring is identical to one that we almost paid $300 at a local jeweler! I found this one online and decided to take a chance for the price it was worth the chance!! Oh my goodness, it is amazing how beautiful this ring is! Plus I received it in 2 days. I ordered it online on a Thurs afternoon, free shipping, and I received it on Saturday! I will certainly buy again from T.K.
, Florida -

this is even more stunning in person than in the picture (and the picture isn't shabby). the ring is beautiful, and has a substantial heft to it (although it's not unreasonably heavy). it's better than i hoped, and my husband-to-be loves it. moreover, i ordered the wrong size -- and titanium kay was not only friendly, they were *incredibly* prompt to replace the ring. i feel like i lucked out when i ordered from them -- and i'll definitely recommend them to everyone i know!
, chicago, il -

exceded my expectations!
during the purchase, customer service was very kind and helpful. they said it would take 4 days... i received it in 2! it was already a beautiful ring on the website, but in person, its breathtaking. my guy loves it and said he was speechless. size fit perfectly. thank you so much for the great service and quality! i will definately be purchasing with this company again!
, surprise, arizona -

Great ring
Excellent service! I returned the original ring for a different size and the order was processed immediately. I was also not charged shipping for the new ring even though it was an international order. The biggest delay was with customs all three times crossing the border. So much for NAFTA :). I will recommend Titanium Kay to everyone.
, Ottawa, ON, CA -

Awesome Ring
This is the same ring I have seen in other stores for three times as much. I accidentally ordered the wrong size and Tkay was quick to exchange. Thanks.
, Durand, michigan -

wow what a ring
the ring we recieved from titanium kay is beautiful. the picture on the site didn't do it justice. we found the same ring at a store in atlanta for 3 times as much. thanks
, atlanta -

I have to say, my expectations were not the highest getting a ring over the internet. However, the quality of the website really gave me comfort in the purchase. I received the rings and was amazed at how cool they were. Many people have commented (postively). Thanks for the speedy delivery and quality rings.
, San Diego, CA -

Great all around! The ring arrived in the mail, faster than I could have dreamed!! Plus it fit him perfectly. I absolutely could not have been happier with the all around quailty of this company!
, IA -

awesome ring!!!
This ring is awesome! I saw it at the store for $300 and looked online and found it here for much cheaper. The ring is perfect and looks amazing! The carbon fiber makes the ring look 3-D and the tungsten is very nice. The shipping was very fast and I would definitely buy again from Titanium Kay! I also got it laser engraved, which turned out better than expected!
, Athens, GA -

Excellent deal
The ring that I got from Titanium Kay for my wedding was awesome. It was exactly as described and fit like a charm! The shipping was so fast I coulnd't believe that it was already at my doorstep when it arrived. Thanks Titanium Kay for a wonderful ring!
, Greensboro, NC -

Great ring!! My boyfriend really liked the carbon fiber in the middle. He loves the ring and showed his friends how cool it was.
, Houston -

Beautiful Rings
My fiance and I each bought a ring from here and they are beautiful! We have been getting a lot of compliments on them. We were also very happy with the customer service and the shipping times. We will definately buy rings from here again!
, Edmonton,AB,Canada -

Very original
i bought this ring for my bestfriend's bday and he loved it, he wears it everyday because it is so versatile and very fashionable. the ring looks way cooler in person, because it has this 3D effect to it, and the color of this metal really suits a male perfectly, dont worry who ever you get this for will love it!
, New York -

Everyone I have showed this ring to absolutely loves it! I also haven't seen anyone else with one like it. I love how unique it is.
, Olathe,KS -

Beautiful ring!
I recently purchased this ring for my new husband & he loves it! It arrived in only 1 day & fits & looks perfect. I like it so much I want one for myself! Thanks for getting us his ring so quickly & we are so happy with how it looks!
, Orangevale, CA -

Gorgeous, strong, elegant
I love this ring, it came promptly and fits wonderful, a high quality product.
, Carlsbad, CA -

Beautiful Ring
The craftsmanship of this ring was outstanding. My husband loved the ring!
, Indianapolis, IN -

very nice ring. very fast delivery!
, -

Spectacular Buy
I had ordered this ring from another company 20 weeks before my wedding. They promised it would be in by 12 weeks. One week before my wedding day, the ring still hadn't arrived, and it had been 19 weeks!!! I was stressed out of my mind! So I decided to order this ring from Titanium Kay. It was here one day later!!! And I even liked this ring more! Plus, it was two hundered dollars cheaper! You guys are the best!!! If only I could have found you first, then I wouldn't have had to stress out one bit! Thank you guys so much! (By the way, my husband LOVES his ring!)
, Las Vegas, NV -

My husband loves his ring. We were a little skeptical on buying a wedding ring on line, but when we got the ring in the mail we were amazed. It is great quality!
, Knoxville, TN -

I followed the comfort fit guidelines and ordered a 1/2 size smaller than my finger size and it fits PERFECTLY. Great price too-- I found the same ring in a jewelery store in the mall for about 1 1/2 times the price. Awesome looking ring. Great fit. Great price. I love it.
, Atlanta, GA, US -

good ring
The ring is really nice, but when i returned it for a different size I received the same size. When i returned it again it took a while to get it back, so I had to pay for shipping two times.
, -

All I Wanted & More
I got this ring as a going away gift for my boyfriend. He's going to be heading off to basic training for the Marines here soon, so I wanted to get him something small to keep with him. I stumbled across TitaniumKay on google and I gotta say, I'm so glad I did. The ring came in the mail in 3 days and I couldn't wait to open it. The ring looks even better than in the picture! The carbon fiber looks awesome and the Tungsten really catches your eye. My boyfriend said it's the sweetest ring he's ever seen and I caught him showing it off to all his friends that same night =) I'm going to be sending it back soon to get it engraved! I love it! Don't think twice about this ring, TitaniumKay has the best prices for the best rings!
, Phoenix, AZ -

not impressed
The ring i purchased within 2 days it had scratches on it. I returned it, and the second one also had scratches on it within days. They also adverties on there web site Tungsten Carbide written inside, This is not so. Both my rings said tungsten nohe?I will not do buisness with them in the future. Not satisfied
, ca -

