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Titanium Earrings

(Total items: 6)
(Total items: 6)
Similar to gold and sterling silver, titanium earrings are sought after by people with sensitive earrings. We use CP2 grade titanium alloy to create our jewelry. It has the most titanium content and therefore the least filler metals among all type of commercially used titanium alloy. It is the lightest among all materials used in the jewelry industry which means they are very comfortable for everyday wear. Compared to sterling silver, they do not tarnish and are virtually care free. Compared to gold, they are sold at a fraction of the price and are much lighter. The grey color of titanium has the avant garde appearance of modern jewelry that cannot be matched by traditional metals.
Rating: 4.9 / 5 , based on 45 reviews.  
nice earrings
Titanium Huggie Earrings
really like the earrings, picture looked like they were smaller, but they are still what i was looking for.
marsha, san diego - 12/5/2014

Excellent product
Titanium Huggie Earrings
This is, by far, the best quality product I have ever purchased (jewelry-wise). The service was quick, and I received them even quicker. I immediately opened them and noticed the excellent craftsmanship. When I put them in, they closed with a secure and reassuring snap. The weight is perfect and they feel great. I will definitely be making future purchases from Titanium Kay!
AirborneMP, Park Hills, MO, US - 8/15/2013

great errings and service
Titanium Hoop Earrings
I got these errings for my wife's birthday. They are exactly as expected.....great! And, titaniumkay shipped super fast. Many thanks, I'll be back
al, phila - 6/14/2013

Love it!
Titanium White Gold Inlay Huggie Earrings
I love these earrings. They go with everything and look great!
Gigi, Richmond, VA - 3/9/2013