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Tungsten Carbide Silver Rope Wedding Band Ties the Knot in Splendid Style

With metallic colors, patterns and textured fabrics making waves in the wedding attire trends for 2011, nothing accents these fabrics more than the glimmer of sparkling tungsten carbide and sterling silver. The pairing of these two metals, one traditional and one modern is a lovely way to underscore the harmonious union of two hearts in marriage.

Although the attire of the wedding party is important, the design of wedding rings you choose also plays a role in the theme of your wedding. Today with such a wide range of styles and designs available in titanium and tungsten carbide it's easier than ever to have the perfect ring to give and receive on your wedding day. Elegant in its simplicity, a wedding band such as this speaks to the progressive marriages of today; retaining the values of the past and combining them artistically with the materials of the present.

The wedding ring shown in the photograph is just one example of the distinctive designs in this modern metal. Accented by twisted strands of silver, this ring is a strong symbol of the ties that bind your heartstrings to your partner. Yet underneath the exterior beauty of this ring lies a strength that enables it to be worn without hesitation during rigorous activities and still remain as brilliant as the first day it was worn.

The solid design of the Tungsten Carbide Silver Rope wedding band fits easily into a contemporary or traditional theme, but this is only one example. From the classic rounded edge, highly polished wedding band to the intricate designs of etched gold inlays, there are countless choices that will not only be the center of attention on your wedding day, but for years to come.

The theme of your wedding is grounded in the hopes and dreams of you and your partner that you share with your wedding guests. As you display the ring that you will wear throughout your marriage, it offers everyone attending a deeper understanding of the character of the love you hold for your partner and the values you both share.

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