Awesome ring, great company, great service speedy delivery!! I received my ring in just 3 days. Returned it for a size bigger and received it back just as fast! I would recommend Titanium Kay.
, Peoria Heights, Il. -

Da BomB
Coming in straight from Hawaii!!!! My tungsten ring came out PERFECT!!!! Plus, the shipping was FREE!!!! Man you gotta love these guys...Titanium Kay is Da Bomb!!!! I would refer everyone to this website. I'm probably going to put in another order!!!! Latez
, Honolulu, Hawaii -

Awesome ring!
My soon-to-be works in construction so we knew from the onset we needed his ring to be tough. We also knew we needed it to be inexpensive. I wanted to personalize it, and so many places - even the expensive ones - said is was not an option with anything other than gold. Titanium Kay not only does that, but for a very reasonable price! When he found this ring, that was all he could talk about. His new favorite joke is that since it's made from tungsten and carbon fiber you could shoot him and stab him and his ring would still be unscathed. One of the best parts about the ring, for me anyway, is the excellent communication from TK and the ease of exchanges (his fingers are smaller than we thought). I highly recommend TK and this gorgeous ring!
, Indianapolis, IN -

Awesome Ring
Beautiful carbon fiber pattern and in light looks almost like an optical allusion. Fit perfectly and was extremely smooth.
, -

Carbon Fiber Ring
This product is great! I have received nothing but great customer service from Titanium Kay. The speed of delivery is unquestionable! I would recommend TK to anyone that asks about jewelry. Thanks, Kayvon
, Foothill Ranch, CA, USA -

This ring was so beautiful! I absolutely love it! :) Love the Carbon Fiber on the inside. It's exquisite!
, Fresno, Ca -

He Loves It!
I bought this as a wedding ring for my boyfriend. We looked at several items, all online, and this one fit the bill visually. When we received it, we were both impressed and he has said it is surprisingly comfortable to wear and he likes the depth and textured look of the carbon fiber. I had it mailed to my work and let the guys at my work take a look at it and they were wowed as well.
, Los Angeles, CA, US -

Bitchen Ring
Looked better then the picture And it came quickly. Love to look and wear it.
, algona wa -

Beautiful Ring
We absolutely love the ring. I bought it for my fiance. He is a welder and fisherman so this ring is durable and my fiance loves the carbon fiber in the center as this is the same material used in his fishing rods! Great, timely service by Titanium Kay. I would definitely purchase from Titanium Kay again.
, Florida -

Fantastic Service
The ring is beautiful! We love it. Even more we love the service at Titanium Kay. The ring we ordered was too big so we had to exchange it. We had it sent back in, and returned to us in only a week! I was nervouse about ordering online but we are very satisfied! Thank you so much!
, Phoenix, AZ -

Great ring
Very fast shipping, in just one week the ring was at my doorstep and if you look at the fact that I live overseas, that is one super fast shipping. I love the ring very much, since it is massive, beautifuly designed and it is one of a kind. I am definitely 100% satisfied with this purchase and outstanding relation with the seller. I will definitely recommend your store to my friends, family and people I know.
, Zagreb, CROATIA -

Amazing service
I placed my order on a Friday afternoon and was amazed to find the ring already in my mailbox on Monday!!! I couldn't believe it! The ring was so nice I couldn't wait for our anniversary to give it to my husband so he got it two weeks early. I would definitely shop with Titanium Kay again and am recommending them to all my friends!
, Knoxville, TN -

The ring looks great and feels massive! Extremely happy with the quality. I ordered the wrong size and returned it for an exchange. The new ring was quickly sent with no questions asked.
, Hurst, texas -

Amazing service
Wow, I am truly amazing by the outstanding service and follow-up of your company. I received your website as a referral and have since referred 2 other customers to you. My uncle is even a jeweler..
, Boise -

I love the ring and so does my fiance. He wears it already even though we're not married yet. Very fast delivery!!! The only thing I don't like is that you can scratch the ring in the middle part. Other than that I'm very satisfied!
, Blakely, Ga -

Awesome ring
Really happy with the ring commfortable fit and nice finish.Qwik shipping and great price made this ring a real value.
, Harrisonburg,Va,US -

Awesome ring!
This is a great ring. Very unique but still maintains a somewhat traditional look. I won't start wearing it until next week but my only concern is if the carbon fiber resin will scuff and scratch over time. I am very pleased with Titanium Kay. In fact I recomended it to a friend who needed a replacement band and he is very pleased with them also. I had to return one ring due to size and style and bought this one, and the refund on my return was less than one week. A++++
, Western KY -

Just as it says
Just as everyone says, this ring is what you expect in every way! It is comfortable, beautiful, cheap and arrived quickly!
, Iowa US -

Very beautiful ring
First time for me ordering jewlrey on the internet..I was a little hesitant. It was easy and I got the ring in 2 days! I wasn't expecting it to look as nice as the picture. Very impressive! Gave it to my husband for our 17th year wedding anniversary! He loves it!! Thanks so much. I will definitely recommend you to friends!
, Redwood City, Ca. USA -

bomani tungsten carbide carbon fiber ring
It was really hard for me to find a ring that my Boyfriend liked. Until i found this site. Thankfully it had rings that my boyfriend would like. Carbon fiber is he favorite. He really likes the ring.he wont take it off for no one. so i really like it alot.
, Alameda, California, US -

More than I imagined. We saw this ring in every jewelry store and it was priced in the hundreds. After seeing this site months ago, I thought I should see if you had the same ring and you did for a great price and it looks brilliant. This ring was for my fiancés wedding band but I ended up ordering a different set of matching bands. So this is now his engagement ring. It was at my door within four days. This company is amazing.
, La Crosse -

Gorgeous ring
Amazingly fast service and super easy to order. Ring is gorgeous and will make a great and durable wedding ring for my tractor trailor driving future husband.
, Bethlehem, Pa, US -

