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Product Review for Black Tungsten Carbide Dome Wedding Band Ring w/ Grooves

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Rating: 4.9 / 5 , based on 76 reviews.  
wedding band
my husband loves his ring! it came within a few days of us placing the order. we would definitely shop on this site again.
morgan, las vegas, nv - 5/19/2010

Beautiful ring
We chose this as my husband's wedding band. He absolutely loves this ring. He gets compliments on it wherever we go. Nice size and weight, and doesn't scratch easily. Love it!
MBozas, Arlington, TX - 4/21/2010

great ring
the ring is even nicer than it looks online. Love it!
dpen, washington, dc. - 3/28/2010

My fiance is not the jewelry type of person so we were looking for something unique. He did not like the shiny gold and diamond rings but fell in love with this ring, and would actually wear it, which is the whole point anyway. Family and friends that have seen the ring comment on how unique and beautiful it is.
CBrown, Irving Tx - 8/2/2009

Awsome ring!
The ring was exactly how it was pictured and described. Fits great and I love it. Shipping was not very long either. Will definitely do business with TitaniumKay again
Everett Rubin, Lake Placid, NY, US - 7/9/2009

This ring is very beautiful, I love it! Mine, size 11.5, is actually 15 grams and feels very hefty like platinum. But unlike platinum, it doesn't cost thousands of dollars to replace if lost! The two lines are indeed grooves, but they're very shallow etchings. You'll feel your fingernail catch as you drag across them.
Alex, Chicago - 7/4/2009

Not what is pictured
The ring is very nice, but is not the one pictured. It has a pearled finish and does not have gooves just two silver lines.
Henson310, Missouri - 6/27/2009

Great Ring
I bought two of these rings as a wedding band for my future husband and I. I think that they are beautiful and I am really pleased with the quality of the rings and how quickly they were delivered to us. I would recommend this ring to people looking for a less traditional band.
DB, US - 5/17/2009

Wonderful ring
This ring will be used as a wedding band for my son-in-law to be. It is beautiful. Wonderful alternative to a gold band.
Jan, - 5/14/2009

Awesome Ring
This ring is so much better in person. I couldn't be happier. The fit is perfect and the rounded edges make it very comfortable.
CP, Virginia - 5/2/2009

purchased two rings for me and my wife and i must say the quality of the rings are superb. EXCELLENT shipping time and customer service.
Jestrada, - 4/29/2009

My Husbands new ring is great. He finds it is alot more comfortable then the first wedding band I got him. I am glad we were told about these rings.
Shauna, Calgary, Alberta, Canada - 4/28/2009

This was not my original choice, but I exchanged the original and found this ring, which me and my fiance LOVE. It's simple but elegant; a great choice! I can't wait to wear it!
Efrain, Baltimore, MD - 4/20/2009

the ring was great!he loved it.
Tiffany, texas - 4/14/2009

Great Wolfram Ring
Very comfortable, beautiful finish, replaces a damaged wedding band. Highly recommended.
Harvard Fong, Sacramento, CA - 4/6/2009

Nice Looking
This was a really nice looking ring. I was really impressed with the shipment time.
Nicole, Topeka Ks - 4/1/2009

We are very happy with the products and service Titanium Kay provided. I was a little nervous to order on-line, but I decided with these prices, I had to. I wanted to surprise my husband with a new wedding band, so I had to guess his ring size. Needless to say, I was wrong, so after receiving his ring and trying it on, we set it back for a different size and received excellent service and the correct size within days. We are both very happy customers! Thanks again!
S.R., Los Angeles, CA - 2/24/2009

Awesome Ring
I originally bought this as a wedding band for my husband. He lost it within 3 months, but loved it so much that he wanted his replacement to be the same ring. It's heavy, and that's what he likes about it. Plus, it's unique as a wedding band and he gets lots of compliments on it. I love Titanium Kay's customer service. I would recommend them to anyone!
RV, GA - 2/20/2009

Love this Ring!
My husband and I love this ring. He needed to upgrade from his white gold wedding band as it was full of scratches. It's heavier than the gold, but the comfort fit design more than makes up for the weight!
Lindsey P., Moore, OK - 2/11/2009

Beautiful, functional..
Wife loves it! Went back for resizing once. TKay was prompt and professional about it.
rrb, Cambridge, MA - 1/30/2009

