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About Us


Titanium Kay has been crafting aircraft grade titanium rings since 1994. We offer a wide selection of traditional and modern styles, to meet the preferences of all our customers. We design and produce wedding sets, jewelry, and custom rings for men and women out of aircraft grade titanium, with platinum or gold inlays, and choice of gemstone, including diamonds.

Due to the strength and hardness of titanium, machinery and parts have to be well maintained and replaced on a regular basis. Our experienced craftspeople have developed innovative techniques and distinguished styles, guaranteeing a product that is of the utmost quality and elegance.

Although titanium is not a valuable metal like gold or platinum, the amount of precision work and know-how involved in crafting aircraft grade titanium is what makes our products valuable and highly sought after.

Our qualified machinists will shape your ring, watch or cufflinks to your exact specifications from the center of a solid piece of aircraft grade titanium. Gem settings and inlays are installed by our professional jewellers. The finishing touches are then applied by our team of innovative and talented polishers. Titanium Kay regards all its watches, rings and jewelry as individual works of art, resulting in quality, delight, and customer satisfaction.

We take pride in the speed of our service and in the quality of our product. Titanium Kay will put in that extra effort to produce unparalleled quality and to assure fast delivery.