My wife ordered this ring for me off of the Titanium Kay website. This is my wedding band. I am in the military and she thought it would be the best fit. Never scratches and is shinny and just wonderful. I am pretty hard on my jewelry and this is amazing how it holds up. She was of course right. It was amazing when she gave me the ring one night after dinner. She is pretty amazing and I love her. Thank you Titanium Kay.
, South Korea -

The ring made it to our house much sooner than expected. I used the FedEx delivery and it was here in around 24 hours. It looked even better in person!
, -

Great Ring
My fiance and I received this ring in awesome condition within a week. He loves the band and it looks great. We will definitely return to this website!
, Kentucky -

My fiance loves this ring, it is manly, and unique for a wedding band. He wanted to start wearing right away, before we were even married!
, Toronto -

Great Ring
We ordered on line and it was a perfect fit and came fast. You always get scared ordering a wedding band on line but Titanium Kay is the way to go we will defnitely order more from here. You cant beat free shipping either !! 5 stars for us
, Atlanta GA -

Loved it!!!
We loved the ring!!! My husband is so pleased with it!! We have gotten so many compliments on his ring. We will definitely recommend your website to everyone!!!
, Lenoir, NC -

Amazing product, awesome service
I had been looking at this ring in the jewelry stores and it was going for $300+ Imagine my suprise when I found this site and the $99 price tag. I ordered the ring and it showed up only a few days later. I even had to return it and get a smaller size and had absolutely no problems
, Indianapolis -

Awesome Ring!
My fiancee and I saw this ring in stores for $300 or more. After doing some research, we decided to order from Titanium Kay. I couldn't be happier with this as my wedding band! It's heavy, well-made, and looks every bit as great as the rings selling in stores for 3 to 4 times as much.
, Grove City, OH -

The ring is so nice!
, Grand Rapids, MI -

Just Right!
We just got the ring, and it's exactly what he wanted!! He saw this ring in a store for over $300 and really liked it, and when I found the seemingly exact one at Titanium Kay for $99 we were a bit skeptical, but were delightfully surprised with the actual product! Great find!
, Salem, OR -

My husband and I had a courthouse ceremony 10 months before our formal wedding. I bought him this ring as a surprise for our formal ceremony. He absolutely ADORES it! He had seen a simelar ring from a different vendor that was over $1000 more. This ring looks better and I received it quicker than I would have from the other place. He couldn't wait to show off his new ring when he went back to work.
, Southern California -

Awesome Ring
This Ring is awesome looks great and i couldnt ask for more. This was my engagment ring
, Adams Ma -

Great Product and Company
I don't know what to say other then this transaction was amazing. The ring came in about 4 days and it looked great. I ordered the wrong size, so I had to send it back. You can't ask for better support I had a new ring in about a 10 days. I will recommend this site to anyone.
, Gardnerville, NV, US -

titanium kay is the bomb! this ring looked so much better in person than in the picture. its beautiful and so unique because its carbon fiber. the free shipping is also wonderful because i ordered this for my boyfriend for our one year annerversary , but i ordered it 4 day before and expected it to be a late present since we live on hawaii and everything takes so long to get here but it came one day before!!! it worked out so perfectly i will definetly order from titanium kay soon!!
, hawaii -

Great Buy!
Recently my fiance and I went to a jeweler to pick out his wedding band. They wanted 300 dollars for this ring. I found this site and it was only 99 dollars and free shipping! It shipped fast and was a perfect fit! My fiance loves it and I love that we didn't have to go overboard in paying for his wedding band!
, Centerville, OH -

My wedding ring
The ring came very quickly and it looks great. Haven't had a chance to wear it because the wedding isn't until september 27th.
, Woodinville, wa, us -

Great ring!!
I would just like to say me and mu Husband love the ring, the value of the ring looks GREAT!!! We were nervous at first to purchase and expect something different than what was shown online, but everything turned out GREAT!! We love the ring and is very stylish...Ane the delivery was very fast then we expected!!! Thanks for the great service!!!
, Windsor, CT -

Ring for life
Definitely a ring to wear for all the days of our lives.
, Montana -

The ring shipped very fast, I had it within two days of ordering! The ring was very nice but it had a few hairline scratches on the inside of the ring, but nothing noticeable if you didn't look for it. Overall, a very nice ring!
, Omaha, NE -

Wonderful Ring and Service
The ring is extremly well made and very manly not just the typical traditional wedding band. We have had so many compliments on the ring and not mention the company has terrific customer service. The first ring came within 2 days after ordering and was to large so we shipped it back and had the new ring back to us within a few days after they received the return. I also called to tell them I was shipping back they were couteuos and more then willing to help me..... I would reccommend this Titanium Kay anytime
, Northern California -

Fantastic Service
First of, the ring far exceeded my expectations when I recieved it. It is great quality and my fiance absolutely loved it. Secondly, we had to exchange the ring for a 1/2 size larger and the exchange process was extremely quick and easy. We will definitely buy from Titanium Kay again.
, Lafayette, CO, US -

Better than the stores
I am getting Married in 4 weeks and I did not have 6 to 8 weeks to wait for the store to find the ring for me. It took 6 to 8 minutes to complete the order with Titamium Kay and had the SAME RING in a week. I will be back for all my orders.
, Memphis TN -

I purchased this band for its simplicity. I don't usually wear jewelry and didn't want anything too flashy. Although I expected a bare bones ring I was very suprised to see that this simple ring was actually very nice looking in person, and everyone that has seen it loved it. For the price I couldn't have made a better choice.
, Fairmont, WV, US -

Great Value!
I am very happy with my experience with Titanium Kay! The ring is awesome. Looks great, fits and feels great on my finger. The Site was easy to shop and look at the many choices. I would definitely recommend and use TK again! Thanks!
, Omaha NE -

Great Ring
This ring is great it looks really good and is not overpriced. After looking at many other places this was the best buy for sure. The size runs a little big, but the customer service was excellent. We had to send the ring back to get a smaller size. Sent the ring out Friday afternoon and got the new one on Tuesday. The people were always nice, helpful, and quick to respond.
, Indiana -