Happy Customers
My husband loves his ring. He works with heavy metals and we were worried about a ring holding up under these conditions. It has held up great! This is the perfect ring.
Happy Customer, Phoenix, AZ - 1/19/2009

Wedding band
My wife & I chose this ring as a replacement band for me.It arrived in two days & is a perfect fit. Looks great .Beautiful ring.
Nolark, Joplin , MO , US - 1/13/2009

Awesome Ring !!
Absolutely thrilled with the experience I had buying this ring! Customer Service was great when I had to exchange sizes. The ring is much better looking than the picture shown! Great quality, my boyfriend loves it ! Thanks!
Brittani, San Diego - 1/2/2009

Amazing ring
I ordered this ring and it was shipped, free of charge by standard USPS mail. It was here in 6 business days. It was packaged conservatively in a larger box with only TK as the return sender name--all which made me comfortable knowing no one would know it was jewelry sitting in my mailbox. The ring is beautiful. Just what my fiance wants. I am so excited for him to open it on Christmas morning!
Amy M., Amherst Ohio, USA - 12/22/2008

Great Purchase
I bought this ring as my husband's wedding ring and he absolutely loved it. Unfortunately he lost a lot of weight and could no longer keep it on his finger, so I had to order a new ring. I was able to get the same ring and it's wonderful - it looks really sharp, is virtually indestructible, and he gets great comments on it all the time. I only wish I could find one of these in a women's ring...mine already looks old and his looks just as new as the day he got it! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a nice-looking, comfortable, and good quality ring.
Cyclejam, West Bloomfield, MI - 12/8/2008

My fiance chose a black tungsten w/white gold pinstripes as his wedding band. It's prettier than the picture! He can't wait to wear it. Only 5 more days until it's on his finger!
Sara Beth Lucy, Nashville - 11/17/2008

Great Ring!
It came so fast! I was amazed. I ordered it on Thursday afternoon, and I got it early Monday morning, with the slowest shipping method. Then I had to send it home to my fiance because he's 6 hours from me right now. He got it and tried it on, and it fit perfectly! The best part is that it's practically indestructible, which is perfect for him. Everyone loves it! We are so happy!
Jen Tirey, Savannah, GA, US - 11/14/2008

great ring
it looks great on the website, even better in person! i'm very pleased with my purchase.
slipknotjunkie, - 10/29/2008

He liked it!
The ring was beautiful and fit perfectly. I really love the box it came in... I hope to use it for the big day!
Emily, Flagstaff - 10/13/2008

Love it!!
The ring is absolutely stunning! I couldn't wait for my honey to try it on so we could send it back for engraving. It fit perfectly and he likes the fact that it's a little heavy. It seems like it will be indestructable (which is a very good thing).
Beki O., Bay Area, CA - 10/3/2008

A Real Man's Ring
I had to buy my own ring so I didn't feel bad about going less expensive and buying online. This ring looks awesome. It's wide enough to look masculine, but not huge. And the grooves add a nice touch. When I got it, the ring was too big. That was a sizing error on my part. I sent it back and had a smaller one in days. It's also very durable and if you've felt the difference between tungsten and titanium, this just feels like you are getting your money's worth.
Steve Casey, Fayetteville, NC - 10/3/2008

Awesome Ring
I have never seen a man so excited about a wedding ring. You guys are great!!! Even when I cancelled the engraving, I though it might take a few days to go through, and you guys were right on top of it. My money was refunded the same day, I had to exchange the size 8 and had the ring back in a week! Absolutely WONDERFUL service. I greatly appreciated it.
Sarah, Greenvillee, SC - 10/1/2008

Men's Engagment Ring
My Fiance and I love the ring. The company treated us superbly well. Exchanged a size for us, within days. Would and will order from Titanium Kay again :)
Mr. and Mrs. Guenther , Summerland, BC - 9/9/2008

Excellent ring and price
Getting Married in Sept and have been searching for rings, in store and online, and found T-Kay. The prices here aren't even close to competitors, so much lower. The ring was in excellent shape, brand new. very fast shipping. Such a great deal from a great company. Best online store I have ever dealt with.
Ryan Clark, Ontario, CA - 8/27/2008

Awesome Service
The ring was absolutely beautiful, the only problem was it turned out to be a little big. There was no problem sending it back for a smaller size, a process that took about a week. Definately a fast and easy to contact company.
Stephanie Silva, - 8/20/2008

Great help
Thank you. The ring is exactly as pictured, and you were great with me having to change the ring size. Good work.
Krisdf, Nebraska, USA - 8/6/2008

