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Titanium Rose Gold Wedding Rings: Romantic Designs Sparkle

For anyone planning to get married, your first thought could turn to the traditional yellow gold bands, yet many don't know that titanium rose gold wedding rings offer a more pleasurable alternative. Rose Gold is made from an alloy of Yellow Gold and Copper: two precious metals found naturally in significant amounts in the human body. Plus, rose gold has a sexy glow that gives a sensual appeal to jewelry, it's like a feel-good bonus that lifts your spirits.

It's true that in the past when a couple married, yellow gold wedding bands were the most common. The reason for this is simple: rose gold wasn't produced until the 19th century and titanium was previously only used by industry. Today searching through the wealth of designs, it easier to answer the question: What type of wedding ring do you want to wear on your special day and technically for the rest of your life?

The fact is that wedding rings are worn more consistently than any other jewelry item validates the search. You deserve to have a ring that you can wear everyday proudly and love every time you look at it: that's what love is all about. Titanium rose gold wedding rings like the one pictured in this post is being chosen as the answer for more couples who are looking for the perfectly romantic symbol for their marriage ceremony.

Today jewelry designers are using technology to keep a watchful eye on how many people are searching for titanium rose gold wedding rings. They are paying close attention to the number of searches looking for "vintage," "retro" and "steampunk" style wedding information. In addition to wedding jewelry, rose gold earrings, necklaces and bracelets with semi-precious and precious stones are becoming more abundant in the marketplace.

From the first time this alloy was used to create marriage bands in the 19th century, rose gold wedding rings have captured the essence of the Victorian Era. With so many brides planning simpler, more tradition-bound marriage ceremonies and receptions, the highlight on pink makes this theme work well and titanium makes your wedding ring nearly impossible to damage.

Luckily today these wedding trends work in your favor: there are plenty of titanium rose gold wedding rings available for women and men. These two metals combine in designs that speak to the past and the future. Titanium has wowed the crowd in the wedding ring section for more than a decade now and the technology continues to improve how this fantastically strong metal can be used.

In the precious metals categories, rose gold has been constantly gaining admirers. Just a few years ago finding jewelry items made from this oh-so-chic color metal was not that easy. Today there are jewelers who have built their entire collection based on this metal. More than ever before titanium rose gold wedding rings are making headlines as one of the hot wedding jewelry trends for 2012.

One of the other important wedding trends in 2012 is a return to traditional jewelry symbols and designs from past generations. For example, titanium rose gold wedding rings cast in the art deco style look absolutely stunning. Some couples explore how to use rose gold throughout their wedding theme from the color scheme to the attendants gifts they purchase.

The very simple and classic tone of this metal shines even brighter when titanium rose gold wedding rings are accented with tungsten carbide. Ceramics, carbon fiber, gemstones and cubic zirconia are some of the other elements designers are using to create futuristic designs.

A unique interpretation of the titanium rose gold wedding ring uses white and yellow gold to create 3 interwoven bands. Most people are finding a new attraction to rose gold (aka pink gold or "nude" gold) for its coloring which is in step with the current fashion and accents the skin tone of any one who wears it.

But it's a myth that titanium rose gold wedding rings are less expensive than yellow or white gold; this precious metal has been used for some of the most exquisite settings of diamonds and pearls. Titanium rose gold wedding rings are both symbols of love and fashion statements that can be worn everyday with pleasure.

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