No need to look further...
I looked everywhere and was extremely pleased that I made the right decision. Titanium Kay was fast to deliver, quality is superb and my husband gets compliments on this ring daily. I even had to return it back to them to get a size smaller and the service was great. (no questions asked, hassel free) You could spend a few days checking out the difference on other sites and looking in stores (like I did) but save time and just get it from Titanium Kay. Price and quality hard to beat and what drew me to the final conclusion is every review was positive.
, Allen, TX -

100% Impressed.
This ring is fantastic. The carbon fiber inlay work is top quality. The epoxy is perfectly flush with the top of the ring. Very nice work. As an Engineer and race car team owner I work with my hands a lot, and the scratch resistence is a must have feature. It is also safer because it will shatter before it crushes and deformes on your finger like gold rings do. I was looking at wedding bands in the $1100 range, and this one is more impressive to me than those. Plus it was only $129 delivered. The sales guy answered all of my email questions very promptly. When I ordered it, it was 4 days to my door. I ordered 1/2 size smaller than my fitted size. This ring is comfort fit, so if you get measured at a store, definitely order smaller. I was measured at a 10, and ordered 9.5. The ring fit PERFECTLY and is very comfortable. I would like to see some more nice carbon products offered, I wasn't too impressed with the style of the rest of the other product lines.
, Toronto -

Gorgeous Ring
This ring is stunning, my husband loves his wedding band. I mailed it back to exchange sizes and the transaction was simple and went smoothly. I will recommend Titanium Kay to all my friends and family. Thank you
, Orange County, CA -

awsome ring
this ring is awsome almost paid 3 times as much for exact same ring at chain jewelry store
, wayne, mi -

Perfect Ring
This ring is awesome! My boyfriend LOVES it, it is a perfect fit, & the customer service is outstanding!
, Camarillo, CA -

This ring looks so much better in person than the picture! It only took 5 days to get it! My fiance picked it out, and we both love the modern look of it. We definitely recommend this product.
, Olathe, KS -

Tungsten Ring
Greata customer service, exactly what we wanted.
, Idaho -

My fiance absolutly loves his ring! It is just what we saw in zales same quality a lot less money though. We are very happy with it! It arrived it 2 days!
, Colorado -

Great ring
Attractive, very comfortable, and seemingly quite durable. I recommend it.
, TX, USA -

Great find!
My fiance and I are getting married July 19, 2008 and I was really hung up on finding him the perfect ring. We had looked at traditional jewerly stores and we found this exact ring for $700 and up. I started searching online and found the same ring for so much less money. The ring came FAST ~3 days after I placed my order. He was so happy he had to sneak a peek, and he loves it too! ~Thanks Titanium Kay!
, Houston, TX -

this is probably the most attractive ring I've seen-it gets many compliments!
, NY -

Amazing Company
I can't say enough about this company! I ordered the ring, received it very quickly, had to return it for a larger size and got updates all along the way! AMAZING, amazing company!
, Reno, NV -

EXACTLY what my fiance wanted!
I was a bit skeptical of the quality at first for not buying directly from a jewler, but the ring came in SO QUICKLY! (4 DAYS!) AND it was EXACTLY what was marketed. My Fiancee can't wait to get his "ring" when we get married. He likes it so much he took pictures of it and showed his friends. Thank you!
, Fairfax, VA -

Love the ring!
I purchased this ring for my fiance as his wedding ring. We ordered a size too big the first time, but it was promptly exchanged for us without issue. My fiance loves the ring....and he is VERY picky! Also, we saw the same ring in a local jewelry store for 2 and a half times more money! I am Very satisfied with Titanium Kay and will be back for more jewelry!
, Altamonte Springs, FL -

as good as jewelry stores
My husband and I originally saw this ring in a jewelry store for about $500. He loved the ring but not the price tag. We found the same exact ring on Titanium Kay and we ordered. The quality is exactly the same but for much less price. We will come back to Titanium Kay for future purchases.
, North Beach, MD, USA -

Better than expected
I've been looking for a replacement for my mishapen 18k white gold wedding band that I had made while stationed in Saudi Arabia. I was actually contemplating titantium, but when I saw this ring on TK, I was drawn to it. I researched Tungsten Carbide rings and the pros vs. other metals was the deciding factor in my choice of materials. The carbon fiber has a 3D effect and the polished tungsten really refects the light nicely. The pictures provided doesn't do this ring justice. However, while the tungsten carbide part of the ring doesn't scratch, whatever material they use to seal the carbon fiber does (you really have to look to find it). To be fair, not a big scratch, but one nonetheless. So if you are looking for a truly scrach proof ring, go with one of the solid tunsten rings w/o the inlays. All in all a great ring at a great price with great customer service.
, Fairfield, CA -

Beautiful ring
This ring is beautiful. It is so polished and unique. My husband wears it to the gym and you would never know, it's pretty tough. The service was amazing too, we ordered mid afternoon and had the ring the next day!
, San Diego -

My fiance tried this ring on at a major Jeweler and loved it, but not the $450 price tag. When we found it here, we ordered immediately. I have to say the customer service is fantastic. We had to exchange the ring for a smaller size and the transaction was quick and simple. Thanks so much! The Robinsons
, Portland, OR -

best ring i have found i found the same type of ring at zales and it was $350. this is perfect
, MI -

Loved the Ring
Great Ring! I think its very manly and I love the durability of the Tungsten. My fiance is really going to love wearing it and not have to worry about scratching or damaging the ring when he works. Thanks for a great product!
, -

At first my husband wanted a black titanium ring so when I stumbled upon your site I thought I had hit a gold mine. As I looked through the site I found this one and fell in love. Because my husband and I have similar tastes, he loved it too! Thank you so much for having the ring of our dreams (even though we didn't know it until we saw it) @ a price that I (a poor nursing student) can afford!
, Toledo, Ohio -

Excellent Service
Very fast shipping, also quick response to an emailed question, and an awesome ring. I could not be more pleased. Thank you!!
, Fond du Lac, WI, US -

Wonderful ring
I was extremely happy with the service I experienced when ordering my fiance's ring. I received my order quickly and in good condition. The ring looked just as it did online and I was very pleased with my purchase. My fiance is happy and excited to get to wear it!
, Fort McMurray, AB, CA -