So I bought this ring for my boyfriend as a promise ring and he loves it! He says it fit like it was made for him and I just went with the size they told him at a regular store. Unfortuante;y I have yet to see the ring since he is in Iraq and I just got it sent sraight there because he wanted it NOW! :)But he says its perfect. So if you are between this and another ring, like I was, I say go for this one.
Olgui, Az - 8/5/2008

Love it
Really beautiful ring with a great feel of class to it. The quality of it feels really genuine when you wear it. I definetly recommend it.
Cem W., Stockholm, Sweden - 8/1/2008

Great Ring!!!
The ring arrived earlier than the estimated arrival date. I love it, and my fiance loves it!! Great quality for a small amount of money.
Sheng, Fresno, CA - 7/29/2008

Perfect ring!
The ring is beatiful! It looks even better in person. I looked around at the mall and the black rings I found were usually Titanium and looked like the black finish was painted. This ring looks and feel like a higher quality ring and cost a lot less. My fiance loved it.
Veronica T., Los Angeles, CA - 7/28/2008

Great Ring, But...
This is a great looking ring and it fits well, however it is not as scratch resistant as regular tungsten. I bought this ring for work as i did not want to damage my original wedding band and it is advertised that tungsten is very tough. What is not advertised is that black tungsten is a finish much like chrome, not a solid material. It is prone to scratching much like any other ring. Titanium Kay said they would update their info on Black Tungsten, however i felt it needed to be mentioned on the same page as the ring.
Don Long, Bel Air, MD - 7/8/2008

Beautiful ring
The picture did not do the ring the justice. We chose a black ring and have received numerous complimentson it. The ring was delivered quickly and sizing was not a problem. I would use this site again.
JB, Pennsylvania - 6/19/2008

Great Ring
The ring is wonderful and even better than pictured. The shipping was prompt. I would definitely by from Titanium Kay again.
QT, Tulsa, OK, US - 6/11/2008

Great ring
My husband loves his wedding band. I don't think he's taken it off in the 3 weeks we've been married. Customer service was great, especially when we had to ship it back twice because the sizes are a little off...order at least a 1/2 size bigger than what you think you need.
RV, - 6/1/2008

Good Ring...
I was hoping the grooves would be a little more silver, they kind of are more gray, but it is still a nice ring and my fiance is very excited to wear it!
Peta, Provo, UT - 5/27/2008

LONNIE, IOWA - 5/23/2008

This ring is the most cool, unique wedding band I have ever seen. It's magnificent; looks just like the picture and has a very heavy, quality feel to it. My fiance absolutely loves it and I absolutely loved the price.
Janae, Boise, ID - 5/12/2008

Great Ring
This ring is great! We ordered it a size too big because some of the other reviews said that it fit small. We ended up having to send it back to get the smaller size. The exchange was quick and now that my husband has it he loves it! Finally a ring that won't fall off!!
Lyndi, - 5/8/2008

Love the ring
However, we're having a hard time getting the size right. My fiance went to a jeweler to get measured before we ordered the ring, but is having to send it back for the 2nd time to get a bigger size. Good experience with returns, but order your ring a size bigger!
Re, GA - 4/23/2008

great Ring
TK had a great selection at great prices, we really love the ring and the engraving services. The shipping was fast as well. Thanks TK
britt, Boise Id - 4/2/2008

great deal
Very unique ring - looks great and more comfortable than the wedding band I lost. The price is much less than jewelry stores and other websites I found. Shipping was fast and easy - including an exchange for a different size. Great value.
Lance, Fort Worth, TX - 3/27/2008

I love this ring, I've only had it a week now but it hasn't left my finger. It's gorgeous, feels great on and hasn't scratched or marked up at all and I'm hard on my hands. Definitely recommended.
Absolute Freedom, Portland, OR - 3/18/2008

Fun, Original Ring
This is a really nice ring, only a few things that an OCD-type person like me find a little annoying. The grooves are not in fact grooves so much as bands that appear to be laser engraved on the band, they were done in sections that mostly line up but there are a few that aren't perfect, one is even wavy, not something you can notice on a large scale though. There is a label on the inside that breaks up the attractive blank inside, no big deal. I was measured at an 8.5 in a local jewelery store and was recommended ordering an 8, turns out that I really did need a 8.5 (either that or never being able to take it off), fits great now.
Cooper M., Bozeman, MT - 3/12/2008

