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Top 3 Organic Jewelry for Men

If you are a man or shopping for one whose taste in jewelry leans to the exotic side, there are men’s jewelry designers who have created some beautiful organic jewelry items for you to wear. Now you can find elegant and impressive men’s jewelry made from natural leather, oxen horn or stingray skin.

The wealth of organic materials being used in men’s jewelry has expanded as men have become more comfortable with expressing this side of their personality. Stingray, ox horn and leather are especially suited for crafting men’s jewelry because their inherent strength is a natural complement of masculinity.

As the word suggests, these jewelry is crafted from materials relating to, or derived from living organisms. The term “organic jewelry” has become widely used today, however this type of jewelry has been made for centuries, examples of their use in jewelry fashions from the past include pearls, ivory, alligator, crocodile, snakeskin, tortoise shell, wood, bone, seeds and feathers. This includes material like oxen horn which comes from natural resources; they are not harvested, nor are any animals harmed in any way to produce these jewelry pieces.

When you want to make an impressive fashion statement, you can accent your wardrobe with a stunning sterling silver dragon ox horn medallion pendant on a leather cord. Horn jewelry comes is a variety of types and colors; 90% of water buffalo horn is usually black in color, but has been found in creamy medium tan, or earthen brown and even translucent varieties.

Horn is made primarily of keratin, a fibrous protein, similar to that found in quills, claws, nails, hooves, feathers, wool, and hair, and is a very different material than bone, which is largely composed of the mineral calcium carbonate and the protein collagen.

Far from being your run-of-the-mill, these materials lend themselves to the artistry of the jeweler’s hand with magnificent results. For instance, you can convert the watch you wear everyday into your own truly unique fashion statement with the simple addition of a stingray watch band.

Although this is not an endangered species, only a few of the stingray fish the so called “scaly species” provide suitable leather hides. The skin of these stingrays is exceptionally strong; its structure consists of thousands of tiny rock-hard pearls or scales. In fact, stingray leather is the perfect material for men’s jewelry and fashion wear; it is on e of the most durable leathers in the world, being fire, water, tear and "cut" resistant, able to withstand the most rugged lifestyle.

Stingray hide is very similar to the structure of the animal hide leather, where the fibers of the leather run parallel to each other. In stingray leather the fibers run in all directions. In addition, all the tiny pearls with their roots are grown into the bottom layer of the leather, to the effect that you can neither tear the leather apart, nor cut it easily with the knife. There are many products that can be made from stingray leather; bracelets, pendants, chokers and earrings.

Natural animal hide leather is one of the oldest materials for jewelry and fashion wear. Today you will find leather jewelry combined with some of the more recent discoveries such as titanium as well as the traditional favorite of sterling silver to create stunning jewelry items for men.

Organic jewelry is gaining popularity in use for body art and fashion wear. You can find stingray fish and animal leather crafted to form unique belts, rings, wallets and clothing, while ox horn is being used to create beautiful hair combs, arm cuffs and necklaces and charms.

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