I saw the ring on the webpage and instantly knew it was perfect for my boyfriend. I bought it for our one year. It is unique, unlike anything I found when I looked in the stores. It was imaculate, not a scratch on it, he's had it for almost a month and it's still in mint condition. He was even excited about the box it came in. I would definitely recommend this site and especially this ring!! thank you!!!
, -

fits perfect
i ordered the ring and it got here in about two days, which was way faster than i expected, i opened the box and put it on and it fit perfect. Everyone saw the carbon fiber and likes it alot, thank you
, Moreno Valley, CA -

The ring is beautiful. My fiance fell in love with this ring at Kay Jewelry retail store. It was $300 in store. We located this ring while shopping for our attendant gifts... It is great for a fraction of the cost! THANKS!
, San Antonio, TX -

Perfect fit
I have to say that when my fiance and I were looking at rings for him, he found this ring and knew it was the one. We were researching values and the jewlery stores were wanting $300+ for the ring and we would have had to wait a few weeks to receive their ring. Upon seeing this website, we purchased the ring and the service has been wonderful! On Memorial Day weekend, I accidently put in the wrong size and they changed it immediately. The return policy is very simple and they alert you when they receive it back and when they mail it out again. The service with this company is wonderful and my fiance and I look forward to using them in the future for gifts. Thank you for a perfect experience in ring buying!
, Indianapolis, IN -

Beautiful Ring
I bought the ring for my husband, and he loved the ring not to mention all the complaments that he gets from others that he receives every day. The ring is very beautiful and I recommend it to anyone looking for that right ring
, Arlington, Tx -

Awesome Ring
My wife bought me this ring for a new wedding band. The compliments are just rolling in....Real stunning ring! Great service from T-Kay, only waited 5 days for an overseas order.
, Pretoria, South Africa -

good company
My husband loves the ring especially the laser engraving, the ring looks great. Had to send the rings back twice to get the right size, third time was the charm. Great service.
, Chicago -

TK was great at sending back a different sized rings 3 times, very quick! I love the ring, it looks great and is much less expensive than local jewelers.
, La Marque, TX -

Fantastic Ring
This ring was perfect. After seeing a similar ring in the jewelry store for $560, I found this ring at T-Kay. I called into ask a few questions before purchasing. The staff was GREAT they answered all of my questions I received the ring in 3 days & it was GORGEOUS! Thanks for the great service & great value T-Kay
, Norman, OK -

Great Buy
Everywhere I went had this ring for 300+ dollars and since my ring size is 14 they said it would take a month to special order before my wedding. I ordered This ring for 200 dollars less than any body had it plus it came in 3 days.......not 30. fast shipping great qaulity and a third of the price i think i found my new jewelry store, i have telling everybody i know that is looking.
, Arkansas -

Lives Up to Customer Reviews
This ring is just like everyone has written...the carbon fiber has a 3-D look to it, sizing runs a half size smaller than normal, and shipping is super fast. I had to return the first ring I bought for a smaller size, and the return process was easy. Beautiful ring and wonderful service.
, Southern California -

My fiance is very excited about the ring due to its sturdiness (he handles car parts all day long) and the fact is has carbon fiber in it (which is apparently the material Ferraris are made of).
, Kansas City, MO -

The first ring we received was the wrong size 5 instead of a 10. Panic set in due to the fact that we were leaving for our wedding the day after tomorrow and we didn't have the groom's ring. So after a bit of frustrating attempts at a resolution, Mark the CS Supervisor, advised me that he would send the correct size ring overnite and it would be there by 5pm tomorrow. At that point I calmed down a bit and agreed to send the size 5 ring back as I receive the size 10. I had a quick realization that I was putting blind faith in this man whom I no nothing about other than he ALMOST sent me packing with a "Sorry you order size 5 we send you size 5." After I recieved an email confirmation, I felt somewhat better but still uncertain I wouldn't have to buy a ring on the way to the wedding. By 1pm, next day, the ring was at my doorstep. Not sure how it got done but we were relieved and our wedding had one less stress to worry about. The ring was perfect, exactly as it was pictured. And we had a beautiful sunset wedding on our boat in the Keys. The customer service we received was what will make us come back as well as send our friends to you. Thank you for working with us. We look forwrd to future interaction. -Hope and Jonathan
, Florida -

Outstanding Purchase!
1st. things 1st. The picture does not do justice for this ring, the beauty and depth of the carbon fiber is truly awsome. The ring is extreamly comfortable, and live's up to the claim that it does not scratch. Very masculine looking, I paired this ring up with a carbon fiber Lumi Nox watch and the combo it very eye striking. I have not taken it off scine I recived it from T.Kay, (even while digging in rock to build a new boat dock, never scratched) I couln't be more pleased with a product, than I am with this ring.
, St. Louis MO. -

Perfect Ring
My fiancee and I got this ring because we like the carbon fiber in the center. As we both ride motorcycles, we wanted rings for our upcoming wedding that were durable and easy to fit over our gloves. We went on a ride wearing the rings and found that they work very well with the style riding gloves we wear and they don't pinch or add weight to the throttle like some others do. We both recomend these rings for anyone that rides. Some of our friends even want one just for their styling and look.
, Phoenix -

loved it!!
The ring is even more fabulous in person. My fiance is going to love it. It is true to size and I received it shortly after ordering it. Very impressed!
, Montgomery, Al -

Great Ring
I found out that my boyfriend was looking at carbon fiber rings that a guy was making on one of his many forums that he is I contacted that guy and asked him to tell my boyfriend he was no longer making them (and he did). So when I showed up with this ring, my boyfriend was completely shocked and was stoked to finally have one. I did my research and found that many others are very expensive so when I came across Titanium Kays ring I bought it without even thinking. My boyfriend liked it so much he got me the same ring only in silver. We are very both happy with the rings. Thanks!
, Lawrenceville, GA -

Very cool ring
My fiance is thrilled with it. It's masculine and elegant. Great service, too. Thank you!
, Sacramento, CA -

awsome ring
Love the ring, looks better than the picture, friend had one and had to have it, paid $50 less. will not scratch, looks like it came out of the box 2 weeks later. just plain kool!!
, Maryland -