Stunning ring
I ordered this ring for my fiance not expecting much, and was so incredibly pleased with the quality and service provided by titanium kay. The ring cost was much less than what local jewelry stores were asking for similar rings. I had to send it back once for a larger size and a 2nd time to get in engraved, and both times the ring was returned to me quickly with all the postage prepaid. I would definately purchase from this site again
Jessica Deane, NJ, USA - 3/4/2008

Lovely ring
I ordered this ring as a Valentine's Day gift for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved it! It looks fantastic in person and is incredibly comfortable for him. It is so durable that he never takes it off and gets compliments on it daily. Thank you!
Lani , Ashland, OR - 2/24/2008

Awesome Ring
We love the ring we purchased. The ring is incredible and absolutely beautiful! We loved the quick discreet shipping. We would definately do business again with your company.
Jolene Craig, Roseville California - 2/24/2008

Beautiful Ring
This ring has a nice, even color tone (not all black tungsten rings do!) and small, precise engraved stripes. It's very nice, we are very pleased with it.
J Fuller, Ogden, UT - 2/22/2008

Georgeous Ring
I had already shown the black cable barrel ring to my husband and then saw THIS one, I had to have it, and could! It's beauitful...selection and price is exceptional. Thanks
Lisa S, NY - 2/20/2008

Nice Ring
The ring arrived quickly after I ordered it and it was awesome! But I had to send it back because I ordered .5 size too big (I think that they usually run .5 over size) I waited for a few days then called them and that was when they told me that my size was not in stock and I had to wait for a new shipment, unfortunately I would not get my ring back in time for my wedding :( Other than that I LOVE it!
JReeves, OKC, OK - 1/28/2008

Good Stuff
This ring arrived in perfect condition, quickly, easily, and painless. Honestly, it was much more than I thought, or would have ever hoped for. The staff was courteous and helpful. If I need to get another ring... ever, I'll start by looking here.
Mark, Warner Robins, GA - 1/1/2008

Great Buy
The rings are great! They shipped in just a couple days and are extremely beautiful and unique.
Bremers, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, US - 12/21/2007

Super Buy
Hi, I purchased my husband a ring for Christmas. I've not yet given it to him, but I absolutely love it. It's beautiful and came in a great box. Thank you!
Lisa Jones, - 12/10/2007

Very nice!
I like this ring! Very unique! The scratch resistance almost tempts me to accept the challenge of inflicting some sign of age on the ring. Fortunately I do not have diamonds, rubies or sapphires lying around.
Gideon, Pretoria, South Africa - 11/17/2007

Exquisite Ring!!
The ring that I ordered is AMAZING! My husband has a unique taste and Titanium Kay offered rings that both suited his tastes and were the most reasonable prices. Not only was the service and product great, but the shipping was too. I received the ring within the week--two or three days from ordering.
Amanda Woods, Marble Hill, MO, US - 11/16/2007

Very Happy
The service we received was wonderful. I had to send the ring back 2x, once because we decided we wanted the dome shaped and another for a smaller size. Each time they took it back w/o questions asked and returned it very quickly. I also had it engraved and they did a wonderful job! I am very pleased with the service and the quality of the ring. I would recommend your company to everyone! Thank you!!!!
Steph, Michigan - 10/30/2007

Love it!
We both love it! The price was the best we could find anywhere! I will definitely order from here again, and tell everyone I know about Titanium Kay.
David Driver, - 9/14/2007

Perfect Ring
I would like to thank you for the quick shipment of the black tungsten ring. It is gorgeous and my husband loved it. It is so different from anything we have seen. Thank you again.
Sharmyn, - 9/12/2007

This is the second ring that we've purchased for my fiance and the first one that we've been happy with! When purchasing from online you never really know what you are going to get, but with Titanium Kay KNOW that you are getting quality. The ring is beautiful, even the box it came in is beautiful. My fiance is so happy with the ring and can't wait to wear it. Thanks so much Titanium Kay!!
Stacey Seerson, Sacramento, CA - 9/7/2007

Love the Ring!
Got this ring for my husband for our 10 year anniversary...he loves it! I had gotten the ring a size to big after even having him measured, but they exchanged the ring for another size with no problems at all!.
Michelle, Graceville, MN - 8/16/2007

The ring was exactly what my fiance wanted. Wonderful price, fast delivery, and again, a beautiful ring.
Kathy, Terre Haute - 7/16/2007