Even better than pictured
This ring looks nice in the picture but you really have to see it in person to appreciate how it looks. It is truly different than any other ring we've seen. The fit was perfect. We ordered it on Monday and received it on Thursday. Price is very reasonable for such a unique piece of jewelry. We are very happy with our purchase and with the service.
, Fort Lauderdale, FL -

This is a great ring it looked so much better when you really get to see it the picture does nothing for it. I got it for my boyfriend for our one year he loved it :) It look about a week to get here but I do live in alaska. but great ring! if I ever need a new one I will come here first!!
, Anchorage, AK -

Good deal
I WAS so excited about the ring. We saved $180 by buying through you guys. Thanks. The ring is very nice
, Colorado -

Great Ring
I recently bought this one for my wedding band. I had seen it elsewhere for $300. I got the best price, and on top of that the shipping was great! I ordered it just before the weekend, and even with the weekend, it arrived in only 4 days. A GREAT gift idea!
, Ft. Worth, TX -

Great Ring!
After 3 years of searching for my wedding band I decided to get tungsten with an inlay. I shopped around for a good year before deciding on a style. Then I found this one and fell in love. Retailer prices were just out of my range and sometimes outrageous. However, when I saw this on Titanium Kay and read the reviews, I just had to purchase and witness for myself. Shipping was fast and the ring was just as I pictured it, awesome! However I did order the wrong size but the replaced it promptly. Thanks.
, Orange County, CA -

Awesome ring!
I bought my husband this new ring as an anniversary present since the one he has is all messed from the Marine Corp and he loves it. It is such an awesome ring for the price!!!
, Oahu -

great buy!
i had to send back my hubsbands ring 2 times because it wasnt the right size.titanium kay was very understanding and helpful.this was also a ver good buy!$100 bucks!!!! thank you!!!
, mesa,az -

Amazing Price
We actually bought this exact same ring from Zales for $287, the next day, my sister asked my to email her a picture of the ring, couldn't find it on Zale's website, so I did an internet search and found it on here for only $99! I was shocked! I then went to other internet site rating pages, I found that every one that had bought from Titanium Kay had positive feedback. So, I returned the ring, ordered it online here, then got it in about 3 days. It is the exact same ring. All our friends that see it love it! I am so happy that I found Titanium Kay!
, Salt Lake City, UT -

Fantastic Ring!
We received the ring not even a week after ordering. It is even better than we had imagined it to be! My soon to be hubby loves it!
, Jackson, Michigan -

You'll LOVE it...
You're going to love this ring. I almost paid 3x as much from a local jeweler, but luckily they didn't have my size. I was set on getting this ring so I went online to find it. I'm so glad that I found TKay's site. Not only was it 1/3 the cost, it was also shipped for free and I received it in a just couple of days. The craftsmanship, quality, shine, and comfort are second to none. You have to see this ring in person to appreciate its full beauty. If you're even considering buying this ring, don't even bother looking elsewhere... you won't find it cheaper, and the customer service at TKay is top knotch. Thnak you... I absolutely LOVE it; and I'm almost certain that you will too.
, Sunnyvale, CA -

Total Eye Catcher
Everyone loved this ring at our wedding! My husband has gotten so many wonderful comments. The ring looks very masculine and was a perfect fit!
, Key Largo, FL -

Fast Shipping, beautiful ring!
I paid for the overnight delivery and the ring came less than 24 hours later!! It fit perfectly, looks amazing and my fiance is thrilled :) Even with the extra shipping, it was still cheaper than anywhere I could find in Calgary - AND I didn't have to wait 6 weeks for the right size! Thank yoU!
, Calgary, AB, Canada -

Token of love
My partner adores the ring I gave him. it is extremely unique and very durable. He has not taken it off since I gave it to him a month ago, he said he forgets he is wearing it because it is so comfortable.
, Phoenix, AZ -

Loved it! Beautiful ring!
We were very happy with the prompt service, quick delivery and quick exchange for a different size. Absolutely love the ring.
, Australia -

Looking hot!
My husband didn't really want to wear a ring and then we found this one. He loves it. I love it and I think it makes him look even hotter when he wears it!
, Indiana -

I never take the time to write reviews, this company really made me take notice. I am on my third ring (not quality reasons) Titanium Kay has by far the best service of any company I have delt with. The rings are awesome too, I started really fancy and Im not a fancy guy, I ended up with a plain domed band but it is so nice looking and nice to wear. Anyway kudos to everyone in your customer service department I am impressed.

Wonderful ring
This is a great ring for any person that love Carbon Fiber!!!
, San Diego -

Very Happy
I had ordered these rings on a Friday and I was shocked that they were in my mail box on Monday. I had read other reviews and knew I would get the rings pretty fast, but I did not however, think I would get them over one weekend. My future husband and I really like these rings. We both got the same style and we can not wait to wear them for the rest of our lives.
, Denver, CO -

Awesome ring
We purchased this ring a month ago and its perfect! The picture does not describe it. It definetly fits my fiances' personality.
, Paw Paw MI -

Love the ring!
I bought this ring recently as my wedding band and absolutely love it. The carbon fiber is almost 3-D looking... very cool. I ended up buying several sizes and returning all but one... they were totally okay with that.
, Los Angeles, CA -

very cool and differnet ring! i almost bought the same exact ring at the local Zales for $300. purchased this one for $99 and recieved it in the mail within 1 week. great buy and easy people to deal with. thanks for everything.
, orlando -

Beautiful Ring/ Great Price
Love this ring! Bought it for my husband and he loves it! Masculine, stunning, unique...perfect choice any guy not into classic gold and diamonds!
, Ft. Lauderdale, FL -

Fantastic Ring
The Shine & polish of this ring is fantastic! I wear multiple rings, and this one is next to a white gold one, no scratching on the CF enamel, is perfect! A must have for anyone.. the shine is UNREAL A huge rival to the shine of more "precious" metals.. doesnt scratch or tarnish at all! very impressed - will buy again, and half of me workmates are buying now too! well done
, Melbourne, Australia -

This is the perfect wedding band for my future husband! And he loves it, too. I keep telling him he can't wear it before the big day, but he's never happy when I say it! Thanks for making such a beautiful ring!
, Dallas, TX -

Very pleased
We were very happy with the quality & service we received. My fiance really loves this ring & I really loved how quickly we received it & the promptness of the size exchange. Thanks :)
, -

Superb Service
I ordered a tungsten ring, and we were extremely pleased with the product when it arrived! We had been unsure of the ring size, and we ended up having to exchange it a couple of times before we finally found the correct size. The customer service was phenominal! The process was so simple and convenient! It is not very common anymore to find a company that has fantastic products and fantastic service! I would definitely recommend Titanium Kay to anyone!
, Toledo, OH, US -

Fantastic Ring
I priced this ring out at jewelry stores in the malls at more than $300. I'm glad I did a search and found Titanium Kay! I've been getting tons of compliments! This ring is great looking and is extremely comfortable.
, Arlington Heights -

Oh my gosh...this ring is amazing. It looks so much better in person. My soon to be hubby loves it. The shipping was so fast, I recieved the ring in 3 days. Thank you...Thank you...Thank you!!! I have already recommended this site to friends. I would definetly order again!!
, California -

Really Sharp!
I researched many sites in reference to Tungsten Carbide rings to replace my worn gold wedding band. As soon as I saw this ring on Titanium Kay, I was sold! I ordered it on a Monday morning and it was in my mailbox on Wednesday. A "popular" jewelery store has this same ring at 3X the price of T-Kay. I can't find a reason to shop anywhere else!
, Clinton, MS -

Great Looking Ring
Well as said in a past post this ring looks great. I was very happy with all the Emails so There was no wondering were my ring was and if payment was ok. just like all the rest say Titanium Kay was a great place to shop.Also I looked at a lot of places and never seen so many Tungsten rings.
, MICH. -

Couldn't have asked for more!
After going to our local jewler and looking at Tungsten rings for my fiance (around $400-$500) we found this web site. As some have stated previously we were a little weary about ordering from the internet but the price was right and so were the comments! My fiance works with his hands for 8 hours a day so he needed something with the strength and durability of Tungsten. We took other's advice and ordered a 1/2 size smaller and it fits perfect! The lighter part of the ring (in the on-line picture)is a little lighter than it is in person, but if you have seen Tungsten rings in person you know what color to expect. The black part of the ring almost looks three dimensional, it is awesome! His friends love the ring and he likes to try it on ALL the time! We are getting married in August and I can't wait to see it on him every day!
, Davis, CA -

Great Buy!
I couldn't be more please with this ring! It looks and fits great. I was a little scared about ordering a ring online, but I was worried for no reason. I would order from Titanum Kay again!
, Aurora, IL -

great promise ring
I bought this ring for my wonderful boyfriend to symbolize our promises and love for each other. great durable ring! must buy! :)
, -

Great product.
I bought this ring for my Husband, and it is great quality. Quick delivery and service.
, Sacramento, Ca. -

We had been looking at the large chain jewelry stores for my wedding band. After finding what we wanted at one chain, we saw this website. We had decided to go ahead and get the one in town because I am a little nervous buying online somewhere I never have before. The chain store stopped carrying what we had picked. We decided to take the chance and order form Titanium Kay. I am so glad we did!!! The rings exceeded my expectations, for one third the price of the chain store! Shipping was VERY fast and we got it 3 days ater we ordered. We were married March 27th, and I love my ring!!!
, Tyler, TX -

I bought this ring for my fiance and i got it within a week. He loves it, he said it look just like the one at zales but like 200 dollars cheaper and since he has to get half sizes it was hard looking online for a cheaper ring but they had it and it is worth buying. So thanks for making it easier for me titaniumkay.

loved it!!!
, Alaska -

Wonderful ring
quick service. product as specified. no complaints
, Jacksonville, FL -

beautiful ring
My daughter purchased the ring for her boyfriend for their 1 year anniversary. He absolutely loved it. It is comfortable to wear and looks great!
, new york -

Perfect ring
The ring looks great, and has nice weight to it. I got sized before ordering it, so this ring fits perfectly. The shipment arrived in 6 days.
, Calgary, Alberta -

Anniversery Ring
The purchase I made through Titanium Kay was the very first online purchase I ever made and I have to say it was easier than I thought.I enjoyed getting the alerts that told me that my payment went through, that my ring left and was on its way to my location, and thanking me for my purchase.I will most definately buy my next ring from this website because my partner loved the ring. Christina
, OKC, OK -

My fiance works with his hands all the time, and we wanted to get him a ring that would last without scratching or denting. We were told that tungsten is the answer. We saw this exact ring at a popular jewelery store for 4x the price but loved it! When we found it on Titanium Kay, we knew it was the right one. (The picture on this website doesn't do the ring should go to a jewelery store to see how awesome it is first!) We originally ordered my finace's real ring size, which was too big. They are right when they say to order 1/2 size smaller. Titanium Kay quickly exchanged it for the new size and even sent it via free shipping the second time. We are so happy with the ring and the service!
, Media, PA, US -

Very Satisfied!!
I bought this ring because my partner was very specific with what he wanted and this was exactly what he wanted. The quality is excellent and the price is one any other place can't beat. The order was placed and I recieved it in just a few days. Excellent service with reassuring me through the whole process.
, Stockton, CA -

Great Ring
We had looked at the jewerly stores around here and some stores had this ring and some didn't carry it and couldn't order it. But its a great price for a great ring. Its excately the one my fiance wanted and it looks great. Thank you again.
, Milliken, CO -

Great Ring
When the ring arrived it was as described. Unfortunatly it was a size to big. I sent it back and within 3 days had the right size. The return process was amazing and fast. I was very impressed with the quality and design of the ring. I was a little sceptical about buying it over the web, but am really glad I did. Its a very classy and masculine ring and would recommend it.
, Port Saint Lucie, Florida -

I loved the ring, so did my fiancee, unfortunately it was to big so I sent it back yesterday to exchange for a smaller one
, Alaska, USA -

Great craftsmenship
I was a little worried about the pruchase of this ring. I was really wondering about the finish over the carbon fiber section. When I received the ring it was very well packed and the ring was in its own box tightly secured. At 15 grams its a big ring but well worth it if you have big hands. The finish is very nice esp. over the carbon fiber. I was really surprised that you can not tell where the finish stops and the metal begins. It is real carbon by the way!! I will just have to wait and see how long the finish over the carbon holds up. Time will tell! I will let you know when I get to wear it for a while!!
, -

Very Unique
This ring will always look brand new. It is so hard to scratch I haven't done it. I have accidently brushed the ring against brick walls and it did not do a thing. Also the materials used in the ring make a strong statement about our modern world. Get this spectacular ring!
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After reading all the raving reviews, I was beginning to think these products were too good to be true. But now I have the ring, and I do have to say that the ring is PERFECT. The picture on the site really cannot illustrate what this ring looks like in person. The carbon fiber overlay has a 3 dimensional quality that you can't really see in a picture. The ring is truly sophisticated, I cannot imagine anyone who wouldn't love it, unless you're a sucker for the classics. The luster and shine of the tungsten carbide looks better than white gold, platnium, palladium, everything I've seen. And the fact that it won't scratch is amazing. I really have to say you are getting this ring for a steal, I've been telling all of my friends about this website. The same exact style ring is selling for $250-$300 in my local mall. You will love this ring, absolutely no doubt about it.
, Fairfax, VA -

Unique Ring
Nice ring, it's very unique. If you want something that isn't the same ol' thing. My husband loves it!
, Sugar Land, TX -

Amazing ring
This ring looks even better in person, the carbon fiber is very high quality with a high gloss finish. I wasn't sure if i was going to like it, but after seeing it, I love it! Amazing price also, about $300 less than comparable rings at local retail stores.
, Northwest Arkansas -

thank you so much...the ring is exactly what i wanted!
, Canada -

Better in Person!
We received this ring right on time, and it looks better in person! My fiance keeps taking it out of the box and looking at it, it's beautiful! Thank you Titanium Kay and we will definitely order from here again.
, Oklahoma -

Exactly like the store
We looked at this ring at Jared's and then I was just playing online and found your site and the ring was the exact same but $130 cheaper! I love the ring and the shipping was very fast. Pleasure doing business with your company!
, Taylor Mill, Ky -

Fantastic, Unique, Intriguing!
I accidentally found Titanium Kay website one day, I'm glad I did! Unlike most men, I don't like "Bling Bling" jewelry, but rather enjoy jewelry that is unique and speaks to my particular sense of taste. Prior to owning the Bomani I purchased a very similar Stainless Steel/Carbon Fiber Movado ring which I wore as my wedding ring. Obviously not what most men would choose. After less than a few days of use the ring was becoming scratched and quite unrefined looking (mind you I paid approximately $350 for this ring). This was disappointing and after about 10 months I decided enough was enough, the ring was uncomforably thick and literally made my pinky hurt by rubbing against it with a 90 degree edge. Fast forward to now. I purchased a tungsten watch about 3 months ago with a mirror finish. To this day (knock on wood) I haven't even had a scratch on it! I am cautious with it, but I am always cautious with jewelry and it still scratches. Tungsten however seems rather scratch resistant which for anyone who cares what their watch will look like in 5 years, this is a big selling point. When I found the Bomani Tungsten/Carbon Fiber I quite literally dropped my jaw! I had paid $350 for the Movado with a carbon fiber band that only extends across 1/3 of the circumference and it's made with relatively cheap stainless steel that is simply brushed finish! Here I was staring at a Tungsten Carbide high polished, with a carbon fiber band all the way around the ring for less than 30% of the price I had paid for the Movado! I had to try it, I placed my order which took about 3 days to arrive. Let me tell you something, this ring looks other worldy in person. The cliché that "it looks better in person" definately applies here. The polish is so fine that you can literally see your reflection in the ring (not that I'm so vain that this is a selling point to me. :) ). Plus it has a much thinner profile than my Movado as well as the angled edge rather than a 90 degree edge makes for a much more comfortable fit. I am thrilled and proud to own such a ring, especially for how inexpensive it is! Thank you for a great product.
, Colorado -

Love the ring
I originally saw this ring in a mall jewelry store for 3 times the price that Titanium Kay was selling it. The transaction went very smoothly and the ring is perfectly as ordered and great. We are extremely happy with this purchase and Titanium Kay.
, Toronto, CA -

for a ring i was willing to pay $300 for at the mall - i'm glad i found this website. the ring is beautiful and i couldnt have gotten a better deal! its just perfect - he's gonna love it!
, Brownstown, mi -

awesome ring
I love it. I had been searching for months and months for my wedding band. I am huge fan of Open Wheel Racing like F1 and Indy Car. I wanted something with carbon fiber in it to show my passion for racing. The ring is very comfortable and I do not even notice I have it on. Not to mention the price was awesome. Thank you so much. I will recommend your site to everyone.
, Portland, OR -

Great Ring
The ring is awesome, but we had to exchange it for a smaller size. We even ordered the ring with the white carbon fiber, which is also very beautiful. They make great wedding bands.
, Fort Lauderdale, FL -

great ring
I bought this ring for my fiancee and he loves it! We will probably buy his wedding band from Titanium Kay too.
, Ontario, Canada -

mens carbon figer ring
I received the ring only two days after ordering it! It had free shipping too which was a huge plus. The ring looks outstanding for the price!
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My husband loves the ring! It looks great, fits perfect, and we received it within a week. We had ordered the same ring at a jewelry store in early December and after 7 weeks, it still hadn't been delivered. I canceled the order with the store and placed the order on Titanium Kay.
, Chicago, IL -


I Love This Ring!
Great ring, amazing quality and price. I ordered the ring online and had it the next day!!!
, Brentwood, CA -

what i wanted
I can't belive how fast I got the ring. Just in time becuase my husband was comming back home from out of town. The ring was perfect. To think I was going to pay for the same ring $400 at ZALES! The ring is the same as picture. I will tell other about your website and I will shop here again!!! Thank you! Adalyz
, Clearwater fl -